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  1. Tornadoes would be a really good reason why anyone wouldn't want to live in OK…She reminds me so much of Katie Segal from "Married With Children"

  2. Wow i love this couple. They are not annoying like most people on this show. And all of the houses are gorgeous. I’m calling them when I’m ready to buy a house lol.

  3. each their own… need porch & wood stove. granet counter ugly to me//had to mute..can not stand hear what this gal ..moving on..U know now comfortable I could live on 300 a small RV..camping allover a waste to buy house and pay taxes

  4. I really really liked that couple ❤️ .. they seemed so harmonious and at ease with each other.. about the houses.. I thought they’d pick the first one.. but all the houses were gorgeous anyway

  5. Every word out of his mouth sounds like a complaint… even when he says he likes something. I couldn't marry a man who sounds more feminine than I do either. lol

  6. why does everyone want to ruin all the beautiful wood tones and paint them white. Not me I love my wood cabinets and dislike white, to sterile for me. It would be like living in a hospital.

  7. $300k for these…
    My 45sq metre is 300grand omg and they insist corruption dont happen on my shore……..idiots.
    Why dont america accept Investor-immigrants…
    I will sell my 45sq in a heartbeat.

  8. I can't stand all these people who insist on white everything kitchens. I have a 1938 gorgeous home, kitchens has been re-done from white cabinets to black, black sink, darker granite, original hardwood flooring and stainless steel appliances, wall colors are cream and some like burnt orange. It's beautiful and with lot's of natural light it doesn't look dark at all.

  9. I like how well these two are working together. They are compromising for each other, and they also use reason.

  10. Dude, if you don't want the damn hairspray in your face, then don't be in there when she's doing it. Not difficult.

  11. "We should make a decision." "Hey, I'm ready." Three seconds later. "We should make a decision." "Hey, I'm ready." xD

  12. She's not nearly as cute as she thinks she is & her negotiations skills aren't as good as she thought either! $50,000 over budget? WTH?? She's quite the actress too, that bit @ the end was almost Oscar winning! He's such a whiner!

  13. People in McMansionland have a very messed-up idea of what style a house is. Hint: they're not ANY style. They're all soulless caverns with different facades slapped on.

  14. I'd be SHOCKED and I'm SHOCKED NOW that #3 was even shown. I believe she said something like she's "Brown sick" or something like that and then he shows her brown cabinets in the kitchen. Hmm. #2 The yard is just too HUGE for THEM (GREAT for most). It's not facing the direction they want either.
    #1 is my choice for them. Facing the right direction they want. The garages are in the front (not what she wants). Kitchen is what she wants. Budget -good. I can't remember all the rest. (I like guessing).

    Well, I was WRONG! I liked them all. I guess he'll be living with hairspray for a while! lol I think they are a GREAT COUPLE! Wish them WELL!

  15. I loved how she referred to her daughter as "our daughter" — a little thing, but it means so much in a blended family. Really sweet couple!

  16. They’re standing in a closet that echoes and she doesn’t think there’s enough room for all their clothes. Here’s an idea, punkin: HAVE FEWER CLOTHES! I get so sick of watching hoarders—because that’s what these people are—who fret over the size of closets and whether they will hold all their crap. Some people should be so lucky!

  17. I do not know your ages, but downsizing and your ages to me means one story and less house to take care of. I am sitting here cringing because I am now alone and all I want is a tiny house.

  18. Oh Pulease that MF .. complaining that the master bath vanity are too close. BULL. if he thinks he is breathing and tasting Hairspray.. then GET A DIVORCE AND DON'T HAVE A WIFE …. OR A HUSBAND! get over it. What a pathetic BULLY. smh. Drop him like a Hot Rock and get a real man. How pathetic. I've got kids that act better than that.

  19. Do women still use air spray? Wow. I am surprised she did not want a split level or ranch house – would fit right with the hair spray. The one she chose is really ugly, though. Some sort of "French country" you won't find in France ?Her husband did not get anything he wanted – suites him right for not having a spine.

  20. I don’t know why this show came into my watch list. I think people have too much house. What happened to the simple house? They’ll fill it with stuff they don’t need.

  21. Defeats the whole object of this program if they are already estate agents and they should know what’s out there

  22. So baren, no trees, just barely any specks of nature. ??? The houses are ok and are enormous for the price, they seem very affordable which is very nice.

  23. Hair Spray for straight hair??? and hubby Knows is lethal to breathe…very sad that people are NOT completely AGAINST ALL poisonous chemicals in cans, ajax, comet, virulent stink manmade perfumes that do not leave…identified scientifically chemicals disrupt body brain FUNCTIONS, SO CONTINUED, NOT VOCAL IN REPORTS ACROSS ruin body and brain functions, disorient, make sicknesses in stomach, lymph, liver, gallbladder, pancreas/all body!!! MERRYGOROUND NEEDS TO keep TREATING SYMPTOMS, NEVER THROW OUT COMPLETELY…BAN! BAN!

  24. Dang 300 grand where I am, it might get ya a decent two bedroom. Anything without bug infestation tho is gonna be like 750k

  25. A whiny wife that looks like a drag queen. I want a grand entrance to impress people. "I don't like this….." Got the home she wanted in the end – homes are a lot bigger there for the money.

  26. I think i painted your house i paint in mustang and yukon 90% rich neighborhood's like gaylord and gary owens other rich people like did the remodels for them lol if you need touch up call us

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