How to Create a Simple Android Game   Lesson 12
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How to Create a Simple Android Game Lesson 12

September 13, 2019

now we prepare the application for downloading to Google Play the first thing we need to do is to set the icon for the application this is easy to do we just click on the project using a write button then we select new other and we open the Android tab and select icon set here we will be offered a selection menu and we choose a launcher icon for which we do it and the name of the project then we click on next and here it offers three tabs such as image clipart and text we need to choose image and we upload the image that we want to see in the application we can set the format to either round or square we keep the round one we think it may bring some luck and we click on finish it offers us to replace the old icons and we choose to replace them all so the icons are created automatically and each icon goes for its definition now we will export our application for publishing on Google Play to do this we open the file tab and then we select export Android tab and export Android application it offers us to choose a project that we want to export it asks for the keystore password if you have it just use it in our case we do not have one so we will create it to do this we choose a location where we will save it then we save it and call it key next we assign a password and after you’ve done that just click on next then you need to create an alias you give it a name and assign the password next you validate it and you can set 25 years by default then we type the first and last names organization type for example individual your organization city where you live district and a phone number then we click on next and then we have to choose the apk file that we want to sign we go into our workspace and in a folder of our project the apk file is stored in the bin by default now select the folder where we saved the apk file and call it our game we click on finish of course it will not let us sign apk with such data you have to enter your own data and then you can only sign it now our file is signed we go into the documents and here our apk is signed for downloading next we go to the browser and put in play slash Apps slash publish in order to have access to the Android development console you will need to register as a developer it’s not difficult the only thing you need to do is just to pay $25 let’s move on to the application download now we click on upload we are offered to select an apk file then we go to the documents and select the appropriate file we download it when the application is downloaded we click on save after saving we fill in the information on the application then we upload screenshots there should be more than two as it is a mandatory requirement next we download the background it downloaded then we download the second one we choose the file and click on upload then you can upload the high resolution icon promotional graphic and additional images of your application also we provide a link to the promotional video and privacy policy if we do not have it we simply put a checkmark in the area labeled not submitted then you’re offered to enter a title description changes and promotional text in the title for the game we type the title and description the other fields are used only if necessary then you select the application type games category arcade in action copy-protection and content writing we set it for everyone next you choose free or paid application it depends on you we choose free and countries next we indicate the website of the developer the email and the phone number next we select that this application meets all the agreements and guidelines then we put a check mark to state that the application may be subject to US laws etc next we click unsafe and here we are asked if we really want to distribute it for free after you selected nothing can be changed so click on ok then it says that it is necessary to have a high resolution icon that is 512 by 512 so we fill this big icon and click unsafe then we again agree that we understand that it’s free it is all saved next we can move to the apk file and here is the information about our apk also here are two links such as activate and remove if you click on activate it does not mean that you publish it before the publication you need to activate the apk and it is published only for testing when the apk is activated and all the information about the application is entered you need to click on publish and your application will be in the store in just a few hours next we just wait on monthly reports getting big money and living happily good luck to all and have successful sales and thank you for taking the time to join me on this adventure

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  1. very much creative sir it is verymuch helpfulll……….. but i have some issue that it has good quality video but it is very dificult to see text u were typing in coding if it was clear in 480P so more helpful 🙂 Thanku very Much

  2. You stated in the end around the 12 minutes in, " getting big money". How can you do this if the game is free to download?

  3. I have encountered an error that occurs when I mgs.what = 1 [DEATH]. The sound that I call starts on a loop for aproximately 7times. Also my msg.what = 0 [LOST] sound does not execute. The code is identical and resources are working. Is this a common issue?

  4. I have downloaded his game on my Nexus 6 but my screen had a to high resolution that the "Start Game" text is bigger than the button

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