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How To Download Steam Games For Free | Games Product Key |

November 4, 2019

😎Intro Music😎 Hello, What’s Up Guys. Sarthak Here. And In this Video, I’m Gonna Tell You. How To Get A Steam Game For Free. But Before Beginning I Wanna Tell You One Thing. That There Is Nothing illegal In this. Everything That We Do In This Process is Totally illegal. So Without Wasting Anymore Time, Lets Get Into It. Okay, So First Off – Open Google Chrome And Then In Address bar Type In – Then, As You can see on the Upper Right corner. There’s a Button – Login with Facebook Just Click On It. And Then It Will Ask For Your Facebook Credentials. Give It all to them without Hesitating. Now As You Can See, My Name And My Profile Picture Has Come Here. That Means I have Logged In To The Website. Just Click On Your Name and There’s an Option Steam Keys. Click On That. As You Can See, There’s a list of Games Here. Now This Totally Depends On Your Luck, Which Game Will You Get. Like Here I am Getting, Commander Conquest Of Americans. You Can Even Get 🤔Counter Strike : Global Offensive🤔 But Right Now We have These Games Such as Pirates Of Black Cove, Pressure, East India Company, etc. So Whichever Game’s Products Key You Want, Just Click On The Like Button. Then Click On Like Again. And A New Button Will Appear Which Says – Get Your Steam Game Here. Click On That. This Is Human Verification, Which Says Click On A Smaller Yellow Circle. Here It Is. After That The Same Button Appears Again – Get Your Steam Game Here. Click On That. OK, So There You Go ,You Get Your Steam Key Here. Just Copy it. Then Open Steam. And In the bottom left corner, There’s a Button That Says – Add A Game. Click On That. And Then Click On Activate A Product On Steam. Press Next ->I Agree And Then Paste In The Product Key You Just Copied. Press On Next Again. There You Go!!! Activation Successful, And The Name of Game Is Written Here. That’s It. When You Click On Library ->Games, You Get The Game Listed There. i.e. Heli Heroes Last Played Today. 🙂Okay Friends, If You Liked The Video And The Game Worked For You🙂 👊 Smash That Like Button👊 ✍️Comment If You Have Any Query✍️ 😚And Please Do Click On That Small Sweet Subscribe Button.😚 As You Can See The Numbers Besides It Are Pretty Low. OK, Thanks Again. ✨Peace Out✨

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