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  1. Yo, Bruce Lee introduced Kung Fu to US, not karate
    Don't confuse Kung Fu with Karate
    Karate is One type of Martial Art
    Kung Fu is A developed Martial Arts system
    many forms of Kung Fu are better than Karate, but Americans dont know them

  2. how? the same principle demonstrated here is used in boxing and virtually every art where you punch.

  3. yes this is not a very powerful execution. I notice he has the bad habit of raising his shoulder especially the right when he punches with his right

  4. i have and he was to scared to do anything….do u ever watch mma do u wonder why u never see people use karate, its because its a useless technique

  5. yes i know what mixed martial arts are, my dad has been teaching maui thai kickboxing for over a decade now i know probably a lot more then all of u idiots that im arguing with lol

  6. yes your rite i know nothing about it because i spelt a word wrong and now that makes me a dumbfuck

  7. think about the rules and restrictions in mma. if you went out and did that in real life, one punch could be enough to take you out, unlike what you see in the SPORT known as MMA

  8. @SirShadowHeart the stance he's using isn't used in actual combat, the techniques while training in karate are exaggerated so you wont slack in real combat

  9. One has to remember that karate was developed by Okinawan farmers in order to defend themselves against samauri who were bullying them. Hence, the emphasis on power, as opposed to defense or movement.

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