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  1. sir the problem is not we that we don't know how to download games the probleme is we don't have fast internet to download them like my internet is very slow and if you can please make video on gta v pc highly compressed less than 1gb and thank you very much

  2. As soon as I saw the 50,000 fucking toolbars on his web browser I left… Download this: and get rid of that shit.

  3. One of the greatest sites for downloading games in my opinion.The option of downloading with mega is really nice for getting the games fast and the fact that they have a big number of games makes it even better.
    For those who don't get the daemon tools part don't worry,it's pretty strange at the start.You just got to open daemon tools lite and click quick mount finding your file,then you open the mounted file and start the setup.It will install the game and you'll just click unmount.For the older games you can just install it from the normal folder,depends on what it says in the how to file. (I hope this comment is helpful)

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