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Hot Tech From The World Championships | GCN Tech Show Ep. 92

October 10, 2019

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week we’ve got all
the latest hot tech from the World Championships in Harrogate, as well as your upgrades
and the bike vault. Oh and, John’s back. – All right (electronic music) – Myself and John are back from the awesome World Championships
in Harrogate, Yorkshire where we spotted loads of,
well, exciting hot new tech. – Yeah, there’s also a lot
of rain there as well mate. – [Ollie] Yeah, not as
much as Lancashire though. – Ah right, yeah you’re right there. Right, something we just need
to clear up first then is that when a rider represents their nation, either for a World
Championships or Olympics, they’re very often allowed to use the equipment of their choice, or what their federation
determines they use as well. Now this doesn’t sit very
well with their trade teams, let’s face it, because
they pay their wages but sadly that’s just the situation it is. – Yes, now we’ve been on the
lookout for special little bits of nuggets of tech that they were using. First thing we spotted was
the wheel of Filippo Ganna, specifically his front wheel in the men’s individual time trial. Now, he actually used a different wheel to what we’ve seen him use before. Ganna placed third in the
men’s individual time trial, getting the bronze medal
and his front wheel appears to have nodules on it, or
tubercles, similar to that on the Zipp 454, these are designed to make the wheel more stable in crosswinds. But, that isn’t a Zipp 454. We could actually tell using
some detective work that – Your magnifying glass? – the spoke placement and the placement of those nodules as well and
the lacing pattern suggests that is in actual fact a Princeton 6065. – Yeah, or 6560 something
like that anyway but I mean we’re just guessing aren’t we but we’re pretty good as guessing. – Yeah so we think it’s that
wheel but it was unbranded. Also it was a clincher because he had a GP5000 Continental tire
on the front there. Intriguing because he had a
tubular Continental Pro Ltd on his disk wheel on the back. – Correct, now not many
people out there actually make a tubeless disk wheel yet do
they, so that’s one reason. I have heard of a few
being in development. Now, with this he wasn’t
the only Team INEOS rider who was using one of those front wheels. Although, yeah I know they’re
not riding for Team INEOS at the time but a rider
that was using one: Eddie Dunbar, of Ireland. He was also using one, as was Dylan van Baarle of the Netherlands and also Jonathan Castroviejo, named after me, well first
name, he was also using one. Interesting story as well about Castro, he was out for a little ride,
I think it was on the Thursday I say a little ride, six hour ride, and he was spotted midway through that (laughs) midway through that ride stopping off for a pizza
before getting back on and still had another four hours to go. – Yorkshire is known for its pizza. – One of the finest pizzas I’ve
every had was in Harrogate. – Yeah, not Penistone? – No
– Anyway, the fact that four Team INEOS riders were all using this same set up with this very distinctive front wheel is quite intriguing and suggest
that they know something, or the team knows something,
that we don’t know yet. – Although there was one
rider who rides for INEOS who wasn’t using it and
that was Vasil Kiryienka. – Yeah, but he hasn’t been
racing this season much, he’s been injured, so he’s
been a bit out of the fold so you know, maybe that explains that. – Right so Dowsett, instead of using his traditional Zipp front wheel,
he opted for a tri-spoke so probably something
from HED looking at it and also didn’t use his
team aero helmet either. Instead that looks to me like one of the Team GB UK Sport Institute
helmets that of course they drag out for the Olympics
because they’ve developed that one with the Secret Squirrel Club. And what about his feet then Ollie, I know you’re into
shoes, what about those? – Well they’re very bling
looking carbon one piece shoes aren’t they, look very
smooth and aerodynamic. Very similar to the ones that
we saw the GB pursuit riders using in the Rio Olympic
Games as well on the track. – I think they could well be from a brand called Simmons Racing,
or something like that, in the US but I wouldn’t mind
getting my hands on a pair, or feet, on a pair of them really. – Yeah, they’re quite nice. Another modification that we saw on a few different rider’s bikes, but notably on Victor Campenaerts’ was the use of a Continental
Clincher front tire. So Campenaerts is normally
sponsored by Vittoria when he’s riding for Lotto Soudal. But, in this instance he was
using a GP4000 front tire. Now we speculate that
him and the other riders who were doing this we doing
for a very specific reason, and it’s believed that the
tread pattern on a GP4000, and the GP5000, serendipitously, it wasn’t designed to do this
but just happens to do it, actually trip the airflow on
the wheel of the leading edge meaning that it becomes
turbulent and is therefore better at sticking to the wheel rim. – It’s amazing. – This is something that’s been tested in wind tunnels independently
and it doesn’t come from Continental but it’s a thing. – The lengths some people go
to, but hey if you’re winning by a fraction of a second
every little bit counts. Now Campenaerts himself
is really into his tech and he’s very superstitious too. I’ve heard that he doesn’t
want people to wash his bike, things like that, he wants
to do it all himself. And he also has to have
his own little tool kit that travels with his bike
when he races for Lotto Soudal. He’s a guy that we should
try and get on the Tech Show. Imagine that! So if you’re watching mate get in tou-, well of course he’s watching, get in touch (Laughs) Rohan Dennis then, a rider
who knows a thing or two about time trials I
think it’s safe to say. – (Laughs) Yeah – He’s also been in the
media quite a bit since the Tour De France where
he mysteriously disappeared but well, he just retired
from the actual tour. Now he was using a unbranded
bike during time trial champs and also Kask helmet,
so he wasn’t using his Merida Time Warp, Time Warp isn’t it? – [Ollie] Yep – Yep, or his Rudy Project helmet, instead he was using that Kask helmet. Now I’m pretty sure the
Australian Federation is sponsored by Kask too. That bike was also
pretty much blinged out; CeramicSpeed, oversized
pulley wheel system, custom carbon extensions, all of that. Then when he raced in
the road race he used a branded BMC bike and also a Giro helmet. So he’s gone against all
of his trade team’s kit, I guess you could say. Although it didn’t really
do him any favors I guess. – Well it did he won the World’s. – [John] Well yeah but
also hasn’t got a team. – Yeah, yet but I’m sure someone will snap up the World Champion. It’s a great advert for
BMC and unfortunately a terrible advert of Merida. I think that it’s a bit
harsh to be honest because the differences between time trial frames, the aerodynamic differences when they’ve been measured independently,
is splitting hairs. The top time trial frames, there’s very little in between them. What makes more difference
is other components so; wheels, the skinsuit
you’re wearing, helmet. Those things make far more
difference than the frame. – I guess someone like
Rohan, he might be quite slow to be able to accept moving
onto a different bike or something like that,
because remember cycling is such a mental thing as well. Although, you know, he is
incredibly strong mentally. Anyone who can ride a time
trial like that has to be. His fellow country, country-person
Amanda Spratt as well, she had customized her time
trial bike too hadn’t she? With a special front brake. – Yeah, she had a TriRig
Omni front brake on there and a few other riders had this as well. If you look through the footage
you might be able to spot them on a few different
riders, both male and female. And, this is basically a
caliper brake that goes on the front of the bike that
is a bit more aerodynamic than a standard Campag,
SRAM or Shimano front brake. It’s got kind of a fairing built onto it. It’s said to save one, two
watts or so but why not? – [John] It’s like the old
Campagnolo Delta isn’t it? Very, very similar in
style and design to that. – I was also intrigued
by a couple of items being worn by Brendan
McNulty who was representing USA and came third in the
Men’s Under-23 time trial. Now he was wearing things
that I’d not seen before. Firstly, this Assos skinsuit
you can see by the seams across the shoulders and also the
texture on the pattern, that appears to be a new
kind of speedsuit from Assos. And also the helmet which
appears to be a new Bell helmet. It’s not the Javelin, which
is their current TT helmet. As of yet unreleased, it looks narrower, doesn’t have the vents
on the top and no visor. I want both of those things. – I do like a nice helmet. Right, moving on then let’s
look at the podiums of both the men’s and women’s road race because the women’s road race, that
was two to one in favor of the good, old fashioned rim brake. And the men’s race the following day, well that was 100% disk. – Yeah, all disk brakes
on the men’s podium? – We wouldn’t, do you know
what, three years ago, two years, probably even a
year ago we wouldn’t have said that would have happened. – Yeah, make of that what
you will but I have to say had I been racing on Sunday,
I would have totally picked a disk brake bike, wouldn’t you? – Yeah, oh definitely yeah. – I mean look at the weather. – The weather was awful, awful. (Dramatic music) – Finally then we do
have a little bit of tech because Belgian company
Lazer have released their lightest helmet yet. Now it’s called the Genesis
and they used to make a helmet called the Genesis anyway,
or in the USA and Canada they’re going to call it the G1. – G – Yeah, I like what you did there. Now it’s going to I guess
replace the Z1, which is the top of the range helmet currently and it comes in at just
189 grams in size small, which is a pretty light weight helmet. Option as well of a MIPS system
and they also launched in on the day of I think the women’s road race because I saw a few riders
who are contracted normally to wear a Lazer helmet and I
saw them wearing something new and I had to wait until
I read the press release. It’s great to see things
like this coming out, especially for the World Champs. – Yeah, absolutely. – More tech, next week. (Mechanical drill) (Cha-ching) – Right, it’s now time for
the part of the show called ‘Screw Riding Up Grade, Buy
Upgrades’, where you submit before and after photos,
videos, cave paintings we’ve still not had one
of those yet have we? – Yes, we haven’t – Fred Flintstone obviously
doesn’t watch the show. He does, he watches is
with Victor Campenaerts. – Oh yeah, you’re right. So anyway, if you’ve upgraded your bikes or anything to do with
it make sure you use the uploader tool found below
and you could be in with a chance of winning the ultimate GCN CamelBak Eddy water bottle. What is not good about that? Nothing at all. Ollie, I wasn’t here last week, I wasn’t here the week before, and I don’t think I was here
the week before that was I? So, well we’ve got some
winners to announce surely? – Yes, last week was a battle
between Chris and Michalis – Where’s he from? – Italy – Obviously – Yeah and the winner is
Michalis who actually, well comprehensively won 70% of the vote. – Blimey – Yes, bottle’s in the
post to the San Luca climb, where Michalis lives. – Oh right okay, so this
week first up is Matthias, or Matthias, from the
achy prefecture in Japan. Probably said all that wrong. – You nailed it. – Yep, I’m sure I did. Now Matthias overhauled
his friend Hideyuki’s classic steel mini velo Gios Antico. Now, mini velo bikes are
really popular in Japan. Pretty strange to look
at, I mean let’s face it but they offer a practicality
due to their small wheels. Most obvious change is
Matthias swapped out the drop bars to bull
horns, which they love. The dream was to replace
every rusted component but sadly didn’t have enough
money to actually do that. So did the best with the cash they had, including a gold chain for the first time that Matthias says looks gorgeous
with the black chain set. So there it is there, with
the old drop handle bars. – That’s weird – Look where the little gear levers are on the head tube, how cute! Aww Matthias. – It does look like a really fun bike. I’ve never ridden a mini
velo but they look like a really fun bike to nip around on. – It reminds me of once
seeing Shaquille O’Neil, him of basketball fame, he had
a custom made mountain bike by Cannondale made for him
and it looked like that, but those were 26 inch wheels
instead of 20 inch wheels. Anyway (laughs) yeah, it
was absolutely massive, we’ll try and get a picture on screen. Right, there’s the old drop handlebars. – That bar tap job, what a
great job with the bar tape. – Nice isn’t it.
– Yeah – Put some black calipers on there too – Ah some new brakes, new breaks
are always a great upgrade. – And it just looks good
now with that gold chain. – Smartened it up, the wheels
are really shiny as well. Flats, they’re much better
than those clip in pedals. – Yeah, those toe clip, plastic-y toe clip rubbish you had on before – They’re always hard to get in. – Or your friend Hideyuki. That gold chain, that
looks, that looks a million I mean the old rear mech
looks a little bit rusty. Looks like you’ve dropped it. – Need to get a bit of a, a
bit of wet and dry on that. – Yeah, just try and
buff it out a little bit. – Yeah, a new chain set, that’s
real that’s really smart. That’s a really fun bike. I’d quite like to have a go on that. – If I go back out to Japan
shall I try and get one? – Yeah, yeah – Imagine riding it, that would be so fun. Did you see any? I was a few at Eurobike, did you see any? – I wasn’t on the lookout for them. – I’m always on the
lookout for a mini velo. Right okay, so who is
Matthias up against this week? – Well, (imitating Southern
US accent) he’s up against Jeff Duluth from Minnesota, US of A. After seeing all the rad, (returning to British accent)
well Minnesota’s not even in the South is it? – I don’t know, it’s just in America, it’s a big place it’s a big place. – (imitating Souther US
accent) Well, he says “after seeing all the
rad adventure bikes on the channel over the years
and having access to miles of amazing gravel and fire
roads in his back yard, Jeff decided that he
needed an adventure bike”. (Returning to British
accent) Rather than investing thousands into a new bike,
adventure riding would come from bits and pieces
Jeff had lying around, mixed with the new components as needed. He got his old Specialized
Hardrock from Craigslist for $70. Stripped it down, cleaned
it up, touched up the nicks and dings and scratches in the paintwork. Now, once the frame was looking spotless, banged in a new bottom
bracket, 105 Groupset, which I had from other builds,
and some Shimano V-Brakes, new rims, seat post, bar
tape, saddle, mudguard, whoa check this out. – Basically Jeff you’ve put
everything on it new mate, a bit like what I would do on
one of these things, good work – He’s got a 20kg mountain
bike and turned it into a 12kg adventure bike look at that. – That’s it before – Whoa, do you know what
that mudguard looks mint and those tan sidewall
tires look really smart. – Yeah, I think that’s one of those new arse-savers, isn’t it? that attaches on with
Velcro, I could be mistaken. – Yeah – But it looks really, do you know what the best thing about that bike is? It’s just the fact it looks brand new. That frame. – That doesn’t look, yeah – It doesn’t look like 30 years old. – Up cycled, it’s great. – I love the color of
those decals, the Hardrock – And it’s just the simplicity of matching the black 105 Groupset
with the black saddle, the black bars, stem, seat post – Black rims, black spokes. – It’s just kind of just, yes. – He’s done a real good job on that. – Big fan of that. – Yeah, I dunno I like both of them, I like both. I like a mini velo, it’s got to be said. I like a mini velo. – You decide, vote – You lot – Up there
– Top right hand corner (Dramatic music) (Relaxing music) – I tell you what mate,
it’s good to be back because I can finally ring the bell again. Although, I’ve had a little look around and where have you hidden it, come on? – I’ve not, I just left it here I don’t know what’s happened
to it, it was here I dunno. – Well I don’t know, well good job it is I’ve got an app instead. Right, so if you’re unaware
what the bike vault is, it’s where you submit
pictures of your pride and joy using the upload tool and
we get to rate the bikes either nice, or super nice
and well if you get super nice you go into that bike vault. So get involved using that uploader. Right, first one this
week comes in from Seb who is on the steps of the
European Parliament in Brussels and this is Seb’s Merckx MX Leader, a beautiful bike actually. I think that’s one of the stiffest bikes that Merckx’s ever built, – [Ollie] Is it?
– [John] Back in the day. Yeah, pretty sure that
Merckx went to Columbus and they actually had to
develop a new tube set and that’s how it got there. – [Ollie] Well I like his Shimals, I mean he’s not quite lined them up but they’re looking very shiny and clean. He’s looked after that bike, I
like the bright red bar tape. Crank, it’s kind of in the
2-o’clock position rather than 3 but kind of still looks nice. Not quite Biggie Smalls, Biggie medium. – [John] And it looks to be a
pair of old mountain bike SPDs put on there Seb, naughty. – [Ollie] How does he drink,
he’s got no bottle cage? – [John] You don’t drink
when you’re in Brussels mate. You just ride around – [Ollie] Probably – [John] Dunno, but I
mean there’s a lot of sort of, oversights on it but do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to do it. (siren) He’s not been arrested,
that’s this weeks bell. Now he’s not been arrested,
but he’s just got in the bike vault, that’s a super nice. – Right, well – Got to find that bell – Next up we have got
(Liverpudlian accent) Stuart from Liverpool, in the United Kingdom. – Yeah, that’s my football team as well, just done them now service
whatsoever by doing that. – (Liverpudlian accent)
S’alright mate, I’ll get you a ticket for the Cup Final, anyhow. – Right what’s Stuart got then? – He’s got his, well his
Cannondale CAADX 105, so a cyclo-cross bike. It’s in his kitchen, next
to his fridge with his I mean he’s trying to get
in the bike vault with his fridge magnets. – [John] Stuart, oh Stuart
you’ve got a way with words and artistry tonight. – [Ollie] Also, intriguing
beverage choice. – [John] Is that Pepsi? – [Ollie] He’s got a Pepsi
in the front bottle cage, that’s going to rattle
round a lot I think. That’s not optimal for that
particular kind of cage. – [John] It’s not, no you’re
right there Ollie although, there’s something just quite
romantic (romantic music) about those magnetic
letters on the fridge. I think Stuart’s done wonders with that. – [Ollie] I mean, he’s done 3-o’clock, he’s sort of done Biggie Smalls, he’s tried, he’s tried with
the valves, he’s done his best. He wasn’t capable of quite getting that front one to be perfect, but he’s tried, and we love a try-er. – Yeah, we love a try-er,
absolutely love a try-er. – What are we saying? – Well, do you know what? I’m going to say super nice (siren) – Right, okay next up we’ve got Pavel. – [John] Yeah, from
Eastleigh in Hampshire, very clean looking photo as
well, good depth of field. Obviously watched our video. It’s his Giant TCR
Advanced Pro, I like that. – I like his stick he’s
used on the rear of the bike to prop it up in a sneaky way. – Right so we’re looking,
we’ve got Biggie Smalls. Sorry I’m just trying to get side, I wasn’t getting really
close, I was just trying to get nice side onto it. (laughs) We’ve got Biggie Smalls, near enough. The valves, the rear one is not quite in the right place is it, if you look? I mean we are nit picking. – [Ollie] Yeah, I think he’s tried and his tire logos are nicely matched up. – [John] The crank is
kind of 2:55 isn’t it? Rather than 3, but it’s still
a really good photo, that. – [Ollie] He’s done a good job
and that’s a very smart bike and he’s removed his
accessories and appendages. – [John] Yeah, and the fact
it’s just on the joint of the concrete and the
grass, I do like that. – [Ollie] Yeah, I think it’s
a strong week this week. – Very strong, so strong. – I think that’s a super nice (Siren) – You’re in the vault, right
who’s up – oh look at this! – [Ollie] We’ve got Arkash
from Chennai in India with his Cannondale Synapse 2017. Synapse is the English
pronunciation of that word, synapse is the American. What are we saying, I mean? – Well that, what I’m saying Ollie is that’s where I’ve been
for the last few weeks, on that desert island,
or what looks like it. – Oh is that where you were? – Yeah, well I understood that you’d nicknamed me Wilson in the office, after, believe it’s
Castaway staring Tom Hanks. – Yes, I had a beach ball
with your face painted on it. – Well luckily it was a
beach ball and nothing else. – I quite like that, its – [John] I just like it. – [Ollie] It looks a bit
dirty though, his chain. I mean I can see the dirt from here. – [John] Well yeah and we don’t really advise riding on sand do we? – [Ollie] No I mean that’s one of the things that’s going to
ruin your bike isn’t it? – [John] It’s one of the mistakes – [Ollie] I mean, yes
but do you know what? I thought India was sunnier than that. – [John] I did as well. – That looks like Hartlepool. – I’ve never been to Hartlepool or India so I couldn’t comment. (laughs) I know which one I’d rather
do to: India, definitely. Big cricket scene out there. – I think its an, I
think that one’s a nice – I think that’s a nice,
yeah, because I think you could have waited just
for one of those perfect days. – Next up we’ve got
Andrew who’s in Hong Kong. – [John] That is a lovely
Ca.. Ca.., that Ca… Ca.. – [Ollie] Cathay Pacific, actually well a Cathay Pacific livery of a Boeing 777-300, of course launched in
1995 at the Paris Airshow. Fantastic airframe that,
Rolls Royce Trent 884B engines for the power plant there each
supplying 85,000lb of thrust. – Correct – It’s an absolutely superb aircraft. Maximum take off weight 263,000kg. – It’s no lightweight that – It isn’t, a seating
capacity of 398 passengers, 20 crew of course there and
there’s a maximum altitude of over 43,000ft and cruising speed, yeah maximum speed of 597mph
at a range of 6,937 miles. – How do you know these things? – Its just, I mean,
doesn’t everyone know that? – You’re just a fountain of knowledge – It’s an incredible airplane – Although I must say actually, some of those aircraft actually had increased seating over there but that is correct for that
particular plane, yeah. Because he’s actually
the pilot of that plane (laughs) true story. – Super nice Boeing. – Yeah, super nice (siren) Next week, more bike vault. There we go, another one done and dusted, another one in the bag
as Doddy likes to say. – Yeah it’s the end of the show. We hope you’ve enjoyed
it, and if you do enjoy our content then please support
the channel by subscribing, clicking the bell icon
if you haven’t already and you can also head to the GCN… – Whoa, whoa whoa where is that bell? – I don’t know – Oh, you mean the other bell? – I will find, I’m sure
it will turn up mate. – Yeah, I’m sure it will. Yeah, so head on over to we’ve got all types of
goodies for you to check out haven’t we including the red
jumper that Ollie’s wearing and the navy one… – No I’m wearing the navy one. – No, your color blind
you ain’t got a clue. So anyway join us next week
where we’ll have more fun and laughter and some tech too.

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  26. GCN guys, thanks for a great show. However you need to explain one thing regarding the bike vault pictures. Why do you want the rear derailleur to be on lowest sprocket? I have always found that a rear derailleur look much more aesthetic when its set in a position where the parallelogram is parallel to the centerline of the bike, usually somewhere in the middle of the cluster. Thanks!

  27. Did anyone else notice the Pepsi Perfect bottle from Back To The Futre pt.2 in Stuart's Cannondale from Liverpool. Into to bike vault for that alone.

  28. Ollie your Minnesota accent is hilarious(ly wrong). Actually one of the more distinctive American accents… and tell Jon that Minnesota is in the upper midwest, bordering Canada!

  29. Is that why Victor Campenaerts has so many mechanicals for TT this year? Perhaps he should let the mechanics do their work?

  30. Jon, we need to work on your pizza opinions. Come out to Chicago, maybe do a tech/mech demo at our Rapha shop, and after I'll help you fine some fine pizza.

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