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How to Determine Your Dominant Eye | Archery Lessons

August 16, 2019

One of the things that we must do before we
start giving you a lesson is to determine your dominant eye. It’s very important because some people’s
dominant eye is their right eye and some people have a dominant eye as their left eye. Most of the time, a right handed person would
have a right eye dominance and a left handed person would have a left eye dominance but
there are several occasions where that is not true. So we must determine which your dominant eye
is regardless of whether you’re left handed or right handed. The way we do it is very simple. We have the person stand in front making an
overlap design of the hands with a hole. Then bringing the hole up to the eye, I can
look through the hole and see the she is right eye dominant because that’s the eye that she’s
looking at me with and then place the palms down again. Now, some people doubt what I’m telling them
and what I’m saying is you only see out of one of your eyes. It’s the dominant eye. To prove that, when you do the dominant eye
test again, when you are looking at me, I tell the person to close the dominant eye. In this case it would be your right eye. So bring the hole up, close your right eye
and I’ve disappeared out of the hole, because even though you’ve brought the hole up to
my eye with both eyes open, when you close off the dominant eye, that’s the eye that’s
looking through the hole. That’s what you’re seeing. With both eyes open, you’re going to raise
your arms up with the hole focused on the camera, looking through the hole, then close
off your dominant eye, your right eye, the camera disappears, and the camera can see
that you’re closing off your dominant eye. And then come back to resting.

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  1. I'm right handed with a left dominant eye xD probably because my right eye has slight astigmatism. I was taught to point at something in the distance and then alternate the closing of your eyes. This seems to be a very similar concept.

  2. Another way to tell is to do this and then bring your hands into your face – usually you will instinctually pull them in towards the dominant eye.

  3. Make that small hole.
    Focus on something inside that hole.
    Close your right or left eye.
    If what you focused on dissappears then the eye you closed is your dominant eye. This means that its the eye that decides where your focus is.

  4. well, I did the test, closed my right eye and couldn't see though the hole, so I moved my arms a bit left and it was magical how I could see though the hole again…

  5. But the point is to hold your arms out directly in front of you, not at an angle. When your arms are out in that shape directly in front of you, whichever eye is the one that sees through that hole is the dominant eye.

  6. I am right handed but my dominant eye is left.

    That is a little problem with shooting guns for me with both eyes open, but not big of a deal. It is not perfect, but with training you can eliminate most of the disadvantage.

  7. It's a bit of a moot topic as long as you're consistently doing the same thing with your eyes every time you aim, and sight-in accordingly left to right. I recommend keeping both eyes open to avoid parallax as much as possible from the dominant eye.

  8. The best way to tell which eye is dominate is to get uber drunk and whatever eye you seem to keep open while staggering around or trying to listen to the cops is the dominate eye. 

  9. I'm just starting with archery and i have been training my "bow musceles" for 2 weeks now, but my dominant eye changes every time i do the test…

  10. What is my dominate eye
    I cannot close my left eye without closing both eyes but yet i can close my right eye and still have my left eye completely

    Also when i do archery i shoot a right hand compound bow but i shoot with my left hand and i hold the bow with my left hand i look through the peep with my left eye the arrow is on the left

    Help me please

  11. So look, I pull the arrow with my right hand. But I am left eye dominate soo am I right dominate or left dominate? Cause i would hold a gun in my left

  12. 1:59 she is looking through right eye. Even though both eyes are open, one eye is on the guy the other is not. If she put her hand to her left and centre it on her left eye, when closing her left eye she would experience the same thing that happened with the right eye.

  13. Wait I need help.. I'm really confused about my dominant eye.. Firstly I did that technique, the result was I am right eye dominant.. but my left eye can see more clearly than on right so when I'm squinting I have to close one eye so that I can see the thing that's too far away from me, I used to close my right eye and uses the Left one.. It's kinda confusing..

  14. Ok so this is trippy I fist did the test and was right eye dominant and right handed. couple of mins later did it again and was left eye dominant few mins later did it again and was right again. what does this mean? I also tried the putting the thumb up method and I see 2 thumbs so that doesn't work. also tried the making a circle with my finger method and that changes depending on what hand I use if I use left hand right eye do meant if I use right hand I'm left eye dominant. what does this mean?

  15. So.. I'm right handed, and my dominant eye is my left eye. What does this mean for me and archery? Is it going to be that much more difficult for me to aim properly?


    Why are you reading this creep xD

  17. AHHHHH i just bought a left handed bow because im left handed and i thought i was left eye dominate but doing this test shows that im right eye dominate

  18. someone said :
    place a bottle on a table, step back and point your finger at it with both
    eyes open. now close one eye at a time, the one where your finger is still
    pointing at the chalk is your dominant eye

    is that correct?
    when i close my right eye the object moves, but when i close my left eye the finger is still pointing there

  19. For me it's totally random. Half the time my hands are over my right eye, other half they are over my left eye. Does that mean I'm ambi-eye?

  20. Watched this video to see which one was my shooting eye not really expecting much but was pleasantly surprised by how interesting it was and this technique

  21. I think the person needs to do all the self testing by forming a triangle with outstretched arms with thumbs and forefingers touching. Find an object and look through the triangle with both eyes. Then close one eye still looking through the triangle and repeating with the other. If the object doesn't move then that's the dominate eye.

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