How Lars Andersen Speed Shoots Arrows – New Stunt Archery
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How Lars Andersen Speed Shoots Arrows – New Stunt Archery

August 16, 2019

Name changed due to demand Ok guys, welcome to our 6th lesson Gonna get more arrows in our string hand You can pre-rotate them but I’m gonna teach you the technique of not pre-rotating We first start with our index and thumb arrows, because they are the ones we are familar with, we’ve shot it, we’ve practiced So we are gonna keep doing that Right after you put it on, you want to twist it here so that you get arrow clearance If they are all jammed here, your arrows are gonna touch each other and it’s gonna be a bad idea Now I got my second shot, now remember, thumb and index your order of operation is your thumb and index first we don’t want too heavy cuz you gotta practice this all three come completely to my first so you have to rotate between the 4th and 5th finger I never shoot it because it’s so hard to shoot I shoot with the 3rd and 4th fingers mostly It seems quite complicated but when you are on the bow hand here it’s actually quite easy this rotation here is so that you get all your arrows onto your thumb and index again Because your thumb and index you have been practicing all this time Most used to The most time I spend is actually on the nocks trying to orientate that nock onto string modified nocks

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  1. just gonna give you a few heads ups 😛 lars aint using modified nocks also he does not switch out the arrows like you do on the second bundles, it's extra movements = too slow, other than that, pretty decent speed, but you might wanna learn to do it without having to look at your bow while putting on the arrows, cause you don't have time to look away from whoever is shooting you, or your target if it's moving 😛

  2. People hate on Lars or others like you because its not done perfectly, but I think if he trained someone from a young age, they could do far better. In ten years we're gonna see faster people with heavier bows doing parkour or some crazy stuff, he has paved the way.

  3. When Lars is shooting his fastest I think he is thumb drawing. And it does not look like he uses a thumb ring. @thebloodedbroadaxe Am I correct?

    With the thumb draw you should be able to use the side of your index finger to lock your arrow to the bow securely. So you can fire from any position and not have to rely on gravity to keep the arrow on the bow. Then with the arrow in between your fingers you knock it, lock it, draw, and fire without having to shuffle your arrows between your fingers and your loading position.

  4. Shooting fast is all good but shooting slowly and actually hitting the target is far more efficient. He seems to be watching how he nocks the arrow rather than aiming at t he target.

  5. Nice video man at least you are trying this out lol I am thinking of picking up a bow and trying this now, seems like a fun hobby :). 

  6. Where do I buy the Bow and Arrows that Lars Andersen or any of his followers use? I want to start training for it. Hope anyone who knows would reply…Thank you!

  7. do you understand that a hat is shaped the way it is so that you can wear it entirely on your head, not just the back of it

  8. Insanely skilled. I don't know if I could learn that style, I shoot recurve, my boy's getting one for his 14th birthday and I'm going to teach him there are no limits.

  9. how do you load up your first arrow really fast instead of modern day archery. I want to learn like the ones back then. Speed shooting. 1 by 1 practise first. Kind of like legolas.! PLEASE I REALLY NEED YOU'RE HELOP  ITS FUSTRATTING.

  10. Hold on a second – am I seriously the first person to notice that Lars (and other people emulating him) are NOT using a thumb draw? He's not using a Med draw either. He's using a PINCH draw. It's the absolute weakest and least biomechanically efficient way to pull the bow back. But it's the fastest way to nock an arrow because it combines the nocking motion and drawing motion into one.However, it just reinforces all the criticism that this is in fact NOT historically accurate, nor meant for warfare in any way. You can't pull a bow back with the pinch grip once the draw weight reaches a certain point. That's physics. It's unavoidable. There's no amount of training that will give you fingers powerful enough to pull back a warbow with a pinch grip. There's a good reason people use the Med draw. It's best compromise of accuracy and power out of all the methods. And as you can see from Lajos Kassai, you can still do it plenty fast 🙂

  11. Speed Archery would be a much more exciting Olympic event than traditional archery which is boring to watch. I can't wait for them to have schools and ranges for it.

  12. Lars Anderson is a fake. He uses camera tricks and editing to make himself look flawless. Lars Anderson is about as real as a Hollywood movie. The only way you can prove me wrong is to show me a video of lars performing infront of a live audience. I highly doubt we will ever see anything other than his edited warehouse video's.

  13. how about using ur own name when u make ur vids every time i try 2 find a tutorial by LARS ANDERSON ur face comes up. sorry but ur not lars and u dont shoot as well as he dose and,i dont think u should b using his or anybody else name when titling ur vids. i would like 2 c a tutorial from him not u when i type in LARS ANDERSON TUTORIAL not trying 2 b mean im just saying.

  14. "It´s actually very easy to shoot as fast as Lars Andersen"
    Great why don't you upload a video of you shooting 3 arrows in less than 1.5 seconds with a 100 percent accuracy rating against targets more then 10 feet away… if its so easy?

  15. Its a shame that this video comes up when you search for 'Lars Andersen technique'. He should post a video of his own explaining it, or sell a lesson DVD for that matter.
    Do you think he's really using that weird draw you invented, or using a thumb-draw like the mongols and saracens always used?

  16. What Lars is doing is trick shooting, he is very good at it, but it is not a deadly technique. With a bow as light as Lars uses you would be hurt, but no killed. it takes considerable force to punch through someones chest for a fatal shot. a 45 pound bow will punch through light leather (imitating skin) and a few inches of meat, a 30 pound bow however will go an inch maybe 2 though said target. again Lars is a fantastic archer, within the realm of trick shooting. for lethal purposes however the technique doesn't have the force behind it to kill someone with every shot, which if it takes twice the arrows to kill you aren't doing your job to its potential.

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  18. you use his technique yet still looks like retarded…..
    split an arrow please….
    or catch an arrow please
    shoot long distance please…..

    just big talk

  19. Look again at your own video.You are looking at each load of your arrow. It is like hunter turning his eyes from game to  bullet reload. No one looks at reload.So if you work and practice on blind reload you will be next Lars without creating silly new arrows.You made me laugh with your new idea how he created new arrows.I am not so fast as Lars but never look how I reload. I just do it with out even care about gap in gag of arrow.When I was kid we actually had flat back of arrows and only when I grow up I find world uses different back end of arrows.Good luck with blind loading.

  20. haters on here talking mad shit about Lars. "hes doing trick shots" well can you outdo him? if not then shhh…. if you cant beat the master just sit and be quiet.

  21. , thank you bro for showing us the historical arrow used manufactured plastic nock, you shoot almost as fast as Lars except you hit only shits

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