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August 23, 2019

Like and get stuff or let you do stuff Yeah, so this is a funny skin don’t take it seriously But in life work on your parents just might so we’ve created this quite a while ago We didn’t get the chance to post it, but now we think it’s the perfect moment so Yeah no more electronics for today Fine if you don’t want me to do my homework. I’ll just stop You’re doing here homework. Yeah Okay, fine, you can have your tablet How about you don’t not be decent at for you. I’m learning how to think it’s part of my homework Okay fine schools these days Why don’t you some food eat some mangos no chocolate grows on trees just like mangoes oh Okay No we’re gonna have dinner soon no no we’re gonna go for dinner now Ready yeah, yeah sure sure okay no we are not going to get a puppy No, no, we don’t have time for a puppy No But if we get a puppy you got a lot of views on YouTube because puppies are really really popular and they’re cute And puppies get you views How many of you like a lot look at this video is what is a lot 17 million views? No no way No way

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