How to Assemble the Respawn 800 Racing Style Gaming Rocker Chair

August 22, 2019

This is the assembly video for the RSP-800 gaming rocker by Respawn Products These are the parts needed to assemble
your rocker. Start by inserting the gas lift into the hole on top of the base.
Now flip your seat upside down on a clean flat surface position the
mechanism with the tension knob facing the front of the seat. Attach the
mechanism to the seat with the supplied bolts. Carefully flip the seat over and
set it down onto the gas lift and base. Paying attention to the orientation
loosely attach the arms with four bolts. Do not tighten completely during this
step. Now set the back into place lining up the holes with the holes on the arms.
Insert the bolts and loosely attach the arms. Do not tighten completely. After
inserting the lower set of bolts. Raise the back into place lining up the last
set of holes. Insert the remaining bolts and tighten all around. Finish by
adding the bolt covers. You are now able to rock on in your RSP-800. Live to play
another day.

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