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Hound Review | Steam game

November 16, 2019

Hello and welcome this is HOUND an evolution and simulation engine. That was a bit of an mouthful. What you are seeing right now is the creation of a virtual organism, every black squire you see is a basic atom that makes up the development of the organism not sure what the tails are for really. The lines that make up the structure of the creature is also the network of DNA of the creature itself. This little organism along with many others is developing and being created on it’s own, without any interaction from me or input from me. Also, not sure what I did exactly but I think I killed it, oh, there you go. Right, while we look at the little embryo organism in the background let me explain what hound is. It is not a game exactly, more like a technological experiment. HOUND gameplay is simple: you start with an empty world, build your ecosystem, design your first organism and throw it into the void. Yes I did read that from the discription but let me what that means exactly. Basically, you can create your own world, your own map which you can do. Or you can start with a default one then add in an organism design it, create it, and throw it into the void. The a.i which is the littler robot flying around sometimes, gives it competition to help it evolve and… there’s the robot right now. Although it is possible to adjust and even design a custom creature, I found it hard to create one myself, so I just let nature, or rather the AI create them for me. Hound is essentially a sand box game in which life evolves and grows. Let me speedup this video so you can watch this little embryo turn into what I can only describe as a jellyfish. When an organism dies, or when you close the program, the data it has gathered throughout its life is stored away, and used again for the next creature that is created, or used for the next creature when the program is restarted. Here is the default map you start in, although you can adjust and even create your own. You have basic surface, mountain like areas, and the asteroid like things are the stars. also that thing you just saw was another creature. This robot is about to explain what these creatures are Here is me trying to modify a creature, though I have little success because I’ve no idea what does what, then again I am very new, but I was able to change the shape, a little… Although this is a single player simulation, all the data you collect will be shared to others to help create even more intelligent creatures. So, while when you first load up the program there will be little to do, due to the program still trying to grow the basics, in time the creatures will evolve faster, become stronger and help build a neural network. This is a program that does require time and patience, it requires time to grow and evolve. In time the creatures will develop legs wings and communication, whether that means communication by beeping or actual speech I assuming it could be actual speech, here is a quote from the description I received. “Our research team encourages all players to try to breed creatures that can communicate – talking is preferred – as that will help us with the scientific development of the project. “ And for now, that is what HOUND is about, neural network simulator that will eventually grow the more people run and alter it.

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