How To Build Inexpensive DIY Archery Targets: Ep 2 The Hunt
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How To Build Inexpensive DIY Archery Targets: Ep 2 The Hunt

August 12, 2019

man it is really raining outside and
today before the video starts I just want to apologize it really just did not
turn out the way I was hoping it would I was hoping to make two cool DIY archery
targets and the whole thing just kind of fell apart and turned into a train wreck
so I thought about not publishing it but I think I will and just chalk it up to a
learning experience in any case here we go I think it’s time for a new target okay
so as you just saw my target is kind of shot to the thing is um sort of cheap
don’t like to buy things if I can make them I have two different ideas in my
head of how to make new targets so one method is taking a bunch of old socks
rags things you don’t need anymore that a clothes fabric shoving them into a
sack and making that a target but then they got to thinking Lowe’s sounds like
good stuff so what if I got a bunch of spray foam insulation filled a box with
it and had a foam target seems like it’s worth the shot and the best part is my
friend Mike is coming in from Charleston this weekend so we can test them out see
which one works better it has some fun doing it but before we get into that I
still need to take care of some things I need my hunters education course and I
need to get my hunters license if you don’t care about the section about
getting the education course and license just skip to this time and we’ll go
straight to making the target or go straight to this time and we’ll go right
to shooting the targets Carolina why why sherry
hey sherry I want to begin hunting but I’ve never done it before
you would need a hunter safety course to hunt unaccompanied you can register
straight off our website I have a blue link on it so it’s quick here for
instructor-led course when you click view event it’ll let you register right
there and they’re free of charge thank you so much you’re welcome have a good
day last thing to do now is just go get my
hunting license thank you for going with me to get my
hunting license are you how do you feel about me hunting okay does it bother you
at all what do you mean you’re afraid I’ll get attacked by a Jaguar what’s faster than my beau a cheetah but
there’s no cheetahs here so the first method I thought it was just the old
tried-and-true shove a bunch of rags in a bag and fill it up tight tied up now
you’ve got your target live with the spray paint perfect I tried to make the
target small I figure aim small miss small the other idea I had it didn’t
turn out so well so then here I’m filling a box full of bone seems like a
good idea the one can of foam doesn’t keep you much at all so to fill the
entire box would have cost me at least $100 if not more so I should have just
gone and bought a regular target at that point so instead I use things around the
house to fill the box I grab some old construction plastic I grabbed what did
I grab I grab some old shower curtains and pretty much anything I could use to
fill in between the cardboard slats I just crammed in there garbage bags
these bags from the grocery store and then once I did that I taped it up ran
some duct tape around it and painted some targets on it which one’s gonna do
better I don’t know probably the bag so I had high hopes of having a lot of
fun trying out these targets with Pam but everything seemed to start to go
wrong so Mike is a strong dude but to pose this question sized forehand you
also damn near shot my other camera so instead he had to use this small
longbow that I had the next day I tried shooting some more but ran into more
issues something’s up my bow shooting really low I didn’t
realize it but somewhere along the line the rubber strap that attached my feet okay so overall I would say they both
have pretty decent stopping power kind of hard to pull it out of the box target
so I think because of that I kind of prefer the bag but I also don’t know
which always gotta last longer because every time I put a hole in that box
that’s not gonna heal itself so to them I think right now I’m leaning towards
preferring the bag target see see this this is what happens when you shoot low
you put a ten pound plate and then bottom of your bag to keep it from
falling over

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