How Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Is Changed On Steam
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How Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Is Changed On Steam

January 14, 2020

This video is brought to you by Playasia – get
the original Japanese version of Million Arthur by checking out the link below and save $3
off every order by using the discount code “CENSORED”! Million Arthur is a budding anime game franchise
created by the famous video game company Square Enix. The franchise is set in a fictional version
of Britain, where there exists a million King Arthurs and a million Excaliburs and each
of the Arthurs are striving to become the one true king. Since its creation in 2012, there have been
numerous games, anime, manga and even a live action adaptation. One of these games, Million Arthur: Arcana
Blood, has up until now remained a Japanese exclusive. The title is a fluid 2D fighting game and
was originally released in Japanese arcades in 2017 and then received a Japanese PlayStation
4 release late last year. The game has now finally seen a Western localization
with the Steam port released yesterday and it’s been discovered that there’s been a small
change made to this version of the game that has left some fans confused. The change in question relates to the “Nice
Chin Chin” special move. This move actually originally debuted in the
anime and, as shown, it depicts a character attacking players in their crotch area. “Chin chin” refers to chinko, a Japanese slang
word for the male genitals… although, this attack can also be used against female opponents
as well. Despite not being released overseas, with
the nature of the internet, this move generated quite a lot of attention with English players
due to its humorous nature. In fact, the move was also quite famous over
in Japan as well. There have even been things like game tournaments
where the first player to pull of the move is dubbed the winner. However, with the Steam version, Square Enix
has for some reason decided to remove the move as shown in this Tweet here. Now the character stops just before reaching
the opponent – making it look like it’s the stomach or chest area being hit instead and
with no animation. It’s not known why this has been removed and,
again, the Japanese PS4 version didn’t have this change made. It’s possible that this could have been an
age rating concern or some similar reasoning, however this is not clear. Are you a Million Arthur fan and what do you
think about the move change? As always, please let us know your thoughts
in the comments below and consider subscribing to see more videos on how media is changed
around the world. Until next time, thank you for watching.

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  1. maybe due to some players not being sure that this was just ment as a joke, they pulled it before someone gets "offended"… on the other hand grabbing another person by the croch and explaining "what a nice genital you've got there"… is just a very… VERY strange thing that you wonder how it even started being a thing to begin with.

  2. 2:10 I don't know what Akira from High Score Girl is doing in a fighting game about King Arthurs and nice chinchins, but I'm also not complaining.

  3. Any reason they couldn't have changed it to a dick punch if explosive jerkish was too much? It's not like other fighters don't have dick punch attacks coughcoughMORTALKOMBATcoughcough in them. Damn Americans.

  4. And this is why I'm back to pirating acquiring games for free. No system deserves my money. No company wants to take my money.
    Soyny's Playcensor is censorship riddled garbage, since they joined the cult of the offended in Commiefornia.
    PC/Steam is digital only (aka you don't actually own the games you buy) and backstabbing liars about censorship.
    Nintendo's Switch is the best option, but is highly overpriced, be it console or games. Asking 60$ for a port of an old game is not ok.

  5. Even if it was an age rating concern.. It's on Steam. Hell, it's on PC. We don't have an ESRB. We don't care about your ESRB. You censor us? We'll uncensor it. We even uncensor stuff that wasn't censored to begin with. :3 (No but seriously, I doubt there are very many "teens" or whatever "T for Teen"'s demographic that actually care about this game and even if it was Mature they would've still bought it or pirated it out of spite, hell I think most people might just pirate it out of spite just because they don't agree with the censorship.

  6. For those wondering now, someone already modded papery Elle's assist back to its original form. To be more specific, the her assist is/was still in the game's code and was "disabled" until somebody modded it back in, even her voice sample of nice chinchin was even in the game's sound files I've already looked into.

    To look into the mod/source ->

    The only thing that wasn't reported on this vid is Kaguya's assist is slightly altered.

  7. Well sure enough, the original data was in the game files. Some swell guy brought the joke back.

  8. If people wouldn’t have made a big deal about it they would have left it alone. They probably want to get ahead of the “outrage” that would come their way. People complain about everything nowadays game companies are scared to let anything come out westward.

  9. Its a fight game… Usually never pay attention to the history line of this games…. If I wanna play it I will play Japanese one then… But this game never called my attention anyway, but for steam censored something this stupid its sad…. So this make me thing is square enix fault, hope a mod will fix this joke…. And the only title that worries me of square enix is FFVII remake hope this idiots will not censored anything….

  10. Leave it in and give it an M rating. I hate it when game companies think they "need" to get a T rating. Anime is an M rated entertainment media. Games based on it are as well. Just leave everything as it is, and slap on the M rating, and sell it that way. Stop trying to pander to younger demographics, when the original material was never intended for younger demographics. I can assure you that steam DOES SELL games that are rated M.

  11. Did you know that Peach has a butt hit attack in SSBros games? Her forward-B move is literally one where she turns around and launches herself at her opponent, using her butt to hit them. And if I remember correctly it makes a boing sound on impact. That seems indecent, but Peach has this move in all SSBros games she has appeared in, and they all their T rating. In fact, SSBros Ultimate is only rated E10+, and it STILL has this move.

  12. Thank you for this. I was on the fence with this game, as I love fighting games, and often buy fighting games that I will play only occassionally or for a short time. However, I do not support censorship that is obviously to placate the immature who can't take a harmless joke. I will definitely not be buying this game now.

  13. It's nothing to do with the joke and everything to do with child exploitation laws. The chibi character looks super young, even if she is a ten thousands yearv old dragon, and Western governments don't fux with that

  14. I dont really defend censorship but this change seems somewhat reasonable, i can see why this wouldnt be so welcome overseas

  15. It's really quite annoying how us Americans have so many dirty jokes, yet we can't let anyone else have theirs.

  16. This seems like something that might have been changed for a possible Western PS4 release but given it's only on Steam in the West I'm a bit confused on why the change was made as they don't need to follow Sony's new policies there.

  17. That is weird. But what I like about it is how the Main Arthur girl is hot and Rieze from Seiken Densetsu 3 is in it. ☺

  18. Just to clarify. Nice Chinchin was censored in the US Steam version, but remains in the Japanese PS4 version, and there is no US PS4 version. ALL versions outside of the arcade, including Steam, censored Kaguya, another assist, by covering up her thong with a skirt. So the only uncensored version is the arcade, the Japanese PS4 version is slightly censored, and the Steam version is the most censored.

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