hot wheels hunting at walmart, matchbox hunting at walmart (CRAZY FINDS) hot wheels hunting
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hot wheels hunting at walmart, matchbox hunting at walmart (CRAZY FINDS) hot wheels hunting

February 23, 2020

hey guys Diecast Direct, and today were going
hot wheels hunting at walmart. dollar twenty five usual prices, right off the bat we got
this jeep. now I did already look in their dump bin and this is what I got so far. I am going to be taking those for sure especially
this one. that is also a very nice one, the chrome roller
toaster, so looks like we are going to be getting a lot of vehicles today. thats nice too but something is very sketchy
about that right there. Im going to take this and then maybe decide
at the cash register. I am sure you guys do that too when you take
something from the store and they your just I dont know maybe ill decide at the cash register. if you do not do that probably just me, looks
like there is lots of new cars for sure. not here though, up here there are a lot of
new cars. definitely seeing some of the 2018, what case
do we got here. it looks like we got, actually hold on. we got, I dont know how to read the case. by the way guys im just not used to new cases
and especially they are printing it differently. add that to the pile, I might be broke from
today. this is a cool model, I never understanded
how it worked. you guys know comment below I would really
love to know how that one works because I am so confused as to how it works. we got the twin mill as they are reprinting
it for this year as the 50th anniversary cars are just amazing. what is this over here, no I already have
this it looks like thats all I will be taking. lets look over here, I see tons of nice models. they got the 3000 pieces worldwide camaro
edition. whats over here? thats a nice one right there, oh my goodness
I am going to have to take this one. so there is a lot of nice cars here. these are nice too right here, but I dont
know if I need them. I did a halo video too if you want to check
that out, this looks like all the cars. this wraps up the video, thanks for watching. please subscribe. it really helps me out. outro

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  1. Awesome vid dude but next one do you mind being a bit slower with the camera, it gets a bit much. Other than than ill subscribe cos it was good. Love the Roller Toaster too, thumbs up

  2. The case letter can't be read on international cards, at least to my awareness. On American cards, it's read on the back side of the package's peg hook.

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