How to Bow Hunt with Queens Archery | Archery Lessons
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How to Bow Hunt with Queens Archery | Archery Lessons

August 10, 2019

This is Queens Archery. Queens Archery has been in existence for almost
55 years in the Queens New York area. I started in the truck of my car actually
selling equipment as a part of my involvement in archery as a competitive archer. I realized in a very early stage that there
was a need for somebody to provide the proper equipment and that’s actually how the business
started and over the 55 years it grew. It grew into what you see it now. It’s a archery range and pro shop in the mid
queens area. A lot of it comes from my passion as an archer. Archery is a mature sport. It’s a sport for not only kids but also adults
and we say it is a lifetime sport. I found right away that it satisfied everyone
of my athletic desires as well. It takes concentration, it is a mind sport
as well as a physical sport. It keeps you in somewhat in good shape but
that doesn’t mean that we have to stop participating in archery. I still participate in archery and I have
now graduated into the seventy older age group which I am proud to say I just wandered the
eastern regions last month. It’s a sport that I know that I can do for
the rest of my life and that is basically what I love about that. If you find it at,,
that will all point to my website.

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  1. i find it amusing that this guy doesn't even have NAA certification and hes saying he owns a pro shop
    i also find the fee overpriced, 40$ a month for 2 hour lessons, my local range is 160 annual or 5$ weekly for 4 hour lessons 

  2. alright. let's get this straight. this series of videos is complete Bs. just. no. leave. everything is bad. including that buy list in the description, aside from the samic sage. round of applause for that guy. you can't really buy things from Amazon for this kind of stuff. just leave. this guy is horrible too. if you want to start archery, go to your local club. use the internet in a more useful way.

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