How Not To Die From A Cardiac Arrest
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How Not To Die From A Cardiac Arrest

October 7, 2019

I went to my knees.
And then it goes black. Ambulance Service… In my head I was going,
“Please, just take a breath.” And nothing. He had his whole life ahead of him. And yet, in that one moment,
it could all be taken away. Please don’t panic,
but your son’s had a cardiac arrest. You should never, ever, ever have to
receive that type of call. I was 17 at the time, working as
a waiter whilst doing my A-levels. My mind-set was to get
the qualifications needed in order to go off to uni. I was really dedicated to the gym
at that point as well. That’s, I guess,
the peak of how I’ve ever been. Beautiful weather outside. Hot
in the kitchen. It was a good day. With Ben, he was always helpful,
he was always polite, he always had a smile on his face. But, if I’m to be honest,
I didn’t know him quite in depth. I went to go get some glasses. It started pinging that
something was going wrong and so, that’s when I started
slouching up on the wall. Then I started
dropping to the ground. After struggling for a bit… Ben was on the floor.
There was no colour on him at all. And he was just…
He wasn’t moving, wasn’t talking. I thought he was dead. Every second counts when it comes
to surviving a cardiac arrest. Check for signs of life.
If you can’t find any, call 999. The minutes before an ambulance
arrives are critical so, their life is in your hands. Ambulance Service… I’d seen him 20 minutes before,
you know, up on his feet, talking, laughing. A cardiac arrest means the
electrical signals in the heart are not working properly. Ben’s brain is being starved of
oxygen. Unless he gets the right help
immediately, he’ll suffer brain damage or die. I thought we were too late, I thought there was
nothing we could do. Has he still not taken
another breath? No. I’d never seen CPR. It brought, you know, a reality of
kind of how forceful you have to be. CPR probably won’t restart
Ben’s heart. But it will keep blood flowing
to his vital organs until someone gets a defibrillator. One, two, three, four… Push hard
and don’t worry about hurting them. Breaking someone’s ribs is better
than letting them die. After 30 compressions, breathe into their mouth twice to
fill their lungs and repeat. In my head I was going, “Come
on, Ben, please breathe, please, “just take a breath.” And nothing.
And I thought of my family. And I also thought of
Ben’s family as well, because, at this point,
they didn’t know what was going on. Please don’t panic,
but your son’s had a cardiac arrest. You should never, ever, ever have
to receive that type of call. This wasn’t a seizure. This wasn’t
a fit. This wasn’t, “He’s fainted.” This was very, very serious. I didn’t really want to drive
because I thought, you know, am I capable? So, I knocked on my neighbour’s
door, burst into tears. And she took me down. Only an electric shock from
the defibrillator will restart the heart. Get someone to find one, fast. Check shops, schools, offices,
hotels, pubs, train stations and restaurants. Yeah, we’ve got it now,
we’ve got it in front of us. I was very, very nervous. Kind of asked around if anybody,
was anybody defibrillator trained. Nobody was. I’m thinking,
well, I’ve got to get it on. Have you turned the machine on?
Yes. Stay calm. The defibrillator shocks the heart
and restarts its regular rhythm. It gives someone the very best
chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. Has it just shocked him?
Yes, we have, yeah. Don’t be afraid. It will tell you what to do
and you can’t do any harm. If you can set up your new phone
then you can use a defibrillator. That was quite a scary thing to see. The body actually
come off the floor. I thought, after the first shock,
that would be it. But it wasn’t. There was a thought of, are they
going to turn up and we’re going to have to say, we’ve done
the best we can but we’re sorry. Has it just shocked him again? GROANING He was actually starting
to move his arms. He was making quite haunting noises. To look up and see the paramedics
come through the door, I thought, yeah,
we’ve given him the best chance and these guys are going to
take over. I ran in. There was several
people working on him. His veins were all contort,
his body was all contort, he was really, really, like,
battered. He didn’t let me go in, he sort
of like literally grabbed me and said, you’re not going
through the doors. You start to think, how long before
we get the Ben we know back? Is he ever going to come back? I was alive again.
I’m privileged to be back. It was more surreal to me
than anybody else. They didn’t live through it.
I don’t remember it. I can still live a normal life. Ben’s cardiac arrest was because of
a genetic problem with his heart but it can happen to anyone,
any time. He’s been fitted with an ICD. It’s a mini version of the
defibrillator that saved his life and would automatically
shock him if it happened again. From going not knowing him
to him being one of the people that saved my life,
there’s not much more you can say other than thank you. To see him back on his feet,
to be able to hug him, is just unbelievable. If it wasn’t for his colleagues
and their life-saving actions in the first place,
he wouldn’t be here. That’s the simple fact behind it. If you come across someone
in a situation like that, do whatever you can. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never
done it before, if you’re nervous. You’ve got to, because you’re giving
that person a chance. I wouldn’t be here,
speaking to you right now, if there wasn’t a defib near me
at the time. I understand how lucky I am. I’m here, I survived.

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  1. 6 months ago, I lost my beloved aunt (age 54) due to cardiac arrest during morning 6:00 AM hours…she was on the way to home in travel bus 🙁
    There was not any related medical history or any heart condition….it was all of a sudden.
    She was declared brought dead in the hospital….the doctor said that she was already gone within 5-10 min. from the time of suffering a cardiac arrest.
    If only there was a little bit more time, if someone had done a proper CPR or got a defibrillator on the way to the hospital………. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing this….may it save someone's life and I pray to God that no one or their beloved should be a victim of cardiac arrest.

  2. 3:25 Correction: A Defibrillator does not restart the heart, Technically it does the opposite by stopping a heart that is beating to fast or irregularly In an attempt to bring the heart back to a safe rhythm. (Edit:Ignore this comment, I misheard the video)

  3. My dad had this happen to him just over a year ago, I had to give him CPR for 11 minutes till the ambulance got here. Don’t bother with the breaths, the most important thing is CPR as it keeps the blood flowing until the paramedics can get there with a defibrillator. Fortunately he’s absolutely fine now, but without CPR he would not be here.

  4. My mum had a cardiac arrest and shes only alive because i gave her cpr and a ambulance was on the scene within minutes with a defib so very lucky.. but now i worry alot that it will happen to me

  5. For reference I'm a student paramedic, although it is a very good video I'd just like to say rescue breathes aren't taught anymore or recommend. If you discover someone in cardiac arrest call 999 and start cpr immediately and do everything you can to limit time spent off their chest, so no mouth to mouth! Maintain chest compression at a constant rate only and don't stop for anything unless; they regain consciousness, you are relieved by another someone else who is will continue compressions, or you are physically to exhausted to continue. Early access and recognition, Early CPR, Early defibrilation and Early advanced life support will all greatly increase someone's chance of survival! I hope you never have to do it but just in case, you could save someone's life!
    If you are interested and want to learn more I highly recommend attending a first aid class it's an invaluable life skill!

  6. One time when I was about to go to sleep my heart/ chest started feeling like it was being pushed down and it hurt. I couldn't breathe for about a minute and I was alone in my room and I thought I was dying or having a heart attack but then a minute later I was fine idk what happened to me.

  7. It's very important to remember that a defibrillator is only effective in certain types of cardiac arrest where there is a shockable rhythm. A shockable rhythm is where there is an electrical problem, there has to be some form of electrical activity. If the patient is in a non shockable Rhythm, for example they may be 'asystolic', which is flatline (no electrical activity and no pulse) or PEA where the hearts electrical rhythm is normal and should produce a pulse but doesn't, a defibrillator will not be effective and only CPR should be given until Paramedics strive to give advanced life support such as drugs and airway management. In any case, weather the patient is in a Shockable or Non Shockable rhythm first and foremost the most unorganised thing is to give good quality chest compressions. If an AEF is available then always use it, it will analyse the patients rhythm and only deliver a shock if the patient is in a shockable rhythm. The AED will tell you if this is a case. If the patient is in a non shockable rhythm the AED will tell you to continue CPR.

    If you are in your own or there isn't an AED close enough don't waste time trying to get one unless somebody else can go and look for one, NEVER, EVER delay starting chest compressions for the sake of finding an AED.

    If you are trained/feel comfortable you can give rescue breathes at a ratio of 30 compressions to 2 breathes in adults. If not don't worry, give CPR only. The single most important thing in any cardiac arrests is delivering good quality chest compressions at a rate between 100 and 120 compressions a minute. If you get tired, switch with someone else if somebody else is available to swap with you.

  8. Wow that’s so sad that no one knows how to perform cpr where I am and how to even detect the cardiac arrest..And of course there’s no defibrillators huh; and I’m concerned that operators would guide you through it. Sad. But good for this boy and UK!

  9. I’m Australian & I intend to find out what businesses I frequent have defibrillators available. I’d take a 1st Aid course but honestly, I’m the person you use CPR on

  10. More schools including mine are now practicing CPR in PE. This is great because now we will know what to do in this situation. Good luck and great to see you alive and healthy!

  11. We also have been trained to use a defibrillator and how to put air in and out. We also learned about how to save someone from choking. Phew good job man!

  12. I live in the US in Ohio and I've never once seen a defibrillator in any public setting or any residence ever! I didn't even know that there was any available like that in other countries!
    Jesus…and the US claims that we're this amazing country and we don't have anything like that to my knowledge!

  13. Everyone should learn cpr. You can save someone on the street or your own loved ones. Its so important to know cpr. It saves lives.

  14. My friend died two years ago from exactly the same thing, ironically he was also called Ben. He was 16 at the time and out running alone, so he never got help. If you ever see anyone collapse please just go over and check because those first few minutes really do count.

  15. When I was born, I had the allover baby checks. We were given the results that everything was fine – but in reality it wasn’t. Six months down the line, I was going blue at night, struggling to breathe but my family was told I was fine. But as the six month mark hit, my parents received a phone call telling them to come in urgently into the hospital. They were told I had a severe heart condition and that I could die any day, and I needed open heart surgery to save my life as I didn’t have a chance of survival without it. But the worst thing about it, is that they apologised so much because my heart results from when I was born, were LOCKED away in a cupboard draw – and a healthcare assistant stumbled upon it cleaning. Which is the only way my family and I found out I was seriously ill.

    Young people need to have regular checkups on their hearts until they’re 18 to prevent these sort of things from happening. It can save a life, like mine, like his.

  16. I’m so glad shows like this exist. You never know what is gonna happen and where, so it’s really important to know what to do and what not to do per situation. The more bizarre ones for this show are really helpful too.

  17. Wish I saw this sooner.My Dad died of cardiac arrest on his 48th birthday in front of me and my sisters :(.

  18. As a medical student trained on this topic I want to add a few things and correct some. 1.You shouldn't put pressure on the point the heart is but on the sternum about two thirds down. 2.Mouth to mouth resuscitation is not as important. If you are not trained for this, do not waste time on it. While you are doing CPR, you don't specifically put pressure on the heart but compress the ribcage which also helps inspiration and expiration. 3. Your arms need to be perpendicular to the patients body and straight while doing CPR.

  19. This probably isn't a problem in the UK or really anywhere less asinine than the good ol' US of A, but here in America you can be sued for hurting someone giving them CPR, and people do, which I think is part of the reason why people are scared to try.

  20. Learning true cpr, and how a defib works totally made me see how serious of a life saving procedure/tool this is…take a class and learn it, Red Cross offers them all the time and they have dummies that u can practice on that click to show you how hard to push…even if you never practice it again, having it in the back of your mind will make you feel just the slightest bit more prepared should an emergency arise

  21. I took a CPR class and you would have to go in a rhythm they said. The nurse said a good rhythm to follow is the Baby Shark song 🦈

  22. I always try to remember where defibrillatiors are. And refresh your cpr skills. Nobody remembers it from doing it once. I should be taught in school….

  23. I thought defibrillators are only used for irregular heartbeat? They don’t work for total cardiac arrest, when the heart stops completely.

  24. My dad died last November inside the Church from Cardiac Arrest. I wished defibs were available at that time. It could have made a difference. Missed my dad a lot…

  25. I think its important to mention that if the person who requires CPR is vomiting, bleeding from the mouth or you fear that you may potentially be putting your self at risk of contracting a virus or diseases via the saliva fluids, then CPR can still be performed with just the compressions alone as the blood in the body is generally still carrying oxygen.

    The compressions should be done rhythmically, ironically the beat for Queens 'Another one bites the dust' is the perfect rhythm to use when performing the compressions.. "boomp boomp boomp, another one bites the dust"

  26. Are defibrillators something they have readily available in the UK? That's awesome, I haven't seen a single one here in the US and I've traveled all over the country. That's nuts.

  27. My aunt died in front of me 3 months ago from sudden cardiac arrest. I performed CPR for 30 minutes waiting on an ambulance to arrive. I can walk to where the ambulance comes from in 10 minutes. They thought she was having an anxiety attack because she called 911 2 times the week prior and they blamed it on anxiety attacks even when she begged the hospital to keep her and run more tests. She got on her hands and knees and begged them to give her oxygen cause she couldn't breathe. They discharged her. Then a week later the cardiac arrested happened and she died.

  28. I'm curious how you plan out your content. Either way – Mav just said he wants to try that. **MVE**

  29. Defibrillators do NOT restart a heart that has completely stopped. They can repair a faulty rhythm during ventricular fibrillation.

  30. Quick CPR lesson:

    For Adults – put your dominant hand over the other and lace your fingers (palm to back of hand). Press into the middle of the chest 2 inches down. (Yes you most likely will break ribs). The rule is 30 – 2 – 30. 30 pushes, check for signs of life, 2 breaths, 30 reps. There are multiple objects to prevent your mouth from touching theirs. Try to find someone to help you, CPR is exhausting. And dont touch their body while shocking them!!!!

    Infants – hold them in your arm on their back. Only use two fingers and press in the middle of the chest, NOT as hard as a full grown person obviously.

  31. My grandpa survived a cardiac arrest. He had one while playing racquetball and only survived because there was a defibrillator and a trained professional nearby. I'm very thankful he's still with us

  32. him: a seventeen year old waiter doing his a levels
    me, a seventeen year old waitress doing my a levels: oh fuck

  33. If you are in the UK call 999
    If you are in the US call 911
    If you live in any other country I am very sorry

    Common dad joke.

  34. What a scary, but ultimately heartwarming (no pun intended) story. Every public venue should be required to have at least one defibrillator, and school children should be taught how to perform the CPR. Well done to Ben's colleagues.

  35. I would recommend making a list of defibrillators in your phone every time you see one or a sign for one and where you would be if you needed one, hopefully we'll never have to use one but it's useful

  36. This happened to my aunt, her mouth was foaming and it happened incredibly quick! She was taking my cousin to work and she got the end of the road and went back home because she got a sudden pain rush through her chest and arms but it wasn’t getting any better. It was maybe like 10 minutes later and then she just fell, luckily she was on the sofa so she didn’t hit her head. She’s on her road to recovery now a year on, she’s still not 100% but she’s still with us thank god.

  37. Schools should stop teaching kids about useless stuff that they won’t use in the future and actually teach people how to do cpr and all of this stuff.

  38. Scary stuff HCM is no joke period

    Shit will kill u at any moment and most don't know they have it till they drop dead during sports or any psychical activity.

    That's why ekgs and echos need to be more wide spread to check and prevent this young athletes screened and given an IED to give them a fighting chance if they arrest suddenly.

    Most hs just have a basic list of…

    Doctors psychical

    And that's all. It's not enough

  39. Okay so what you’re telling me is if I don’t have heart disease, nor do I have anything cardiac related in my genetics, that I can STILL have cardiac arrest anytime/anywhere? So what are we all just fuckin sitting ducks waiting to die?

  40. Only do mouth-to-mouth if you know the person. If not, only do compressions until someone arrives with an AED.

  41. Saving a life is the most incredible feeling. All of you guys go and learn a little bit of CPR techniques and first aid. You never know whose life you can save!

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