Holy Smokes! Solo Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt – Solvid Film It Yourself
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Holy Smokes! Solo Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt – Solvid Film It Yourself

August 16, 2019

Archery Mule Deer Hunting – An Amazing Bow Hunt At more than a mile and in low light conditions, I was lucky to spot a mule deer buck bedded down beneath some cliffs. He laid his head down indication he was not going anywhere anytime soon. With the end of season coming near, I was not going to pass up this mule deer buck. So, I left a camera rolling on the tripod and headed over for the other side of the canyon I was hoping to see the buck from atop the bluff, but could not find him. It had been an hour since I had seen him, so he was either out of sight, or had left. The wind was light and variable, so I knew time was of the essence. Not knowing if he was still there, I decided to try my luck with a rock toss Rock 1 stood him up, but he was still out of sight, so I tossed another The rock through worded, but he would not stop. I let down the bow, and ranged an area where I thought he might appear Man that was intese. I did not know he was that close. He was 15 yards that whole time.Yes! After taking a few moments to let the adrenalin settle, tha camstrap came off and I replayed the footage After laying hands on his rack, I hiked out and got my brother shawn, who brought his packboard along for the pack out Not bad for 4 days left in the season Well, as far as this canyon goes, that wasn’t too bad

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  1. It's nice to watch a hunting video without some annoying ass heavy metal music playing. I am a heavy metal fan myself but it absolutely does not match when hunting these great animals. Great Video!

  2. Nice shot Chris. I love the hunt, but watching them struggle and die is the hard part. Fortunately a well placed shot ends the whole ordeal in a matter of seconds while the memory of the hunt lives on long after that awesome meat is gone.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us less experienced folks. How many Lbs draw weight is your bow? And about how long did you have to hold at draw that 2nd draw? Are the arrows which hit game usually toast afterward?

  4. this might be the best filmed vid i've watched and i'm all about meat eater and solo hunter, the one view from across the valley was almost like having 2 cameramen. loved it

  5. Good patience, with a good shot. Better than I could have done. Glad to see you with meat on your back, and big ol horns. Congrats!

  6. nice vid! a question… after you shot him i see your footage zoomed in. did you take your hat cam off and do that manually? how did you get your cam to zoom after you shot.. thanks. i want to do self filming like this for all the elk i have  shot.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbaKe_FWgLs

  7. I tried my best to self film my Elk hunt this year. I bought a go pro (mistake after testing), I was checking the footage at camp and my wife took the laptop home at the end of the weekend with the SD card in it. Long story short, days later, I dropped a 4pt Bull this year in his tracks and couldn't film it. I really want to upgrade to a Solvid mount and a Panasonic cam like you guys, the pros. Great video!

  8. Hey solvid r the pins on your sight 10 yards a piece or 5 if they r 10 then props I can't imagine shooting that far with my bow

  9. Dude, awesome all the way around great job video,shot placement ,everything all together and a very nice buck to boot. Congrats!

  10. Impressive this was fun to watch. Do it yourself hunt. No dumb guided hunts holding your hands. I do wish their were more guys who do public land hunts being that's what the majority of us do.

  11. I like everything about this hunt. Great spot, great stock. Very well executed. One of the best videos I've seen, and probably the best solo I've seen. Thanks for sharing this with the world

  12. very proffesional, you seemed to be a step ahead all the time played it like a game of chess. i recomend spot and stalk to everyone… its 100% harder than sitting in a blind waiting , i get plain out bored sitting in a blind , free range hunting, million times more rewarding after all the hard work and planning .

  13. My son loves it!>>>ur2.pl/936 Product works as advertised and conforms with school regulations/policy for scholastic archery tournaments! So wonderful that your kids has his/her own bow and not have to use the school's used/abused bows for a tournament. Can adjust to your child's strength and provide that extra kick that's custom to their use. So glad we got it! My son now has a better appreciation for the sport!

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