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How NOT to Build a Gaming PC…

February 11, 2020

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today, I’m here with a
brand new $500 gaming PC build except this one, well,
these guys built it. While I was out of the office
for a day, Ken and Jimmy took it upon themselves
to get a little creative with the next PC build. – What do we want the PC to
actually look like though? – It definitely needs a window. We could easily do like a bloody
hand print from the inside. You know, like a little
saw trap or something? – Oh yeah. – So where do you want us
to start, a case first? Okay, so that’s like right in the front, so that’s easy enough. So I feel like if we, these
are usually in the back corner. – Yeah, Jimmy knows like
the layouts and stuff. – This one has the exact same
layout as the one in Michigan. – Look at this guy. – Are we going for full size
like ATX or microATX or what? – I think we go for ATX and work back. – Okay, 49.99. – That’s cheap, and it got
a window and look the slots. – Oh, it’s got red accents. – Alright, if we wanted to do
just straight up a 500 watt card or 500 watt power supply. – That’s hard to beat $18. – A cheap power supply like this might not be the craziest thing. – This looks really cheap, like
the box looks really cheap. – It feels like a fireworks box. – This looks marginally better. – Yeah okay, that one is $30. – $30, okay so we’ll put this. – [Austin] Questionably
cheap power supply in hand, Ken and Jimmy moved on to
making some more mistakes. – That Penny owned G 4400. – [Jimmy] Is only 55. – Is only $55, so this
motherboard costs $60. – [Jimmy] Which is cheap. – Which is pretty cheap. – We’re still, I think
we’re still under budget. – I think we’re doing
pretty fine right now. So if we get this, let’s say right? – Yeah, is there a big difference between just a 1050 and a 1050TI? This one’s only $93 bucks. – Yeah no, I think if we
wanted to go super budget, that might not be the worst move. – So we penny crunched a
little bit but we have a little bit more money to spend here. – Yeah, so we’re gonna
look out for some SSDs which they’re actually reasonably priced. – [Austin] So naturally,
the next place to go is the Halloween store because reasons. – I mean that looks like the best one. ‘Cause glow in the dark
will probably not look good inside the area. – I think this is good, this
one’s really fake looking. – This one, this is the one that we want. – If we get a little bit of fake blood and put it on that,
it’ll look a lot better. $10, so we’re good, this is
$4, so we have a little bit of extra money to spend here. Is there like a little
thing where we can get like some spiders or. – Oh, let’s get like fake,
like fake spiders and stuff. $3 each, so how much
money do we have left? – Like $13. – So let’s get two. – So we just finished the
Halloween decoration portion of this and I think we did pretty well. – Yeah, like so we walked
out of there spending $23 so if my math is right, I
think we have $4 leftover. – Yeah, so we’re actually
under budget here so Austin, you should be
pretty proud of us on this one. – So we’ve been sitting
in about three hours worth of traffic to come back to work
but we got all of our stuff for our PC but we also
got some Halloween stuff to help design this thing
and make it our own. Like I’ve never actually
done any case moding before and I think this is the nine
year old arts and crafts version of what every
other PC YouTuber does but I’m excited. (Jimmy laughs) (grooving hip hop beat) Alright, so Jimmy did a
really awesome job putting all of the spider webs in here. We got some not actual spiders
but some really okay looking like classic spiders
but they’ll do the job. – They’ll look good in the light. – Exactly, and now Jimmy
is going to do the blood hand splatter on the glass
for the inside of the case. – So I’m gonna do a little
bit of black just to. – Yeah, add texture to it. – Make it look like a scary movie. – That’s good. – Alright, so I’m gonna
get my over-sized hand just nice and, I want to make sure there’s not a lot of black on there. Just gonna do a real perfect, aw. – Do like a slide, like a taper off. – I don’t know if it’ll ruin it. – [Ken] Oh. (laughs) – There we go. Oh my god, I’m so happy
about this. (laughs) Oh my god, that actually
looks really good. So hopefully it dries well,
I’m going to go wash this off my hands now because I
don’t want it to dry on me. – We’ve got all the cable
management out of the way, we’ve got our graphics thing sorted out, we got Windows installed, – We got webbed up. – We got even more webbed up. – So now we’re gonna spin it around, get it all going, we’re gonna turn it on. – Get a load of this. – In its finished form. Oh my god guys, we’ve
been at this all day. Gotta say, I’m pretty
stocked, this is awesome. – Ready, woo, oh my god. – I gotta see this. – Whoa, that looks. (laughs) That is so sick, oh and you
can see the little spider in there, that is so good, it’s so good. – We haven’t played any
games yet and honestly it is 11:13, I don’t think we’re
gonna play games tonight but we will try to come
out tomorrow and reveal the whole thing to Austin and hopefully he’ll like it. – So I was gone on Friday
and these guys took the lead on building the PC but
from the little bits that I’ve heard so far, they
may have gone a little bit over the top with it. – [Jimmy] There you go. – (laughs) Whoa, this
is actually really cool. I was expecting this to
be terrible, no offense. This is actually really cool. – [Ken] Yeah, don’t worry, we thought it was going
to be terrible too. – The cable management
is sufficiently spooky, I’m already terrified. Alright, I gotta crack this open, let’s see what you guys got here. – I also like the narrative
too, like the hand. – Yeah, so basically the
hand was trying to escape and then like punched out the front. – [Ken] Exactly, yeah. – Ah, have no idea where
my graphics card is. – [Ken] It is a 560, an RX 560. – A 560, okay? And some intel, what is this? A B250, is like a Pentium or something? – [Ken] Yeah, it’s a Pentium 4400 G 44. – Okay, I’m pretty excited although what is this power supply? – [Ken] It is a not A+
and it was only $23. – That’s a no, don’t do that. Why would you buy a $23 power supply? – [Jimmy] Because it was 681 watts. – No it’s not. (all laugh) – Our main goal was literally
just to get this game running. I wish I had an audio, what’s going on? – [Jimmy] Yeah, so you would
be able to hear them coming. – Alright, I’m just
gonna die, that’s fine. Oh, there it is. So if you guys want to
catch more spooky PC builds with these guys, make sure
to subscribe to the channel and if you’ll excuse me, I’m
going to play some Outlast and probably die a bunch more.

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