How to Field Dress a Deer Using the Butt Out
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How to Field Dress a Deer Using the Butt Out

August 10, 2019

So we just got a buck so we thought we would
do a video to show you guys one of our favorite tools which is the butt out. That’s the butt out. It goes in the butt! Put it in twist until you feel it grab then
slowly start working it out and continue twisting. Just like that. And that will keep all the feces out of your
food. Then you can just pull it all the way out. On a big deer that’s what it looks like! Some of our tools it’s one of our favorite
tools, some of us more than others! Alright folks, as you can see her we just
had a successful hunt we harvested a doe and a we are going to do a butt out review. It’s one of our favorite tools and we are
going to show you why. So for the butt out, what you do… I don’t really want to show the insertion was kind of my deal. Oh how come?! It’s kind of perverted! Haha how’s that working for you! How you started it was good. Okay, well folks you can see here we had a
successful hunt got a doe, and we are just getting ready to gut her out and a one of
the things we always used to struggle with was trying to make sure not to get any feces
in or around any of the meat had (Laughter) One of the things we used to struggle with were
trying to keep the feces out of the meat (Laughter) Yeah good luck! I am going to try one more time from the beginning. Hey folks, you can see here we had a successful
hunt today, we shot a doe. We are just getting ready to gut her here. One of the things we used to struggle with
all the time was trying to keep the feces out of the meet it was always a (held back
laughter) pain to try to cut around the butt hole, so what we want to show you was the
butt out and we wanted to give it a review. So what you do before you get too far along
is you take it and you insert it…into the butt. Then you twist and you feel it grab. Once it grabs then you are just going to pull
firmly……. (laughter) and it’s not going to work. Crap, well maybe next deer! I hope you enjoyed this video if you did. Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe
to our channel. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Just one question, that first buck you "butted out" you just kept on pulling out it's butt hole until the intestine tore off inside of it. Now you have an open ended intestine up inside the deer oozing out fecal matter into the abdominal cavity, how does that not contaminate the meat and how is it any better then just ripping it's gut out without coring out the butt hole?

  2. so im not sure i trust a review from people that cant put field dressing gloves on the right way. you put the big plastic arm gloves on first then you put the latex gloves on so you have a sense of touch and texture

  3. this is not how you use it! dont pull all the way out…pull out 8 inches and tie off and then cut between the tie and the tool….then field dress. if you pull it all the way out all you just did was let the deer shit inside of itself as you jostle everything around while field dressing….THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE USED. Read the damn directions…and some common sense. sheesh

  4. I think he needs more protective gloves on. Maybe a HazMat suit so when he loads the deer up in the back of his pick-up truck, he don't get any drops of blood on his WalMart camo's. I'd also suggest a surgical mask to help deter the smell of fresh blood and the unmistakable odor of a rutted-up buck.

  5. So much hate man. This guyโ€™s just giving HIS review on something he finds useful to HIM! If it helps someone, GREAT. If not, just move along without spewing off all the hateful words and choice language. Thatโ€™s become the problem with this country. Weโ€™ve become angry and divided on EVERYTHING, even how to dress a deer. Good Lord!

  6. Old video but that for one was funny. I use this tool a lot. I think he twisted too much. For the first buck, I would pull enough to the off.

  7. That tool is not worth one fk… cut at base of tail find anal tract pull out slowly and tie off/remove fecal pellets outside do not let it break off inside carcass any experienced hunter will know what I mean.

  8. you double gloved it? really man? haha wow. I laughed when he grabbed the plastic mag to put under his left knee so he didn't get "dirty"? My god.

  9. Or you could just skin the deer head up and open from the sternum to the genitals and dump the guts, bleed the deer and everything all at once…

  10. Hi i believe ur supposed to cut around anus first w knife…then insert n twist and pull out. I tie mine off w string of zip tie. Then when u pull out rest of bowels from inside you get no contamination. Read the directions.

  11. Only used the butt out twice.. first time it did the same as your doe, second time I pulled, zip tied it and the darn tie came off inside and had to cut it around butthole anyway.. I just core it now and tie it in a double knot cut end off and pull thru from inside.. love the bloopers.. glad I am not the only one that did it…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Small tip. Wear the latex gloves on top of the longer one, the longer one is not flush on hands and the palm gloves will make it flush on hands.

  13. ROTFLMAO … totally pointless if you gut it correctly but if you like to anally rape your deer before gutting it then by all means go for it!

  14. This would be a great torturing device. They should use this to get answers from prisoners of war. To bad these werenโ€™t around in the nam era.

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