How to Avoid Common Shooting Mistakes | Archery Lessons
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How to Avoid Common Shooting Mistakes | Archery Lessons

August 13, 2019

Okay, common archery shooting mistakes start
when you actually step up to the shooting line, and are preparing to shoot. Your body alignment with the target should
be parallel to the target. Your shoulders should be facing the target. So, you’re first initial stance, the way your
feet are on the line, they should be parallel with the line. One you’re in that position, placing the hand
in the handle is very important. Remember your hand has to be behind the handle. A common mistake is that people grab it like
this, with the thumb actually behind the handle. That is going to put a lot of pressure on
your thumb, and then cause you to grab the bow tighter, so that you would kick it or
torque the bow when you shoot. So, get your hand behind the bow. When you place your fingers on the string,
only three fingers go on the string. See now, not four fingers like a lot of people
do, but only three. And, a good way to do this and remember is
to put your thumb and your pinkie together. Your thumb and your pinkie together to grab
the bow with just three fingers. So, that’s another mistake that happens quite
often. Once you have your hand and your fingers in
place, when you bring the bow up, here’s the big mistake though, a lot of people make. They hyper-extend their elbow into the path
of the string. That’s going to cause a lot of pain, and also
it’s going to deflect the arrow and make you inaccurate. So, bend your arm away from the string, therefore
keeping the string clear of being deflected. When you pull back into your anchor position,
what you want to do is be consistent with your anchor. You’ve got to put your hand or fingers on
your face in the same place every time. Very important, because that gives you the
consistency. When you come back, if you anchor in the corner
of your mouth, make sure that you anchor in the corner of your mouth every time. Some people anchor under their chin. Under your chin, your fingers should always
go under your chin, never diverting from that position. Remember always to keep your elbow higher
than your shoulder. A lot of people when they first start shooting
have a low elbow, because they use their bicep to pull the string back. Try to pull your string back with your bicep. Notice she can’t do it, because she has proper
form, but a lot of people can’t lift their elbow up, until they’ve practiced a lot and
built up the muscles in their back in order for them to do that. Alright, now when you take your shot, what
you want to try to avoid is moving the bow. While you release the string, the bow must
stay stable, and in the same position. So, let’s try it and take a shot. Come up into your ready position, bend your
arm, pull back to your anchor, aim, shoot, and hold in that position. Then come back down to the rest. That was perfect form.

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  1. +Justin Heinzig
    Jesus Justin, all your comments are loaded with Kyudo … Note: Japanese archery is different in many ways, and it starts with the bow! For example, 'The way of the bow' is practiced in a different way of the rest of the world!
    You cannot say that it was the same to other countries, because it was not!
    You may be the greatest expert in Japanese archery, but you are wrong saying that they are all the same. Only if u say that the 'method' of holding the arrows may be the similar to the rest of the world… Then maybe yes.
    Note also that you should not say that other opinions on any matter are wrong, only yours is right, that's not right :/

  2. Awful instructions – many errors.

    Bow has no "handle", it has a "riser".

    Oh well, what could one expect from Howcast???

  3. for one thing you do not hold the riser with a closed hand, You should rest the handle of the riser between you're thumb and indexfinger but to help that you should use a sling or you can also put you're index finger and thumb around the handle but no other fingers,Not doing this can twist you're limbs and you're bow string won't align correctly with the limbs

  4. never seen any one use this "perfect form" with a bow, other then to scrape the flesh off there arms, what's with girls and overextending ther arms like that streight limb the bow is the thing to bend not you.

  5. I tried this technique. It totally decreased my accuracy.

    I'm a beginner, but I never miss the target with my normal stance and technique.

    Great video anyway! It's great to see there's a huge variety of techniques out there. This one didn't work with me, but I'm sure it has with someone!

  6. It's funny how everyone has something different to say negatively about this video and many comments contradict the other comments – it's like there are multiple ways to shoot an arrow…

  7. A heads-up on your video, try to have another, extra, camera so that we can see what is going on as she anchors, and from the side to see the angle of the elbow. Also, ask the model to pull her hair up, as it gets in the way of the shot (camera shot) to watch in detail. Thank you for the video.

  8. Amount of fingers on the string isnt that important to be 3, using 4 is bad but u could also use 2.

  9. Is she a string walker? I was thought when shooting three under your index finger should always be in contact with the arrow.

  10. I guess a bent elbow works on low strength bows, but you arms will be killing you with the heavy stuff if you arm isn't straight.

  11. You forgot rule number one to beginner archery:

    You must have an arrow in your bow as you draw or you risk damaging the bow. The arrow acts as a counter shock to the tension of the draw. If there is no arrow in your draw as you release the shock goes to your bow instead causing damage.

    I made that mistake. I didn't realize that arrows were actually needed to pull a bow.


  13. Do you think anyone (except for them)would watch if that was a butch he was coaching?The only reason for the 700,000 plus views is her.

  14. I came here to see if im doing any of these. Im 15 years old and i love my 20 year old compound bow. I learned not to do any of these mistakes naturally. Now i feel pretty good😇

  15. Why was she holding so low on the string to shoot at a target 10 feet away? That has to be why she was shooting so high. Even a rookie should hit the bullseye from that distance.

  16. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>     I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

  17. She's cute. I want a cute girl that's into hiking and fishing and camping and whiskey and crazy conspiracy bigfoot alien science stuff.

  18. This guy don't know anything about archery that's not how you stand that's not how you put the string to your face that's not how you hold a bow I'm 63 I been told by my father when I was three how to shoot bows how to make bows and arrows my father Chief White Eagle I am Chief Black Bear get real

  19. like the video, nice and clear instruction. I'm learning archery too, recommend some nice practice arrows for you guys:

  20. No, your body alignment should be perpendicular to the target. If it were parallel, you would be looking straight at the target and it would be very difficult to shoot your bow at it.

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