How To Explain Online Gaming (REACT: Advice #89)
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How To Explain Online Gaming (REACT: Advice #89)

October 9, 2019

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – Selindra _ wants to know… – “How can I tell whether a guy
is flirting or just being nice?” – Boy, that is a good question. – Go with your gut. – Sometimes it’s kind of obvious
if they’re like, (shakily) “Hi!” – You can tell by the way
they smile at you, by the way they use their body. If they’re flirting, they will probably be a little more seductive. – Try to read into the physical gestures, like if he puts his arm around you
or tries to touch you. – If a guy’s being nice to you, just be nice to him back, see how it goes. – If you’re interested in him, I would look him
directly in the eye and say, “Are you flirting with me?” – Sometimes flirting is just being nice. Sometimes just being nice is flirting. Generally the easiest way
to find out is to ask. – Keith Man asks… – “How do I talk to animals like Mowgli?” – Is Mowgli from the Disney movie? Is that the Mowgli we’re talking about? Well, you just sing along
and play along with the animals. – I don’t think that’s possible. – Believe and have imagination
and write a book. – Make noises the same as them.
They would understand you. – If there’s a dog, maybe bark. – I would speak in their language. If they’re monkeys, I would speak monkey. If they’re lions, I would speak lion. – You can talk to animals by just speech. But I don’t think the animal
can talk back to you. – You have to practice the old technique of a thing
called The Horse Whisperer. – Maybe you could study that.
Go to college and study zoology. – There’s a lot of research
actually on animal language and learning to read
what an animal is thinking based on ear movement, tail movement. – Find your inner animal and then let that animal
speak through you. Before you know it, every
little critter upon the earth will be walking up to you. – Mohammad islam asks… – “Can someone tell me
how to tell my parents that online games can’t be paused?” – I can’t because I thought
they could be paused. So I don’t have a clue. I do apologize. – Why can’t they be paused? I can’t tell your parents. You gotta work on
that one yourself, champ. – Just don’t play at all, to be honest.
It just takes up time. – I don’t really like when parents tell me that games can’t be paused, but you know. You’re just gonna have
to live with it, I guess. – Just go do what they want you to do, and then come back and play your games. It’s much easier. Trust me. – How about before
you even start the game, you tell your parents? – I’d probably have them
sit over my shoulder and play the game
with me for a little bit. – The best thing to do is to be direct. Just say, “I need to express to you
that I enjoy my games. I like playing with them. And when I’m playing with them,
I can’t pause them.” – Tell them that, “This is my life, okay? So I can’t pause my life.
I can’t just– you can’t just say, ‘Oh, just save it.’
What are you talking about? I can’t save my life.
This is an Undertale, okay?” – TrunksDBZgirl asks… – “How do I make people
fall in love with each other?” – You have to get an arrow,
draw a little heart on it, and shoot someone with it. – So there’s one person here
and another person here. You just push them together, and then they look into each other’s eyes. And they’re like… “Hi.” – Let things go flow by themselves. – You can’t make people
fall in love with each other. You can introduce them to each other. You can hope they will do it. But there’s no way you can make them. – You gotta find the right people, ’cause not everyone’s
meant for each other. – Try to find mutual interests with them, and then try to give them
a gentle push towards each other. – If you know that they have
something in common, maybe bring it up.
Maybe they’ll bond with that. But just let it happen naturally.
That’s the best kind of love. – Invite them over to dinner. And put on music that they both love. And steer the conversation
into things that they both love. – BethCrooz. She wants to know… – “How do I get my friends to stop texting all the time when we hang out?” – Don’t be their friend, ’cause that’s kind of
like a jerk move to do. – Take their phones away. Just grab it and run. – Start by turning your device off. – All put your phones away
in a corner somewhere, or just put them in a box or something. – I find that the best thing to do
is to not talk to the person unless I am getting eye contact. – Be friendly and say, “Hey guys,
this is time for ourselves. And let’s have fun
and put the phones away.” – Tell them that it upsets you. Tell them, “I want to talk
to you right now, and text other people when
you don’t have me to talk to.” – Ask them politely.
And if they don’t want that, then how much are they your friends really if they prefer to be on their phone
playing some stupid game than spending time with you? – How about you just
talk to her by texting? – You should probably text them,
“STOP TEXTING!” But use a ton of emojis
that are really bright colors and an angry face, and then
they’ll look up and be like, “Oh, I’m so, so sorry.” – Thanks for watching
another episode of Advice. – Subscribe. New shows every week. – We love answering your questions,
so keep ’em coming. – Bye! – Bye! Thanks for all the questions! ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

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