How to be a YouTube Gamer

August 27, 2019

Hey you! Yeah you! So do you wanna learn how to be a YouTube Gamer? Haha, of course you do in this short tutorial I’m going to walk through all the steps necessary. For you to increase your view Count grow your fan Base and Maybe even Become a YouTube Celebrity! First things first, we have to talk about the great beginning choosing a username! Even though YouTube is over 8 Years old and pretty much every good user Name known to mankind has already been taken. With a little creativity, You can have the best username ever! First what you want to do Is insert a word with absolutely nothing to do with you or [your] Gaming Channel like seriously nothing. Then you want to enter as many numbers as possible. Really, Just go up and down [in] The Number Patter and you’ll end up with a great name like this. If you somehow find that this abomination of a username has miraculously been taken.. Just Repeat the Process all over again! Ok, you now Have a Fantastic [Username] but Nobody wants to read who you are they want to see it so this is where the Icon and Banner Come Into Action [Now] [I] know what you’re Thinking I’m Terrible at Drawing I don’t have a professional Art Program and I don’t have Any friends who Can, Make me one Themselves But Let’s Be Honest that’s not the entire Truth the truth Is you’re Just Bad at Drawing You don’t have a good Art Program and Let’s face it you have no friends Period but you know What Everybody has… Paint Or MAC users paintbrush Apple Always Ruining my flow So just get Drawing until you have the best Icon and Banner ever, oh And Make Sure not to Pay Any [Attention] to the recommended Dimensions [I] mean it’s not like Those are important am I right So now let’s get Towards Perhaps the most important Part Making Videos to Make Gaming Videos you need a, way of Recording games wait. What you? Don’t Have Enough Money for a capture Card to put games in beautiful, Hd Well here’s One Thing to remember who Cares Just go Ahead and Record your games With your mobile Phone in Beautiful 144 P yeah And 144P (Grhahha) If Anything you Can always play on the PC and Buy A Screen Recorder Okay so now you’re Ready for recording Games but you need a game to record Unfortunately You don’t Have the latest triple 8 blockbuster game Which Millions of People will be Searching for on the Release Date Never Fear Because you can Always Play Flash Games no Seriously Flash Games and you Can just Watch the views Flood in Don’t know what Games to play try, Minecraft surgeon Simulator and of Course happy Wheels Because Everybody Knows that the key to Success is to [do] Exactly what Everyone Else Is doing Alright so you’ve got a game Now you need to play it all you have to do is exaggerate as much as possible Scream Shout Kick Flail Arms Like a Madman you know all the good Stuff Try an Ad in A facecam if you Can and Open Up the World to that A Beautiful Smile and if You’re Playing a game with a compelling story Be sure to be as Loud and Obnoxious as Possible it’s not like People Came for the game right Now Just Edit A clip in A professional Video Creator Such as Windows Movie Maker Wait what was that Windows 8. Doesn’t come With Movie Maker? Score 372 – Apple Never Fear Just Go and Download A free trial of a professional Video Editor don’t worry People Have Mined A Huge Watermark across your Video because remember who Cares Right so you’ve Got your Video now to upload it the title Should, always be your Name here Plays Followed By the Name of The Game Because Nobody’s Done [That] before did you know that YouTube Allows Custom Thumbnails you Did but allow me to tell you about it Anyway to have a great Thumbnail all you have to do is open up Paint Copy and Paste The Post of the Game and Simply place one of the [Cactus] Faces, We will earn doing a, stupid Expression No Stupid, oh come on you Can go stupider Than that Perfect your Video is now live on YouTube wait what Was that? Your Video Only Has One view From when You Check to see if your uploaded Properly and The Novel From when you wanted to See If it got Any views, Well did you know you Can, actually Buy, views Likes and subscribers Seriously you Can Give actual Money Pay for subscribers A Digital Number you Can Look at and smile Cuz that’s not lame at all but Enough of that let’s get Serious you Don’t want Silly Robot subs you want to Make Money not [Spend] It and to do that you need to Partner with a gaming Network This Means Putting Time and Effort Into your Channel and Videos to ensure that the [Viewers] get the most enjoyable Experience Possible While Watching Them so that they will want more This way you can get all 10 subscribers you need to join Machinima Alright so you’ve Got your Channel With one Video [ten] subscribers You’re Partnered With Machinima and you’re Making Enough [Money] to afford a pack of gum in Two years you’ve got things Made But There’s Something Still Bugging you you’ve got a Hater These things suck on The self-Esteem of People and use it as Nutrition So what do you do if One of These things leaves a mean Comment on your Video what use your move Comment Button? Come on Now you can do Better than that you know the Thing I told you to [remember] Yeah the who Cares Thing where you can, Just go Ahead and throw that out [of] the Window by [Showing] that hater who’s da baus Tell Them that if You, ever Spot them, on the Street you’ll Kick Their Ass don’t worry about not being able to spot them you have Their Name and Know. What they Look Like [you] [now] Have the Expert Tips Which believe [it] or not no Successful YouTube Gamers Wanted you to know are You Ready to Embark on your very Own YouTube Gaming Journey? Great that’s the spirit I wish you luck and know that with These pro Tips you too can, be a YouTube Celebrity [Please] Note That tamago 2427 Productions Is not Responsible for Any Injuries or Mental Trauma Which May Occur from Following These Tips if Off the two Months are Taking These Tips Into Practice [you] find I still have no views Or subscribers Please Consult your Doctor Anyone who Would Follow These Tips for two Months Seriously Needs to? Also note That [Tumblr] 24/7 Full Production is Fully Supports and did not intend to insult Or hurt the Feelings of Just impede Oh i can’t even Say with A straight Face Wait what you want to know what These are? Well These Are links Which you Can Actually Click [on] in the Video to subscribe and Watch my other Videos as Well as Reminders for you to like this Video Because it’s not like the Subscribe and like Buttons on right Beneath the Video or at least until YouTube Changes this Layout again It’s not like There’s a whole side bar full of other Videos of YouRs – what, oh? [ok], you, Should Probably do This Did I Mention that These links are Clickable [go] on give Them a try Seriously your must, We even Turn Into the Hand thing Try it go on you know you want to I know how about, We Make it Into a game who Can click the links the best You go first oh

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