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Home Alone with my Dog at the Log Cabin, ASMR Tapping Trees, Off Grid Refrigeration

August 11, 2019

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] are you sleeping tonight or there [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] everybody Shawn James here from my self-reliance thanks for watching that video if you’re new to my channel then you might not know that this is the typical format of how they’re structured so at the end of every video what I like to do is just talk about what’s on my mind that week get something off my chest I’ve had some interesting things happen over the last couple of weeks some of it not so positive some of it fairly positive so George Takei shared one of my videos that actually a compilation of the time-lapse video or a rendering that they did at the time lapse video shared on on his Facebook page and here I’m weak and here we are a week later and it has 40 something million views on it DIY crafts did the same thing a month and a half ago and that has 40 million and a bunch of other big pages have shared it as well so the views are over 100 million so that’s nice that everybody’s watching me around the world build this cabin and the comments are kind of varied and coming from different perspectives I guess is the main thing that you know somebody in India or Thailand or Saudi Arabia or someone like that watching me build this cabin doesn’t have the same perspective that we would have here in North American especially Canada where we have an abundance of trees so some of the questions are the criticisms I’m dealing with there are tree related for example how many trees I’m cutting down and how bad I am a person for doing that if you’re one of the people thinking that way just please watch this video up here of a link here and I’ll put a link in the description below as well so one of the things that I thought was interesting this week was the number of comments I’ve gotten from people of course all around the world saying that that’s their dream as well to build a log cabin and/or build any kind of cabin or an off-grid house or something and the question makes me ask myself and ask other people is is it the cabin that you’re looking forward to the cabin that you dream of building or is it the lifestyle that you envision that goes along with the cabin in the woods I think for most people including for myself it’s it’s not so much the physical building of that log cabin it’s the romantic thought of the lifestyle around that log cabin such as sitting on the porch and sipping iced tea and and just listening to nature and so on and that is a big part of it as well but there’s more to it of course and you know a simple lifestyle is hard work and there’s things that you have to sacrifice there’s quite a number of sacrifices that you have to make in order to live that simple life but I think what happens to most people on including what happens to me is that that destination is not really what we’re after we’re not really after a log cabin we’re after a process of simplification and distressing and the cabin is that but once you attain that cabin then what once I build this cabin then what I know when I built my first cabin when I was 21 and moved into it I know the thought process at the time was okay not only do I have to find some way to pay for that cabin now there are that lifestyle that’s seeing a lifestyle that I was living back then that kind of forced me out of the woods and and into a traditional job or typical job and life but also I think being that age I was restless and that was not going to tie me down or hold me down and hold me back from getting out there and exploring life and in experiencing new things and I feel the same way today I’m building this cabin the cabin is almost done I have the rest of the wilderness homestead to to build but that’s not the endgame I don’t know if I’m ever going to be the type just to settle back and say okay I’ve accomplished this now I’m done and I’m just gonna sit back and relax and enjoy it now it’s the process it’s that horizon that never gets closer you know when you’re on a boat or even walking and you’re looking at that horizon especially in a boat where there’s infinite horizon with the you know just water if there’s no land in sight you never really reach it you just it just keeps moving away from you and that’s what fulfilment is for most people including me that you’re never fully fulfilled so the thought of just building this log cabin and then I’m going to be fulfilled and therefore I’m content to not do anything else for the rest of my life is just not going to ever be true so what’s my point what’s the message I’m trying to convey here well basically you need to enjoy the process you need to enjoy every step of the of the way you need the journey to be what inspires you not that destination because I’m sure like me you’re gonna get to that destination say okay now what this is not what I envisioned or it’s not it’s not enough now I want to build build a bigger cabin or build on to this cabin her build under this property and add new things and of course that’s what I am doing here but in the meantime I’ve been having a heck of a time so one of these main questions I get besides or comments besides I want to build a cabin is how long did it take you and to me that question is kind of like the question how long is a string and of course the answer is depends out along the string is now for me you know how long did it take to build the cabin well the cabins not done and every time I’m working on the cabin I’m not really thinking I’m almost done what I’m thinking is I’m almost done this thing that I’m working on and then I move on to that next thing but trying to stay focused on the here and now on the current project is what I’ve tried to do as much as possible without reaching for that end game without reaching for that final destination where I think the cabins finished and therefore I’m done I want everything I do every single day that I wake up to be that that destination that reach that destination at the end of every day because I did something fulfilling I didn’t have to complete some major project complete the cabin or to be feel fulfilled and of course is a lot always a lot to do there’s always things to add on to I get the questions asked are you satisfied with this are you satisfied with that or why did you do it that way that’s going to fail you know what I’ll be changing this thing forever I’m sure for the rest of my life will be making modifications to it improvements fixing things that that went wrong are going to go wrong and that’s just life that’s the journey it’s not the destination I’m not building this cabin for somebody else to hand it over like like a client if I was a contractor this is mine this is my thing that organically I’m going to continue to manipulate and continue to to add on and and change and evolve it’s going to evolve with me so if you are one of the people asking how long this cabin took I still don’t have the answer for you I’ve been meaning to pull up my files my folders from my from my video footage and just count the days that I’ve worked on the cabin but like I said it’s a process this is not a construction project for me it’s it’s not like I get up in the morning and I you know clock in at 8 o’clock and clock out at 5 o’clock and put that many hours in every day I just live life I’m doing other things I’m picking away at the cabin um but I’m you know spending time with my family I’m doing all the things that I love to do in the outdoors and and just living life as well as building the cabin I’m going to enjoy the journey I’m not going to focus on the destination and I’m hopefully going to be fulfilled by that journey and not remain forever unfulfilled because I never reached that destination to those who watch my videos every week I really appreciate it if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe comment if you have and I do read most of the comments and you know I try to get back to people when I can I’m going to sign off now next week when you come up here to see me at the cabin and I should have some maple syrup made and probably gonna have the kitchen and done as well so I hope you tune in to the future videos and either way thanks for watching this one look forward to seeing up the cabin again next week take care

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  1. I live in South Africa, what I see here is you are building a little piece of heaven, food to restore your soul, such peacefulness around you is hard fought for all over the world, to keep that peacefulness is hard work. I am really amazed when watching these videos, thank you

  2. Die "My Self Reliance" ist eine ziemliche Bluff-Serie. Er tut so als würde er in der Wildnis leben, hat aber alles, was er braucht aus der zivilisierten Welt, bis hin zum modernen Solar Modul.
    Nehme an , dass er all seine Sachen in einer nahe gelegenen Stadt einkauft. Wahrscheinlich besitzt er auch ein Auto welches er im Video versteckt.
    Und er fährt wahrscheinlich ab und zu nach Hause zu seiner Frau um seine Kleidung in ihrer Waschmaschine waschen zu lassen. Das Video zeigt kein echtes Leben in der Wildnis. Er tut nur so.

  3. Hi Shawn,It's really "zen and the art of doing"!Love all that you are doing.
    I think we can all reach fulfillment by doing our best at what gives' us peace and prosperity!
    You have definitely tapped into a deep longing in everyone's soul!You have also shown that when we live apart from society,for long periods' of time,we become tuned into the "Cosmic Divine"! Take Care and keep up the great work! : )

  4. You should live life like you listen to music, not like how you go on a journey.

    Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

  5. u r not bad for using trees ,I think some people wish they could do what u do,,keep going and don't lisson to somepeople,i live in Australia we have more heat and not cold

  6. I have always loved log cabins, for as long as I can remember but I dont know where that came from, so I am absolutely loving watching your vlogs. I only recently found you on youtube so I have been watching quite a few and im on season 2!. I was going to ask if your dream goal was to sell you home in the city and move permanently to the cabin but it sounds more like you will have it as an alternative living home sharing your life between the two places. It is amazing what you have accompliced already and I find the vlogs so relaxing to watch – thank you x

  7. Satisfaction through the process of the journey… awesome. Finding the same here. Building an ammo can stove, a step on my journey. Satisfying to create, bit by bit.

  8. I found your videos! And I love them my man, I watch the videos from Mexico. Keep up the excelent work, by the way I love your dog.

  9. If you were asked this before please indulge me. When you venture from the cabin as in S2 E6 you do not seemed to be armed. No worries?

  10. I´m a German and I live here too. I like your movies and I comment these and say that we can´t build and live so in my mothercountry. My country Germany is too small and we have here more inhabitants as by you in Canada. But I like your life and will say on this position "you have an wonderfull live and you are an very good worker in all arts of life. Go on – I observe you! Thanks for the good movies
    Lothar Klotz

  11. Sir: You have a lot of carpentry skills , wilderness intelligence etc. You have done what thousands of others wish they could do. I understand your comments about not finishing your reliance. There is always another project to do to work toward your goal. Some people don't comprehend cutting some trees to build a cabin and all the associated components needed. I had always wanted to do what you have done but …..! I had a permeant camper on a site in the timber that I and the wife were always doing a project, fixing up the area, changing whatever. 4 years we enjoyed the quiet, animals, freedom from the city. Due to health reasons we had to sell everything but at least we had 4 yrs. Keep going and never give up. Rick.

  12. Cali loves you for being outside and always doing something where she can run around, getting attention from time to time. Great Shawn. Thank you and Merry Christmas from Munich, Germany. Have a great 2019!

  13. Thank you for blessing me with your cabin, cooking and most of all Cali.
    My bucket list is to visit one day the cabin, bath house, your cooking and to play with Cali. Lost my Honey June 2017.

  14. You need to see a doctor for your cough. Plus you need a battery operated thingabob to put those screws into the whatever you are working on.

  15. Love your vidio, love your comments. This is what my soul always want to do. Only positive outcome from all your vidios. 🙂

  16. Смотрю все серии от начала до конца. Здорово! С уважением, из Сибири.

  17. that's correct…to veer away from the mold…to be away fom it all to destress an just do what you really practically need…away from the hustle & bustle…just take a moment and take a breather…in a romantic log cabin…thanks much we've built one for us…maybe in the nearest future..

  18. it's like it's my journey…what's yours??? i just take it a day at a rime…doing things whay i wanted to do at least i strted my own..isn't right pal


  20. Hola te miramos desde Neuquén, pais ARGENTINA. Sos un genio total!!! Soñamos con tener un perro como el tuyo. Saludos.

  21. I love watch your videos, that's so amazing and your dogs are so cutes, so +1 subscriber +1 like + 1 comment ! Good luck !

  22. From Saudi Arabia,
    Amazing life style, I love it and love what you are doing, just continue to build that place and enjoy that life style

  23. Methuselah…I read the comments..well they are amusing some of them..but one in particular raised a smile..you are deemed wise considering your age…47….If one was not wiser by then you are for certain never going to learn…this is my second time watching it all…took me a week..look forward to all future builds etc…love watching people work instead of me…

  24. FYI they do make side wing warming shelves for that Vermont Castings stove and glove hangers that go in the shelf. Great for extra warming space and to dry out hats and gloves. I had the Resolute Acclaim model for 30 yrs till it burned itself out. Now it's a Jotul Oslo

  25. Came across your videos and thought of myself building a cabin in the woods that I bought 9 years ago. The things that you have said like to enjoy life and you will never be finished. That is all apart of it. Enjoy the beauty of the woods and wildlife. I live in a major city for my job and family. Everytime I'm at the cabin with family or friends there is always something to do. I don't think of it as work but a great feeling that I did it. The visions of the place that I've done and to sit back a think of all the planning and accomplishments that have been made. Like you said it does something to you and it brings a tear to your eyes. I know that feeling. Thanks for some ideas you did with your place that I can do with mine. Love your dog, mine are always with me also. Enjoy your place and I know I will enjoy mine. Thanks for letting me come across your videos they were awesome. I need to get back to my place next week to enjoy mine. Thanks

  26. Hi, very sorry to ask, what was the hole in the ground with the concrete covered shuttering at the rear of the cabin for, my thought is that it is for food storage?
    Fantastic stuff man- Mike in the UK.

  27. Ok you just upped the game with Cariboo curtains, efficient for what curtains are really for (heat in / Sun out) and +10 on the cool factor. Beats the heck out of my old wool Military surplus blankets I use at my cabin.

  28. Wished we could do this. Its really refreshing watching how lucky you are.
    Work is over rated, money is over rated. The steady stress, rush of life and worries is over rated. Your videos bring me joy. As I m often sick like today. So i watch your shows.

  29. You're a very nice person sir!, also it's my dream too to have that kinda lifestyle, i hope i get the chance to make my dream come true.

  30. I wish I could live like this, without people around me! That delicious food he is cooking for himself, amazing!

  31. Greetings from Germany great video very inspiring, I could imagine so easy to live with the harmony of nature free from everyday stress continue to make such videos sorry for my bad english 🙂

  32. How did you get the pit for the out house big enough? I'm not sure if I saw that part I'm trying to catch up on your videos

  33. Dia de passeio é uma das coisas que Cali e James adoram e precisamente hoje eles disfrutam desse momento tão especial.
    Cali corre, salta, e come o gelo que se forma na paisagem. James disfruta ver a felicidade de Cali e lança várias vezes a garafinha laranja pra ele buscar porém não podem ficar muito tempo distanciados da cabana porque o frio é dominante e perigoso. Pegar um resfriado nao e fácil de curar em essa época, principalmente para quem trabalha ao ar livre.
    Antes de se retirarem, James corta blocos de gelo e no seu trenó os transporta perto da cabana com birutas de madeira, deixando registrado que no futuro ali será construída uma casa de gelo.
    Voltando para o interior da cabana, o fogo é acendido e o preparo da comida também é realizado.
    Um cozido de verduras é deixado na estufa e fatias de pão caseiro é cortado para acompanhar o menu.
    O dever fora chama James e ele não perde tempo de arrumar a porta do quarto de banho.
    Cali presencia e anda de um lado a outro seguindo os passos de James.
    As horas passam e o frio convida a James para se retirar e ir ao interior da cabana. Lá ele como sempre utiliza seus dotes culinários para recompensar o duro trabalho lá fora.
    James está resfriado e necessita comer alimentos bastante nutritivos para fortificar o seu organismo e criar maior resistência e defesas. Ele não tem preguiça e nem se dá por vencido apesar de que talvez necessite tomar um medicamento para ajudar a curar mais rápido.
    Difícil não admirar as labores e as habilidades de James pois ele sempre em todos seus vídeos demonstra o valor que tem.
    Hoje depois de se alimentar, sai e perfora os pinos de Long Cabin, colocando os coletores da água com essência para preparar o famoso e delicioso xarope de maple que é usado nas panquecas, e doces da cozinha canadense.
    No final do vídeo as instruções e explicações são transmitidas ao seu público expectador.
    James Eres incrível!

  34. Well you can’t build the cabin without the trees the folk out their who mention the trees getting cut down what they have to bear in mind is it lets more light onto the ground to encourage growth on the ground.
    I think that their might be a hole lot of folk who would love to just go off grid and life in the way in which you are living. It’s not easy and it takes a hole lot of gumption to even try this.
    If you don’t try it you will never know what you can achieve To build the cabin it is a ongoing build and is their any end game in the proses of it all you do it because ou want
    To. 💂‍♀️💂‍♀️

  35. We always see you walking around with no gun (hand gun) is there a danger of Bear, Cougar, Wolverine or wild animal attacks around you or your dog just curious. Ive seen bears in videos where they brake into cabins or hide out same with the big cats.

  36. I get really irritated when ignorant people go on about topics they know nothing about (talking about the criticism of you for felling trees for cabin builds). Most of criticism is the product of outright lies by sites and organizations who spread disinformation to suit their personal agendas. All political of course. We have the liberal politicians who go overboard about trees, guns, bullying (don't get me wrong; bullying is certainly not to be tolerated but the liberal machine takes obscure instances and makes them into MUCH more than they need to be). Then on the opposing side we've the conservatives who refuse to truly entertain the merits of alternative forms of energy (solar, wind, even water) because god forbid that should cut into the money their supporters are making from fossil fuels. It's maddening as hell because there is literally NOTHING on the internet or in the news that shouldn't be seriously questioned and investigated (to get at the real truth). I suppose this is why I love your channel so much. I come here and I see life on the land that approaches those BASIC needs without worrying so much about the b.s. going on in the rest of the world. (Not that you don't give thought to those things, but you are focused on getting back to nature on your channel. It's a refreshing change. I'm not saying you don't forego some of the creature comforts, NOR should you. You're just making it "simple" and I like that.) If I had the money I'd buy 500-1000 mixed (both forested and otherwise) acres somewhere and tell the rest of the world to bugger off. I'm tired of the complexity that living in this so-called enlightened and post-industrial age entails. Like you, I would still be connected to some extent to the internet, I'd have solar for some of the comfort – but I'd only come into town for doctor's visits, groceries and for the occasional beer at the tavern so that the locals could gawk at the hermit. hahaha

  37. Мне вот не понятно одно. На какие деньги ты живешь, если постоянно в лесу?! ну может пару баксов приносит продажа атрибутики с сайта. или у тебя есть какой то бизнес в городе, который тебя и твою семью кормит, позволяя тебе проводить все время в лесу в одного?!

  38. The earth was given to us to use.

    Crazy that people forget this was the lifestyle back then. That society didn’t destroy the earth and trees. They lived in harmony. Modern society destroys. Not this mans 20×20 cabin and life style.

  39. 6 more mouths, and I will be working on my own. Love watching your videos for the new inspiration on different ways you are building and shaping. Also learning from you sir! Thank you for the videos, and ideas for my own 100 percent off grid cabin

  40. Why the fan on top of the stove? I've seen it in other videos but don't know the reason for it. New Zealand viewer

  41. show!! o que tiras em gotejamento das arvores? parece agua!… o que é isso. ja via agua de cipó, mas de arvore tipo pinheiro nao.

  42. My grandpa lived in log cabin. I grew up with it. Cozy place . No dam electri bill or gas bill. Make some steps for your dog to sleep in the loft with you. My dogs sleep with me. Love the videos

  43. Until now, I had absolutely no idea, where Maple syrup came from. I see it in supermarkets here in the UK, but never bought it. I'm not a syrup kind of person… Too sweet for me. Canadians&US seems to put syrup on everything, including pancakes. Here in the UK, we squeeze lemon juice/sprinkled with a little sugar over the lemon juice or visa versa, or stuffed with ftuits/fruit puree, etc.

  44. With view to your question, about cabin lifestyle/the things you are doing, creating, etc… I beleive that inside of us all, there is this unfulfilled yearning for a simplified lifestyle. One that is as naturistic as it can get, in today's world. We as humans, have been brainwashed by a greed fueled commercial, and materialistic world! A lot of us are waking up to reality. Wanting to coexist with our world instead of destroying it! A natural environment rather than continue to be poisoned by commercialisation and pesticides! I for one, truly adore nature and long to live closer to it. What you are doing/ your cabin lifestyle, Shawn, is totally adictive. Inside all our hearts, is a need to gravitate towards a non commercial, more naturistic, self sufficiency way of life. To love all of Creation have been coming alive in the hearts of many. (I know I am totally put off by the commercialisation and utter greed of our world today! The use of cancer causing chemicals and pesticides that ravage and destroy our earth home, is truly troubling!) I yearn for clean smelling air. Fresh, untainted foods and water that are not infused with man made poison! I long for smells of pine and flowering trees and schrubs. The sounds of buzzing bees, squeaking birds and animal sounds, filling the air, instead of squealing police cars, ambulances, aeroplanes, helicopters, etc. Your wilderness is as close to paradise as as you want it to be…Build log cabin communities. Replenish/put back whatever is necessary to maintain your environment. Take nothing from it, unless it is necessary for survival. Nature is in everyone's blood. We all yearn to live a simple life. A life closer to nature and as far away as possible, from commercialisation and its harmful ravages, on every living, breathing thing…That's my perspective… I say, Mr James… Shawn, follow your dreams. Fulfill as many of them as is possible. Build a whole community of log cabins and perhaps, do Airb&b so ones who love or yearn for this way of life, can experience it. I beleive you are living an absolutely rewarding way of life. Your Utube channels are an inspiration… They are Educational, motivational, inspiring, energetically charged and, teaches ones who desire to learn from you, and others like you. I just wished I had found your channel when you started, but, I never do UTube until about 9mths ago, and only for research. I don't even recall how I discovered your channel or when! I am delighted however, that I found it and others, through yours. Keep up your amazing, good work. The natural beauty that surrounds you, is priceless. UK.

  45. I hate negativity when there’s always someone to say bad things from using trees (which is natural!) or the negativity re: something will fail. Uhg, while they’re sitting on their butt watching you be productive and busy 😂 goofy people. I enjoy your videos.. thank you

  46. I want to see how your bed or bedroom is set up 👀. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a PURPLE MATTRESS in there. 🤣

  47. Sir, you do not have to justify yourself or your project. I am thoroughly enjoying every video — keep up the great job. I sit mesmerised. Disregard the negatives – you will always get them, good majority would not even attempt to get off their bottoms. Love Cali – she is gorgeous.

  48. I am an America living in Thailand. Lumber here is very expensive. It is mostly hardwoods. Here they build with mostly concrete and metal. They build on concrete posts to support the weight and use 3 inch blocks to build non-load bearing walls. The roofs are frames with metal. People have different ways of doing things. I just found your channel about 2 weeks ago. I really like what you are doing. You have beautiful dog by the way

  49. I think there's a reason why our dream destination is never fulfilled, and that's because everything is in a constant state of flux, nothing is the same from moment to moment, we can't even identify a single moment in time. So, as you say, when one project is finished the need for another one arises, or something changes to make us desire for something else. And it just continues in that vein.

  50. The comments expressed from the 31 minute marker to the end are quite interesting and recalled to my mind what I read today in Ecclesiastes chapter 2 (the Bible for those not familiar)… do check out all 26 verses in the second chapter to get the overall context but especially from verse 18 to the end (and understand that spiritual things are spiritually discerned)… based on what was said from 31:00 and Ecclesiastes 2, I am reminded that the source of true peace and joy does not come from people and things that we make with our hands, but God. A man who walks with God in obedience is at peace with God and with his neighbor.

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