How to Assemble the Respawn 1000 Gaming Computer Desk
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How to Assemble the Respawn 1000 Gaming Computer Desk

August 29, 2019

This is the assembly video for the RSP-1000 gaming computer desk by Respawn Products. These are the parts needed to
assemble your desk. Start by turning over the X frame legs and inserting the threaded leveling glides into the pre-threaded holes in the legs. Now attach the legs to both sides of the support frame using four bolts. Being mindful of
the orientation shown in the instructions Attach the stabilizer bar
to the legs using four bolts. With help gently set the assembled desktop onto the support frame and leg assembly, then secure the desk top to the frame
using four bolts. Attach the right and left colored accessory bars to the
appropriate locations using two bolts each. Snap the edge trim pieces into place and secure from underneath the desk top. Insert two bolts from
underneath the desk top to attach the speaker stands. Now assemble the cup
holder by attaching the under bracket with nuts and bolts. You may find a
wrench or pliers helpful to secure the nuts. Lay out the parts for the monitor
stand secure the right and left leg brackets to the crossbeam and secure to
the shelf corners. Attach the crossbeam part of the leg assembly to under the shelf. Attach the monitor stand to the desk top by inserting four screws from
underneath the desk top. Attach the cup holder to either side of the desk you prefer. You have now completed the assembly for your new RSP-1000 gaming
desk. Live to play another day.

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