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How to Bowl Knuckle ball? | Eng Subs | Nothing But Cricket

September 5, 2019

Hi viewers ! Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video am gonna talk about the recently trending variation of medium pacers .. The Knuckle Ball Basically it’s a slow ball, but it’s not easily spotted by the batsman like other slow balls Our Indian fast bowlers are using this efficiently why it is special ?.. how they are bowling it ? which length they are bowling?.. what strategy they are using? get to know from this video.. please do subscribe and also press that bell symbol.. to get instant notifications when I post the video.. lets go into the video so the difference between the knuckle ball and normal medium pace delivery is the ball will be gripped completely using the fingers when normal delivery is bowled But knuckle ball is bowled by gripping the ball using the finger tips This make a very big difference in many aspects.. when you completely hold the seam and bowl you’ll get revolutions in the ball.. but if you hold it with knuckle ball grip The seam will be static and there wont be any revolutions This makes the ball dead slow after pitching and in case if the ball pitches in the seam there might be steep bounce you won’t get this in normal delivery because the revolutions make the ball to go quickly so this is the main difference between knuckle ball and normal ball There is crucial reason for the inability of the batsmen to read the ball when some slower ball is bowled, there will be some notable difference in the wrist position but when knuckle ball is bowled you can’t find any change in bowler’s wrist position only the grip will be changed which is not that easy to notice so the batsmen are not able to read the knuckle ball.. but the ball will vary much in pace this is why the batsmen feel it tough now I’ll show the grip in various angles It should be pitched one feet away from the full stretch of batsmen’s leg (i.e) just short of good length This length will be a tempting length. so the batsmen may go for shot. Only when the batsmen go for shot, the ball will be very effective..there will be chance of edges, mistiming so on So bowl in a tempting length and make the batsmen to play the slower ball to make complete use of the delivery So to deliver this ball our fast bowlers are using some strategy 3-4 fast balls in a row with 135-140 kmph.. after batsmen timing those fast balls well suddenly they bowl a Knuckle ball following it so the batsmen will feel tough to get adjust with the sudden change in pace.. that’s why this ball is effective Or… they bowl 4 balls outside off stump and suddenly bowl the knuckle ball in the stump range and sometimes they bowl consecutive knuckle balls which the batsmen will never expect this makes the batsmen clueless these types of strategies are used to make the life of batsmen hard just for bowling knuckle ball all these strategies, line and length are to be looked after so just like that no one can bowl this knuckle ball Bhuvi took six months practice to master this delivery Then we have to work even hard to master this delivery so practice more in nets then you can try in matches Knuckle ball is not bowled using the knuckles but with the tip of the fingers when bhuvi took six moths practice to bowl this ball then how can I bowl a knuckle ball straight away.. so please don’t complaint
in comments that i didn’t bowl n show so if you guys wanna try, please try in nets first hold the ball with the finger tip and deliver it thats it but the ball has to cover a long distance and fall in the right spot which is the difficult part so try in the nets then in the match thanks for watching the video, please do subscribe and also press that bell symbol am saying this in all my videos because.. only 25% of watch time is covered by my beloved subscribers rest 75% is watched by not subscribed people.. It’ll be very encouraging if you people subscribe just a simple press on the subscribe button below the video so please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol.. so that you can watch all my videos without missing.. Thank you !

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  1. Bro neenga entha video pottalam athu epdi nu practical la senchu kaminga bro.
    Thank you bro.
    Mathabadi ellamae ok.

  2. bro you are explaining very good with cork ball but also explaing in other balls like stumper ball please

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