How to Draw a Metalic Grasshopper in 3D – Chrome Cricket

September 27, 2019

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tu-tu-Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw a metallic cricket. We begin by sketching the shape of the head. Like this… and the body. We draw the antenna,
the eye, the front legs, the middle ones, and
the big ones on the back. Looks ok but actually,
the middle leg should go a little bit further back. So we correct that. And that makes, the hind legs,
also need to be a little bit further back, just a little bit. Good! Like this. I´m doing the sketch with
a mechanical pencil, as you can see. All right! Now with a white pastel,
we start doing the highlights. The reflection of the eye and
some other small reflections. And with a charcoal pencil
we do the darkest parts… like the eye, and the more
intense shadows. Very good! Like this. This cricket is not going to be totally realistic,
because I will try to make it as if it were of metal,
of a reflective chrome. That is why it will have intense
changes, contrast between white and black. Good! This is very fun! We do some detail and
texture to the wings, and the body. And now, we smudge with a stump,
we can smudge both the black and the white, but not with the same
side of the stump please, otherwise it will look very dirty. The purpose of smudging,
of course, is to make the tones look more even. Or also to be able to achieve
some middle tones, such as grays out of the blacks or also the whites. By the way as you see, I´m drawing
on gray paper. If it were white, you would´t
see the whites of course. We work on the detail of the legs,
and the body. And we continue working
in this way. I love drawing so much! It is really passionate! I just realized, I made
a mistake on what I told you… this is not a cricket, it´s a grasshopper, crickets are smaller and they don´t have these powerful legs on the back. With the white pencil we make small dots,
to make the illusion of the texture and that this shines in this way. And with the black we continue
making the shadows. Like this. Next, we will create a floor
with a perspective effect. To achieve this, we use a
square or a ruler, and we do horizontal lines
and then some slanted, in this way…
and we draw the shadow. All this should help
achieving a 3D effect. We do the last details,
and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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