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January 17, 2020

All good? Yes! Finally done with the last workout for the camp. pretty bored on this track now. Even shorter today because they did more snow at one of the uphills so the track was shorter then 1,8 km The track were really slow today with this fresh snow and I’m pretty tired now after a week with tough training. It is tougher in the start to go on snow when your not used to it each session is a bit harder so it feels good to go home and have some easier days. Tomorrow on Wednesday, I’m going to Stockholm on press conference with ski federation so it´s a busy day tomorrow. Just pack my bag and eat before I go home. Feels good. It´s Friday today right? No Thursday Thursday Emelie and I will do some strength training now had a classic distance session on the treadmill this morning can’t be outside because it´s snow and ice on the road. I was in Stockholm yesterday on a media day I only record a little with my phone so not the best quality but it looked something like this. What is happening Calle? Jens is now recording a feature film the whole movie is about the race suit he´s nervous. we have taken green screen photos and now I have interviews with SVT. Things you will see at competitions this winter I guess. First day with training since the camp so I´m going to spend some time in the gym now warm up and do some core training and bench pull, pull ups and dips. Someone asked me if my strength training program is different between training and competition season and there is some differences in the summer and autumn I usually do two gym sessions. Last year I did three but that was to hard with all the other training I did so I reduced it to two session to this year. It is a lot of core training I do and also some heavier strength training like pull ups and dips with weight and bench press and bench pull that is common exercises wich are heavier. During the season I don’t do so much heavy gym sessions I do more easy core training and just one gym session each week because when you have competitions every weekend you don’t have the time so it more like maintenance. That’s the difference between training and competition season Fewer and easier gym sessions just for maintenance. It´s Friday today and I were at the gym this morning and did my awful intervals on the assault bike and the trainer Mattias Nilsson has promised me to do a similar workout. The time is now 8:45 PM as you can see behind me and he is supposed to start the session at 9 PM so my plan is to call him on my phone and watch him train. So I will wait until 9 and then call him and record parts of the session Hopefully get a good laugh if he suffers. Just so you know the vlog is with me Oh no!! I thought we were going to do this together. Aha okey, but I already did this. How was it? I got tired! Really tired! What max heart rate? Not so high, 180 bpm 180? I think we can beat that. Okey, but you are using a normal bike and not an assault bike? No I didn’t find an assault bike. Okey What type of intervals are you gonna do? 3 set with 6* 30/60 s Just like me then. Yes, just like you. Beautiful! But you don’t have to watch all the time if you’re not want to I thought we would do this together. I´m here all the time I don’t let you down. It feels like you have fooled me on this. No, no! You can’t deny that you are a little sadist so now It’s my turn to enjoy when you are suffering. There is no way I can back off from this now when you have arranged it this way. No that’s impossible. Moving closer so you can se my heart rate. Exciting! So you don’t think I’m cheating. Lets go in Three Two one You already look tired. Yes. 30 seconds are longer than I thought. Now you only have 17 intervals left. Oh no. You look at the watch and think it can’t be many seconds left, but then it only says 12 seconds. This is entertaining. Swedens got talent and Idol is nothing compared to this. Here we can see Nilsson doing his last interval on the first set and his pushing real hard. The watt is really high. The bike is lurching and he sounds like a handsaw. That’s good, come on! Come on! Push! Great! First set done. Where did he go? Nilsson! What? You can say whatever you want but that mustache isn’t really helping that much at the moment. Now I want to see full speed here on the first… No I mean full speed in the beginning of the last interval. I will see you so tired that you can’t move your legs at the ends. I will throw up the guacamole. Come on! Really good! Push! Push! Push! Harder! Good! All the way! I can hear that he’s alive. That was really good of you. Fun to finally see others be in some pain once in a while. You’ve earned it, that’s for sure. I hope so, so its not only you that can taunt us when we’re tired. So this is not more than right then. Exactly, but good job. Thank you! Great to see he suffer a bit as well. Fun to watch. Today it’s Sunday. Actually it’s competition premier. It’s 100 m super sprint in Östersund. It might not be my cup of tea but at least it’s a race. Even though I’m not that fast and it would take a lot for me to qualify. But it’s a pretty big race since Swedish television broadcast live and almost everyone from Ski Team Sweden participates. But it’s fun to just be here and feel a bit of the race feeling. Time for competition premier. There we’ll have the winner for today. Viktor Thorn. There’s the start and here you’ll race. There’s the finish. There’s the helicopter which Calle Halvarsson is coming in. Taking the car wasn’t enough. That didn’t last for long. The prologue started at 09:30 AM and I did that as 37. Only 32 qualify for the next round. So it didn’t last for long. 100 m isn’t my thing and will probably never be. So instead I went to Östersund ski stadium. Here they’ve laid out snow so I can make use of the tracks and get a good workout. With that said this weeks vlog is over. Next week we’ll be in Bruksvallarna once again for this years last camp with Ski Team Sweden. So there’ll be another vlog from there with the team. Then the premier isn’t far away. Take care everyone and I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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  1. Hur gör du med stretching då du tränar långa och intensiva pass? Jag tenderar till att bli stel efter varje träningspass och måste därför stretcha för att inte skada lina knän och hälar.

  2. Thank you, Jens for the informative video on strength training and how it is practiced throughout the ski season.
    Fairbanks, regards, K. Leary

  3. One year ago I did not know that some Jens Burman exists. I looked at and I realized – wau that's serious xc skier. Fingers crossed for competitions this year. 100m is not your distance but 50km is better. Is it possible to ski in Bruskvalarna each year in November?

  4. Dina vloggar blir bara bättre och bättre! Direkt en inspirationskälla för mig! Men funderar vilken kamera och objektiv du filmar med?

  5. Jätteroligt att följa dig på Vloggen. Hoppas du får en riktigt supersäsong med pallplatser i VC. Fråga: vem sjunger och vad heter låten i vlogg-starten? /Pelle Lund.

  6. Hey, just curious, that what do you actually think by two and three gym sessions during summer and autumn? Is it like two or three weeks and how much per week? Thanks

  7. How do you specifically train legs for the strides in skate skiing? I find that squats aren't producing the best results, but weighted lunges are. Would you add anything else?

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