How to download PC and Android games for free | just cause 4 | battlefield 5 | Hindi
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How to download PC and Android games for free | just cause 4 | battlefield 5 | Hindi

September 9, 2019

hay guys so today i m going to tell you 5 amazing website. that every one should know. #1. simply search it on google. and click on the first link given below. so now you can see that the website is open now . so now you are thinking that what this website means to me. so actully this websit will give you the daily updates of game cracks. so from now you don’t need to search for that. so this is a great website and you can aldo download its app from crome webstore. so for downloading its app just simply search web store. the go to the 1st website given below. so open that website. so now you have to go to search bar and simply type crack watch. now go to the search results and click on 1st one and add to crome. but you can see i had allready have so i don’t need to download it again #2. website is ocean of games so what you have to do is just go to the search bar and type ocean of games then click on 1st result appears on your screen. now open it so now the website is open so you can see the interface of the website is reall nice and their are also many option are present and you can get most of games actully all the games are present here like i will search gta 5 and the enter so now you can see the results every gta game is present here gta 2 gta 3 gta vice city gta san andreas and yes gta 5 you can see here so you can download it here directly and many other games are also present here like you can see here bettle field game is also here and most of the latest game you can get it here. see bettle field 4 is also here bettle field 1 best thing is that you will also get the specificaton of every game and direct you can download it from here with high speed. and you will also get the guide lines for intallation of the game. so this is it best website to download game #3 simply search play mob .org so here is the website here you can download every mobile app which is paid like you can see here many app are present here like many high mb games also present like gangstar you can see here this game is also preseent here and its totally free download directly and many other thinks are also present here like apps ringtones games apps like every paid games and app like picsart and here u will get paid things also so this is it download every thing free #4. isthereanydeal .com so what search it in google and click on 1st website and open that so you can see some shops are here where you can get games in great deal and you will get her the best deals on games so just so for it u can see here many games are present here and price is also cheap lets open one of them so u can see the price of that really great and chep i like that website but i think we don’t need this website because we already have oceans of games .com which i told u but u can buy games from this website if you have ps4 and xbox so this is it. #5. so just follow the same steps open the first website so here is the website opening loading loading loading loading so website is opoened here click on play now loading again again’ so you get here 100 of games to play online and this works on phone also so click on any game loading again loading loading so game is opened now best time pass games play ding ding its like mario game but i like it so this is it thx for watching the video don’t forget to like and if u have any query comment down below and don’t forget to hit subscribe the channel ok bye see you all in the next video 🙂

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