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How To Be An Archer | Faster Higher Stronger

August 16, 2019

I have been practicing archery for the last 12 years. At the beginning it is difficult because it is mainly all about technique you get frustrated because all you want to do is to grab a bow and start shooting. But if you have patience, in a couple of months you get to use the bow and you can start shooting. And then you realize that archery is a really good sport because it makes you feel calm. When Im getting ready for a competition we train for 4 hours in the morning We take a rest, we go for lunch and then train for another 4 hours in the afternoon. After that we have a gym session and after that, we take the rest of the evening off. Depending on what my coach says we shoot different distances. On a normal day I will shoot around 1000 arrows which is a long day for us. We shoot way more during training as it is good to get used to shooting a lot so when competition comes we don’t get as tired. We also do other exercises with the bow to practice the release of the arrow and to strengthen the elbow and shoulder it helps us to have a better technique. Every training day is different and you always have to come with the right attitude to get better every day. Everything that you do during training will be reflected during competition.

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  1. Excellent video!!, the young Mariana Avitia is a Mexican proud!!. Total respeto y admiración a esta gran atleta mexicana!!. Orgullo mexicano!!

  2. i follow all the videos and i am very glad that you maked a Video of Mariana i am Mexican but i respect and ADMIRE all the athelts and contries
    Thanks for made all the IOC Olympic Videos

  3. "This video contains contents from International Olympic Comitee who has blocked it from display on this website" – I guess archery is too popular sport and it's better to block embedding 🙂

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