August 24, 2019

I know that there are things scattered in my background So, without wasting anymore time I want to share something with you Today is the first day of bengali Baishakh month If I was in my hometown we could’ve celebrated this in a more joyous way But can’t do it here Even though my friends and I decided to celebrate it in a charming way For that reason I’m going to my friend’s home Let’s do something there So now I’m leaving for Porur where my friend live Finally I’ve reached my destination Right now I’m standing on the rooftop where there is some low light issue Here a small LED bulb In this light only you’re seeing me now This is Chennai city area and here it is open all-over on the rooftop Good mild wind is flowing Wind is very good here and I’m really enjoying it By the way you’ve seen me without helmet when I was coming I know some of you might doubt that hey bro why are you without a helmet So, this was not like that actually For you information I wore a helmet and then drove here There you can see the DLF IT Park Maybe you can see a little bit of it in this dark Exactly this building If it was day time I’d have shown you It’s very nice There in a distance someone firing the crackers I forgot to bring it the last time as well Agni, we’re trying to burn the charcoal in that corner using papers 1, 2 is burning Can we get some kerosene If we use kerosene the problem will be that there will be smell of it Brother has tried everything to burn the charcoal But the charcoal says ‘No’ to burning After trying everything when the caol had not burn Then it was planned to burn it on the gas stove This is Soumyadeep in today’s function Soumik Dada is the lead cook here today Guess what is cooking here Dada will explain it to you Capsicum is done Dada is quite busy here. So, dada what exactly is going on here? Can you please explain? Agni shows up to attend here And Ipsita Look at this, there chicken is cooking Soumik dada is controlling everything here Good morning guys, This is morning 8’O clock Just now I woke up from bed Thats why you can see my eyes looks sleepy Actually yesterday night we to bed late in the night Yesterday night we’re doing that party Yesterday night Agni was singing and playing guiter Another one that is Soumik, Sorry!! Soumyadeep He was playing Bongo We’re like totally enjoying everything with the BBQ The environment was really good I recorded it on my mobile phone as I vlog with my mobile phone But unfortunately the clip of the mobile holder on the tripod pressed the power button on my mobile and it was switched off Thus that recorded cliip was completely deleted So, I couldn’t show it here After yesterday party I’ve stayed on my friends home I hope you like this short and simple video Anyway guys if you liked this video then please don’t forget to hit the like button below Subscribe my channel and there is a bell icon beside the subscribe button Don’t forget to click on that and select all notification in order to get my video upload notification Thus you can get all my video notification So, see you with a new video soon How could Pallab came so fast?? So, bro… How are you? What is that? What are you saying? Just asking how are you? I don’t know Hindi language

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