How many belts are in Karate? – Fred Mergen
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How many belts are in Karate? – Fred Mergen

November 17, 2019

How many belts are in Karate? Well it all
depends on the system you take. When I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it was white, blue, purple,
brown then black. Now its actually white, green, blue, purple,
brown then black. In American Kenpo, the martial arts I’m based off of, it starts white, yellow,
orange, purple, blue, green, 3rd degree brown, 2nd degree brown, 1st degree brown and then
1st degree black for adults and then it goes all the way up to 10th degree black. For kids it’s a little bit different. I don’t
do the 3 different brown belts because seeing the brown belt for 9 months is redundant.
So we have brown belt, red belt, red and black belt, and then they get their junior black
belt. The great thing about having a ranking system
is it gives the student a goal to work towards. So basically the more you come to class the
faster you can actually rank and get to your next belt. Not saying just because you come
to class you’re going to get your belt but the more you come to class and learn the material
the more you’re ready for your next stripe or your next belt. if you come to class once a week it’s going
to take you a little bit longer to learn all the material needed for the next belt. If
you come two or three times a week you’ll be able to move on and progress faster than
everybody else.

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  1. It depends on the school. Mainly just white and black stay on the same area. When I was in karate it was white, white w/stripe, yellow, yellow w/stripe, orange, orange w/stripe, green, green w/stripe, blue, blue w/stripe, purple, purple w/stripe, brown, brown, w/stripe, red, red w/stripe, red w/2stripe's, pre black (black and red belt mix), pre black w/stripe, pre black w/2stripe's, black, then 2nd 3rd 4th degree and so on. Junior black belts had a super dark blue belt with their names sown in with stripes just like all black belt do.

  2. In my karate the belts go white, red, yellow stripe, yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,brown white stripe,brown,brown black stripe and black

  3. What Kinds of belts I have in my Tang Soo Do class is: White, Orange, Blue, Purple, Gree, Red, Apprentice Belt (Red/Black without any degree) 1st Deg, 2nd Deg, 3rd Deg, and last is Master belt. (Black belt with red line in middle.)

  4. wow that's weird my martial arts school has 12 belt levels and for assistant instructors you get a black belt with a stripe on it

  5. umm fred why our belt is
    white,yellow,orange,green, purple ,blue,red,3rd brown,2nd,brown,1st brown,3rd violet,2nd violet,1st violet then black

  6. the belts in karate are white,red,yellow,orange,green,blue,brown,black,black dan1,black dan2,black dan3,black dan4,black dan5,black dan6,black dan7,black dan8,black dan9 and black dan10

  7. wew…mine is class brown.2nd class brown.1st class brown.junior black.and black belts.

  8. In my karate its white yellow orange green blue purple brown then black im leveling up to yellow next week (i havent watched video yet)

  9. Karate Shukokia
    Blue Part 1
    Blue Part 2
    Brown/White Stripe
    Brown/2 White Stripe
    1st Dan (BlackBelt)
    Or If Under 16 Jr Blackbelt (Im On Jr Blackbelt)

  10. You forgot to explain karate belts. Your topic was how many belts are in karate and not Kempo , Ju jutsu and children. thank you.

  11. Taekwondo is Good than karate because the belt of the Taekwondo is white yellow blue
    red brown jr. Black for kids 1st black 2ndblack 3rd black ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?????㊙?㊗????do you now the taekwondo is the champion is the longest name tae won do
    Good ha

  12. Where is all this orange coming from?! Mines white, yellow, blue, red, purple. Green, green brown stripe, green two brow stripes, brown, brown black stripe, brown two black strips, and (jr black if not yet 16) then black and up.

  13. Judo

    Yellow w/ stripes
    Orange w/ stripes
    Green w/ stripes
    Blue w/ stripes
    Brown w/ stripes
    Jr black
    (Kids) if I did anything wrong, I’m sorry I finished Judo a long time ago.

  14. It depends on the style.
    Kyokushin karate: white, orange, blue, yellow, green, brown and black. Belts shouldn’t matter. It’s ur training that matters

  15. Mine is white yellow orange green blue purple brown1stripe brown2stripe brown3stripe then black1strip etc, i did karate for six years before I got my black belt, I was 11 years old did 3 hours a week and failed my black belt grading 3 times. Is that to easy and just being handed out?

  16. No my karate belt rank is: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown stripe 1-3 then black dan 1-10

  17. My karate system is white, yellow, orange, purple, purple/blue, blue, blue/green, green, green/brown, brown, red, red/black, novice black, black with orange, black with purple, black with blue, black with green, black with red, and the dan black belt.

  18. At my karate (shorin ryu) our belt order is: white, Orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, third brown, second brown, first brown, then 1-10 degree brown

  19. its wrong which is now belts are white ,yellow ,orange ,green ,blue ,purple ,4th brown , 3rd brown ,2nd brown ,1st brown and black

  20. In World Traditional Karate-Do Federation based on Shotokan teach't by sensei Nishiyama is: white, yellow, orange, green, 1st blue, 2nd blue, 1st brown, 2nd brown, 3rd brown, black. With a good instructor and an urgent student, get the first dan of the sea after 6-10 years and I talk about adults.

  21. Mine is white yellow orange green purple blue blue ii red red ii brown brown ii black i black ii black iii black iiii black iiiii black iiiiii black iiiiiii black iiiiiiii black iiiiiiiii black iiiiiiiiii grandmaster

  22. I live in Malaysia and I have (White, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown 4, Brown 3, Brown 2, Brown 1, Black 1, Black 2, Black 3, Black 4, Black 5.)

  23. In my karate it goes white, white-blue, white-red, red-white, red, orange-white, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, yellow-green, green, green-purple, purple, purple-white, purple-brown, brown, brown-white, brown double white, black and on to 10 Dan at my club I am brown double white and our teacher only grades you if you are really good.

  24. Mine it’s white, orange, gold, green, purple, blue, ADV blue, brown, ADV brown, red, ADV red, Black belt Canidite, and black

  25. White
    Purple 1
    Purple 2
    Brown 3
    Brown 2
    Brown 1
    Black Belt (dan1)
    Black Belt (dan2)
    Black Belt (dan10)

  26. In truth ranks are nothing but a business model. Originally, belts were white and warn in all facts of life (inside and out of the training hall). It was the dirt and filth of constant wear that changed the belt color. By the time the belt had turned black the wearer had wore it for several years meaning that through constant practice had gained a level of mastery.

  27. At mine its
    Brown 3,1

    Black 9

    Theres 3 gradings a year each with the CHANCE 2 moove up a belt and its kids so quite alot of people drop out but im on brown3,3 right now im im hoping 2 train not just until black 9 but as long as j can as it isant about the belt but the benefits.

  28. I live in Greece and its: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, 1st Brown, 2nd Brown, 3rd Brown, White and Black and Black. (Then it goes on with 1st dan 2nd dan etc.)

  29. I am a karate black belt and it is a waste of money and time. If you like karate just be a white belt and do what you enjoy. However don’t think you will be able to defend yourself effectively nor win a sanda or kickboxing tournament. In a karate sparing everyone is a crybaby and acts like a little cupcake when a decent punch is thrown. I! a tournament the rules are really strict and after a point is won both players are separated. How do you expect to win in a street fight or on a more realistic tournament when you haven’t experienced a strong roundhouse in the head, a punch in the face or a knee or an elbow? How do you expect to throw effective punches when you only fight with the thin air like a faggot? There are many more practical traditional martial arts like muai Thai, Kung fu (when you also practise kickboxing) and even jujitsu.
    Please don’t do the same mistake that I did. Plus there are black belts who can’t even do 10 fucking pull-ups! Is this for real?! Don’t do the same mistake that I did

  30. I live in Australia NSW and it's coming up to 30 years of Kumiai Ryu karate which is our style, our style is.
    (White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Brown, 4, Black White Stripe, Black. That's how our system works.
    It takes a very long time too since I was an Orange belt for about a year.

  31. our rank is 12 belt white yellow orange green green with black stripe blue blue with black stripe brown red red with 2 stripe red with black stripe black 1st dan up to 9th dan black belt

  32. Teakwon-do

    Purple stripe

    Orange stripe

    Yellow stripe

    Yellow belt

    Green stripe

    Green belt

    Blue stripe

    Blue belt

    Red stripe

    Red belt

    Black stripe

    Black belt up to 9 degree

  33. I do Jitsu in England goes white yellow orange green purple light blue dark blue brown and black I’m on my yellow belt

  34. I have: white, white belt yellow stripe, orange, red, green, purple, blue, brown, junior black belt ir how we call it brown belt black stripe, black then we have dans for black belt and it goes up to blsck belt 10 dan

  35. Back then in the 70's Kyokoshin we only have 5 belts….White training for a year then compete to be green another year brown & so on to black finally for the grand master RED!! Very few gets here….I end up my class at brown belt after 10 Yrs. walking one day pass a Karate Dojo I saw a 5 yr. old kid running wearing a RED BELT!! SHOCKING!! I said, WTF!! That's were I found out martial arts belt now comes in different colors…..

  36. When I did karate the belts were white yellow orange green blue purple brown then you would get a yellow stripe for you brown belt and a orange one then green blue then purple and the you would get three black stripes then you would get a brown and white belt then junior black belt the a senior black belt and then when you got to 6th dan you got a red and white belt and I can’t remember the rest of them

  37. I Do taekwondo this is our belt ranking system :

    – White
    – H.White
    – Yellow
    – H.Yellow
    – Green
    – H.Green
    – Blue
    – H.Blue
    – Red
    – H.Red
    – Deputy belt ( before black belt & you need 5 stars to move up to black belt )
    – Black belt

    … I’m only a blue belt , but I’m testing for H.Blue next month

  38. All these belts and never any real difference in skill levels between the colored belts.

    Its way too easy to gain the colored belts these days, they mean nothing. There should be clear distinction in skill and ability in each tier, I mean I see it all the time where lower tier guys have better technique and ability, than the higher tier guys.
    You should actually loose your belt tier if you fail to maintain the required skill level.

  39. White, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, red, black. Sometimes we dont find yellow, purple and red im some karate or Japanese martial art school.

  40. USA kenpo karate
    Orange black stripe
    Purple black stripe
    Blue black stripe
    Green black stripe
    Third brown
    Second brown
    First brown
    Jr black

  41. Belts suck when you need to do kata/poomsae and they suck even more when gradings are expensive. However, if there are no opportunities to compete then you need them- I didn't start MMA until I was violet belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu (belt 6 out of 12), orange belt in judo (4 out of 9) and blue in kickboxing (5 out of 10).

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