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August 26, 2019

Hey guys, this is Karina. And Ronald, and we’re from… Sis versus Bro. And today we’re doing our fluffy, metallic… Slime! (upbeat music) I love making slime, I’m so excited! But Karina, I have bad news for you. Remember when you kicked me out from the three marker challenge video? Well now, I’m going to kick you out from this video. No! No, no, no!
Say goodbye. Say goodbye! And here are my friends. Come on! Come on. You got the pink chair. Oh wait. Here’s Philip. And here’s Matty. And we’re going to make the best slime in the world. So we have here Elmer’s Glue.
Elmer. Shaving cream.
Shaving. (giggles)
Nice top off. And corn starch. I love corn starch. Glitter!
I don’t even know what that is.
Glitter! And what’s this? It’s activator. It seems like you’re struggling with that. Wait, argh! Don’t forget about the coloring. Food coloring! So guess who’s going to make the best one. Me. You guessed wrong. It’s me. That’s impossible!
Okay, so guys. Guys, do you know how to make slime? Probably not. Yeah. My sister actually made me do a video of it. Oh! Every time I make it, I fail. She uses like… She puts glue and then detergent and then shaving cream, and then it becomes slime. Okay, who wants the glue? Me! Matty just takes it. Glue.
Oh! ♪ Da na na na na. ♪ Oh, oh!
Needs a bit of… Mine wants to be… Not like that, like this. Like farting. (laughs) Now we’re gonna mix! (singing) I’m very close. And you aren’t as close. Okay, I stacked the, look! Guys, what are you talking about? I don’t know.
I’m roasting Matty. Okay, very nice. Honestly, I don’t know what to add from here. I fell off the chair. I think it’s cornstarch? What is corn…
Or activator? Or cornstarch? I think I need cornstarch. You need starch.
No one knows. I don’t know how much. I’m just going to put a little bit. Well, saying a little bit isn’t… Why do I always come last? Okay, give me some corn.
Here. What is cornstarch? It’s the starch of corn. No.
(giggles) Honestly, I don’t know. Because they look like… Honestly, I think I need more. So corns are starch because they’re yellow. Corn starch. See, logic. So much logic. So guys, what do you guys think? Are we doing good so far? I think so.
No. No, I’m not doing good. Wait, I need to add more cornstarch. Wait! I think I have enough. Oh my goodness, yes, yes, yes! More cornstarch in there. This is just foam right now. Wow, I’m just going to get a long starch. Mine is doing better than all of yours. Except mine. Look, it’s so yellow. My shirt!
Mine’s literally foam. Now I know how to make foam! Nice. ‘Kay, wait. Honestly, I think Matty’s going to lose. Wait, mine’s the best. I’m going to drop some activator because I want to activate it. Ooh! I’m going to drop some food coloring. Yeah, wait what if…
I don’t know if I should… Oh, I wanna… Wait, can you do multi colors? I think I need to–
Yeah add something.
Oh, let’s see. Can I have some Elmer’s Glue? Oh it’s solid.
Elmer’s Glue, you need some Elmer’s Glue? Okay. It’s not going out. Just dump it like…
That’s what I’m doing. Oh gravity. Wait, use your stick. It’s, oh. Gravity. (group laughs) This is not Einstein class. (Ronald singing) Other stick. Wait, oh no, mine’s gonna be like (mumbling) Whoa! Blue for the win, blue for the win. Blue and red for the win! This seems like jelly. Is this jelly? Come on, jelly! (giggling) Come out, jelly! Yes, the best slime in the world (mumbling) No, but if you look at mine, it’s so cool! Look at mine!
Mine is like blood. Did someone die? (giggling)
Yes. Look at Matty, look at mine. (screaming) Look at mine! Mine, blue looks so good! I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win, 100%. No But look at mine! No, wait, I need more blue, I need much more. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! This is the best slime in the world I need some activate. Mine looks the coolest. So do I just pour a little. I guess that’s enough until I need more It looks like it’s breaking. It’s turning into slime, it’s turning into slime. Never done done this before! Wait, wait, never done this before [Screams] Cheesy balls He said Chibi’s faults Wait, chibi’s faults Who’s chibi? You don’t know who chibi is, get out of the video! [Laughing] You cannot roast me, oh God! Yeah well you’re already on the grill, so we can’t anymore. Whoa My activator is just sinking inside of the slime. I need a napkin right now! Here. You’re already using your hands, I need to mix more. I think I need more glue, I think you guys put [Inaudible] I need more activator! Is it– Is it sticky? I take that as a yes! A little. I Kind of need the shaving cream. Oh wait, oh no my hands. Okay is [Inaudible] Can you pass me the shaving cream? I can’t, they’re full of slime. [Laughing] Okay, now you don’t see the logo. That’s good. [Inaudible] It’s so slippery. Wait, Wait, wait! Seriously, only a bit of shaving cream [Inaudible] I need– I need the shaving cream, give me– Oh no Oh okay, this is just so weird that its insane. [Screams] Boys make slime TV goes on. Wait but [Inaudible] Yeah I’m doing really good, what do you guys think? Shout out to my slime! Oh yeah! Okay its time to use my hands. [Screaming] No my shirt Mine’s so fluffy! I need more shaving cream Yeah, mines just more watery. This is way too watery. No but yours is better than mine. Mine is watery. I think we put too much shaving cream. I think I have too little shaving cream. I think I have to go wash my hands. I think I win the prize for the messiest. What am I supposed to do with this big fat [Inaudible] It’s a total disaster! What are we supposed to do. The bottom of mine is water So good It’s the new waterfall. Oh yes! I think I’m the best, I made the biggest mess That wins right. No, that loses. Oh! So, this is what happens when three boys Ey! I’m not a girl. Makes slime and– and they don’t know what to do! Except you you made slime– Except me! You two made slime before, I– Oh no, I got slime on my jeans. Guys, so make sure to comment down below, and say who has the best slime. And no but say I have the best slime, Because yeah I have the best slime. No you have the [Inaudible] Honestly you have the greenest slime, So this is my waterfall. It’s water, so much water! This is mine and literally the bottom is water so, So it’s a real waterfall! Okay this is mine and even more watery. Even more watery. Guys, this is a total disaster, total fail we don’t know how to make slime. Wait no wait wait! Disaster, Disaster! Alert, Alert! Here comes the ambulance. Here comes the cleaner. Wow you’re getting promoted. The most important job in the whole world. Cleaning– Cleaning off slime. Oh! Wait can somebody add glitter to mine. So weird! Mine is just like watery. Jumping up and down in slimey [Inaudible] Guys We’re just bad at making slime. Honestly Generally, we’re just bad. Guys, How did this happen? We did everything perfect but it turned out to be wrong. So guys, we hoped you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you next time goodbye! And subscribe! Okay cleans hands– [Inaudible] What the hell is this? Its not even Slime. This is weird texture. It feels like shaving cream

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