How to get FREE games on PC | (Steam,GOG,Humble,Origin,Uplay)
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How to get FREE games on PC | (Steam,GOG,Humble,Origin,Uplay)

September 14, 2019

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and in this video I wanted to talk about the free games the free game alerts that
I make and how the process works and who gives away the free games and how to
claim the game and also answer some of the more common questions that people
ask in the comments whenever I make a free game under it or something it’s
been a bit quiet recently so I thought I’ll make this so that the next time we
have a free game people know what to do so especially the new people and since
there have been a lot of new subscribers I thought I’ll make this to describe the
process so the most common question I get is is the game only free for two
days or seven days or like unlimited time is it just a free trial and I get
these comments regularly some don’t believe it that it’s free some of them
think that it’ll be removed after two days some of them think they have to pay
after two days but that’s not the case the thing is these offers are there for
only a few days but when you claim the game and add it to your library your
Steam library your GOG library etc it is permanently free but you have to take
the game you have to claim it within the two days now why do the publishers or
the developers give away their games for free now there are several reasons
sometimes is to celebrate an anniversary sometimes it’s to promote their new game
sometimes the game isn’t selling very well if it’s a multiplayer game and they
want to get some numbers up so it could be a number of reasons
now I’ll quickly go over the sites that give you the free games and how many
games you can get and you may be surprised at the number of free games
that are given away so right now this is my Steam library of the free games so I
have more games but these are just a free ones so as you can see these are
the free games that I’ve collected on Steam in a little over a year so I
started this around mid of 2016 I started noticing free games and I
started focusing and claiming all the games that I could find even though I
could not get all of them because I occasionally I missed a few and I
started making a free alert videos in around July of 2017 just a quick look we
see we have the bureau Declassified XCOM chivalry medieval warfare Company of
Heroes Crazy Taxi Dirt 3 Dirt showdown fallout this is the original Fallout game grid
guns of Icarus homefront jotun killer is dead killing floor
layers of fear Mirage Arcane Warfare this game actually came out in 2017 in
may abe’s oddysee outlast Outland payday 2 Psychonauts saints row 2 sanctum 2
shadow warrior civilization 3 so these are just the games on Steam next we have
Uplay and on Uplay they gave away Assassin’s Creed 3 in 2016 Assassin’s Creed IV
was free just last month then they give a Beyond Good and Evil Far Cry three Blood Dragon Prince of Persia sense of time rayman origins crew
splinter cell watch dogs and world in context so about ten games in about a
year and a bit here and a half roughly now we are on gog and this is my gog
library you see I have 36 games and I’ve only paid for one game they gave away
oxenfree Grim Fandango MDK one of these games was also free Siberia I don’t
remember which one Walking Dead Season one I believe was also free stronghold
ad 2044 Abe’s Oddysee again deadlight director’s cut Jotun again level
Galaxy Shadow Ball in classic brutal legend mount and blade since row two The
Witcher even The Witcher 2 was free but this was free for playing the Gwent game
and witcher 1 and never winter nights the other places that give the
games free are origin now they don’t give a lot of free games but they do
give about 4 to 5 games every year so they gave me dead in bermuda Dungeon
Keeper Mass Effect 2 this was like the most high-profile game they give away
medal of honor Pacific Assault Siberia – Steamworld dig plants vs. or zombies
and NOX this is actually still free plants vs zombies so you don’t have it
you can grab it if you want then there’s finally gamesessions and
game sessions is slightly different what they do is they give away about a game a
month and you have to download the game and play it for five minutes to get it
for free so this is the only requirement here other places you don’t need to
download them you can just claim the game and will be added but for game
sessions you have to have account you need to download the game and play it at
least 5 minutes and they do that because that 5 seconds is when they can sort of
run their sponsor ads and stuff they usually support charities as well so
no harm in that so this is like the only requirement here otherwise is free now
what I try and do what my channel is I try to make these videos as soon as
possible whenever I see a free game I try and put up the video really quickly
because initially I thought everybody knew about this but I soon found out
that a lot of people don’t really know how to get these games and they are not
aware of this so what I do is on my channel I put the first playlist as the
free game alerts and as you can see I’ve mentioned this and any game that is free
I put it up here once the offer ends I put a ended at the front and and
push it down the playlist so any game you see at the front of the playlist is
usually free yeah so that’s just a quick overview of how to get the free games I
try and make them as soon as possible but others in the comment section also
help out occasionally they mention it as well sometimes I am a bit late or I’m
sleeping or something but yeah you usually have about 24 hours for the
Steam games 48 hours for the Humble Bundle what humble do is they give away
steam key so you can get the game and add it to your Steam library sometimes
the games are DRM free as well so you can have a copy on humble as well GOG
also have two day limits origin they don’t really have any fixed limits they
can be free for months sometimes sometimes only for a week Uplay tend to have
about a week and game sessions is usually about a month so you have to be
quick on Steam and humble and gog as well other places you can sort of be a
bit more relaxed currently if you want these two are still free so plants vs.
zombies on Origin and this is lead and gold a multiplayer Wild West game free
from the developer so this is a little different
do you have to sort of follow them in Twitter etc and they’ll give you a key
through email so yeah so that was a quick overview of how to get the free
games you can get a lot of free games and some very good games like I have
been doing this for about a year and a half like paying attention to the free
games and I have more than 60 games free and I haven’t collected every single
free game because often I ignores like really small indie games and I just
focus on the bigger titles so it’s surprising how big a library you can
grow just by collecting the free game so even if you don’t have a PC or if you
plan to get a PC just sign up to these places and
collecting the games and once you do get a PC you’ll have a decent library and
put some really good triple-a games as well so yeah so thank you for watching
hope this helps and see you in a free game alert hopefully very shortly

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  1. Umm thanks but only on steam can u tell when there is a free game because xD I don't want it happen when payday 2 free for limit copy all my friend got but I didn't get 🙁 so please and thanks 😍

  2. Hi! Really like your vids!
    I remember getting the crew for free last year or so and i had it for a very long time on my library. When i got my pc which was recently, i downloaded uplay and saw that the crew was just a demo. I dont know if that was supposed to be a demo. I am 100% sure that the uplay account is the one i activated it. Can you please help me?

  3. I'm enjoying Witcher 1 now on GOG as I don't have a good enough PC I skipped buying Witcher 3 for now, it goes on sale often anyways. Didn't know Witcher 2 was free before though! Guess I wasn't a subscriber back then. Still, thanks for Witcher 1 I'm enjoying a lot with it and all the other steam games you've announced! Hope your channel grows even more!

  4. Good stuff man! What you do on this channel is very helpful for gamers on a budget! For real, this is one of the few channels I would recommend to any PC gamer! 🙂

  5. Payday 2, DiRT 3 and Grid for free??? Holy shit man i need to pay more attention to your free game alerts in the future!

  6. at least you're low budget but i am no budget,if possible open a nobudget gamers channel cause even low budget word hurts me and even few others like me!

  7. It would be really helpful if you reply to this comment. How do you find the free games, you didn’t really explain how to find them on steam or any other website, I tried going to free games but there was nothing

  8. Great video, but how do you know when the games are free and how to you search for the free games. Thanks again!

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