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  1. Wow really? Hahaha. I seriously recomend you learn hand-to-hand combat of military instead of martial arts. Bullies are all talk but no walk. They can punch hard but they are seriously scared of getting hit in the face and such

  2. My friend cant fight but when he came home and found his wife in bed with his friend he took a pair of pruning shears and stabbed him 3 times and made 6 holes in his belly ! Top that!

  3. The point of the elbow should be as much as is comfortable pointing towards the ground to prevent the shoulder from jumping out of place and ruining body alinement which not only forces the impact of the punch into the shoulder causing damage but also massively weakens the power of the strike. Also, the instructors fist is crooked which weakens the wrist and the reason the fist twists JUST before impact is so it "digs in" and adds a stabbing effect to the strike.

  4. yep dude my bully is totaly suckish and is a girl that acts like a boy and i act like a boy thats wy she is my bully

  5. Im only here to see whether I should follow an aggresive or defensive type of martial art…Mainly just browsing…Thanks for this video 🙂

  6. Good question. You need to distinguish between basics and application. You would rarely see someone in a real fight try to balance a punch by pulling the other arm to the hip. When practicing basics, the objective is to refine your technique and work toward better harmony. On another level, it may not just pulling the hand back, but pulling and striking. There are many layers of understanding to peel off.

  7. This is for practice punching. As one arm comes back the other goes out, thus creating additional power while turning at the hips. No one would use this technique in an actual fight or even kumite competition.

  8. Karate saved my life in high school. Bully called me out by my locker and I took him down, but I realized what I did and ran away back home. Only use karate when it truly necessary

  9. In a real fight you don't actually pull the other arm all the way back, it's just to burn the movement into your muscle of using your hips and pulling the arm back to generate more power.

  10. Not naming names here but cheater lost 3 feet of intestine ,but punching your bully is much better and has less police involved .

  11. As a white belt brand new, I didn't pair up so the master put me with a black belt big chested women ,the exercise was to punch close ,but I punched her in the titty ,I punched her hard ,I still have this mini dream where I see here nipple explode anyway ,that was it for me ,when in crippled a women and walked out 😀

  12. It looks as if your shoulder is pushed forward instead of locked down. Punching a makiwara or heavy boxing bag will correct the posture within a few weeks.

  13. I have been watching your karate lessons and i'm advanced in karate because of you 🙂 i started learning from these vids and you a great teacher!!

  14. I respect Karate and all Japanese martial arts. But if you want to learn how to punch correctly learn how to Box. By the time you threw one Karate punch to the chest you've already thrown 6 boxing punches to the chin.

  15. Who ever said that a closed hand thrust away from ones body was meant to be a "punch" or an offensive technique????

  16. from Detroit.I love karate i practice every day BUT the only technique i dont do is the "Karate Punch " any alternative technique is better.thanks

  17. He standing square if he got hit his back leg won`t keep him from falling because in a square stance there is no back leg you just stumble backwards.

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  19. I do not respect anything about karate. The practitioners call themselves martial artists, yet most dont do any practical moves that are traditional under live resistance. This b.s art will never hold up against boxing, and all these people are good at is point fighting. If you want to learn karate, only expect to get discipline and good stretching out of it. It is so sad how people still to this day think this art is practical for self defence.

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