Hotel staff plays Archery Tag
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Hotel staff plays Archery Tag

August 12, 2019

I never thought I’d be at the Embassy
Suites shooting their employees with an arrow! You better turn around, buddy! Whoooah!
Hahaha! Did did you hurt your back?
No, there’s just not much cushion! I love it! No pain?
No pain! It waked me up! Try it on my sister! You don’t want to get shot, do you?
Yeah, yeah! He should shoot her! You want to shoot her? Or you shoot him! Since it was his idea, maybe you should shoot him! Alright, here’s how you do it… Hahahaha! Do you want to shoot him? No, you shoot him!
Okay, give me the bow! I got a lot of family, you know… I’m waiting for Security to walk through here… You won’t hurt him; draw it all the way back! There it is! Shoot me! C’mon! Ohhhh! Now tip the bow so that arrow stays right on there, okay? Pull back and shoot me! C’mon, pull back! Why don’t ya shoot Dad? You want me to shoot him?
Ready! Wow! You definitely need to wear a cup! Pull back! Good! Pull back hard! C’mon! Oh! What was that you were saying about a cup?

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  1. This is one of the coolest publicity stunts for an emerging sport I've ever seen…I mean I don't see much in that regard, but this is awesome! Would be pretty dang cool to have a battle in a hotel. Capturing floors to obtain higher ground and rain simulated death on the courtyard below. 😛

  2. @ArcangelZero7 Haha! Thanks! …And surprisingly enough…we're actually working on it. 🙂 Thanks for watching.

  3. @ArcangelZero7 …And if you haven't already seen it, check out the other video we shot at the hotel, off the 20th floor, down at a garbage can in the dining area. We're setting up a skills competition at the hotel this summer so everybody can give it a try. (And it's tougher than you think. Your knees get a little weak when you lean over the railing of the 20th floor…makes it hard to focus on your aim 🙂

  4. @ArcangelZero7 Oh…and by the way, as the guy behind the camera/marketing, your comment has made my day. Thanks so much for the kind words. Have a great weekend!

  5. Currently our bows and arrows are not available for retail purchase. We provide equipment to our licensed affiliates who host their own Archery Tag games in their local area. If you're a business owner or work with a non-profit organization such as a church or campground, check out archerytag . com/affiliate-information to learn more. Or if you're just looking for a place to play, you can look through our location list at archerytag . com/affiliates. Thanks!

  6. only thing i do not like in this video. no safety equipment. i know someone who has a permanent eye injury from this. its his fault for going out on the field with no protection, and this just further proves my point. even horsing around, someone could get seriously hurt. then it ruins this for every one who enjoys it.

  7. We're sorry to hear about your friend! Yes, normally we require everybody playing Archery Tag to wear a facemask. In this case, the hotel staff were being supervised by our founder and he made sure they were only shooting each other in the back. Safety is a top priority and that's part of the reason we've stopped making our equipment available for retail sale. But with certain precautions and supervision, we feel comfortable doing silly demonstrations like this. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Depends on the location/event. Sometimes we're at special events like local fairs or festivals where the organizers have sponsored our appearance and everyone gets to play for free! At other events, affiliates may charge a small fee per game or set of games. And some affiliates will even book a private Archery Tag event (for things like birthday parties) that comes with its own booking fee. Check with your local Archery Tag affiliate (our list is now at archerytag . com/locations) for more info.

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