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  1. I could swear that MANkind is a hunter-gatherer species.

    Now the religion thing leaves me cold but if he's hunting for food not sport then I'm on his side.

    Go Star Lord.

  2. These are the Christian values that made America the greatest country and culture in the world
    The amount of mistakes in that sentence is just crazy

  3. I don’t understand why people in Hollywood hate hunting so much. Like they may be environmentalist vegans, but killing one deer will not change anything. It’s a ton of fun to hunt, especially with friends and relatives. Hollywood idiots are just to afraid of the guns

  4. Honestly, a farm-to-table life style is actually a great one to have. It's healthy, delicious, and better yet, fresh.

    Being attacked over a lifestyle is sad, and those that attack people like this are despicable and undesirable.

  5. I remember when this channel had less than 10k subscribers good to see more people watching more than just on news channel. I still recommend watching other news outlets so you can get other sources and viewpoints even if it's biased.

  6. He tells us to believe god, isn’t that putting his beliefs on us? I eat meat and I believe in God but I just find this whole argument on both sides flawed

  7. I like Chris Pratt a lot more now hes not worried about not getting a job on a film set because his political beliefs are opposing

  8. I'm a conservative pagan who hunts and eats meat. This whole thing is crazy. People attack anything that hurts their feelings now. I feel for him. Chris Pratt is an amazing actor and American. I hope he doesn't fold to these people

  9. How is hunting different from eating plants
    We get rid of forests for farms getting rid of homes for lots of animals and leaving them no way to protect themselves and because of deforestation many animals have gone extinct
    Hunting was more of a need and we only hunt to get the animals so we can eat them and it doesn’t cause as many animals to go extinct

  10. Yeah, thats how our ancestors survived. Ranting on cave walls about lions hunting and eating meat.

    I mean look at the paintings at old cave paintings, look how they promoted veganism and shame everybody who ate meat. The cave walls were like twitter back then.

  11. I don't believe in god, but I will at least say thank you if some one said god bless you. Also I love fishing, and I want to go hunting.

  12. If we're taking this debate to the foodchain, the farmers in the mid west are rightwing and they're the ones that control the plants and crops. So if it weren't for them, we'd be starving and guess who'd die out first.

  13. Liberals are hypocrites. They kept fighting for tolerance of all kinds of people, yet they're attacking Chris for living his life his own way…

  14. I don’t agree with the right on a lot of things but the left ain’t any better
    I mean seriously your pissed at him for HUNTING
    Now if it was for trophy or sport I’d be pissed too but he hunts for food. What’s so bad about that?
    He’s putting the meat to good use, by EATING it
    I bet everyone who got pissed at him are either PETA worshippers or Vegans…or both.

  15. Animals have rights! They have the right to be properly prepared for wearing, manufacturing of products for profit, comfort, furniture and decorative displays. They have the right to taste good! My soul aches in ecstasy when I stalk an animal in the wild and lock it in the crosshairs of my rifle and watch it fall to the ground when I squeeze the trigger, I SALIVATE AND TREMBLE with anticipation when I drag it back to my cave and carve it up and share it with my friends and neighbors and we cook it up in so many ways and sit around the fire and rip the flesh from their bones with our bare teeth anxiously waiting the next day to do it all over again! I get Deer, elk, Bear, Moose, and Wild Boar. or I get out my shotgun and gather Pheasants, Rabbits, Ducks, Geese, Wild Turkeys, Squirrels and Raccoons. God, I LOVE Animals! They are Sooo delicious! YOU GO CHRIS PRATT!! Gotta go clean my rifle.

  16. Their is so much cruelty in the world and some guy from Hollywood made it fox news worthy to point out he hunts . Whoever that man or woman who made this there priority is an absolute waste of time for everyone

  17. Hollywood is just a Jewish run SJW circle jerk and people have lost interest in anything these people want to cry about.

  18. This just in: Chris Pratt acts like a normal person and progressive Hollywood social justice nazis loose their minds.

  19. Sounds like a American to me …hunt take what you need to survive…eat …live pray …an protect your family ..basic values

  20. I’m not religious and don’t believe in any higher being, but I love Chris Pratt! He’s one of the few celebs who seem genuine and just being himself!

  21. It would suck to be atheist because you believe that when you die there is nothing at all and you will be gone for ever and if there is a god ( which there is) you would go to hell and live for ever in pain.

  22. It’s sad that everyone except Hollywood likes Chris Pratt. We need people like him to bring light in the darkness that is the evil entertainment industry

  23. Well he has my respect! I love to hunt, I love God and I pray regularly! I hunt for food, not for show! I'll hunt my food any day over buying store bought "meat"!

  24. California is where it is , because People have stopped believing in God . Hollywood is only worried about Their Money and disliking President Trump .

  25. Trump is the new leader of the latest new DC swamp?!
    Question?: If a Democrat is considered & called a "liberal"…Then what is a Republican suppose to be called and considered??!

    And the Truth is, when it comes to being a real Christian, a True JESUS Christian is Not a person of / and following any side of politics. In fact if you read the Bible, You would know that LORD JESUS, wasn't to keen for any roman or jewish political leaderships and/or government?!
    HE (JESUS) was pretty much a rebel against the worldly governments, wasn't HE?!
    Many Fake Christians calling themselves politicians out there, Huh? 🐒

  26. I always thought that All Americans were/or wanted to be Free (as a "liberal", which actually means "Free", doesn't it)??
    Is a Repubilcan a corporate?
    Because the way I see it many corporate peoples are mostly calling themselves a Republican, and against anyone(or working peoples, that once was called "the middle-class" workers of America?) forming-up anytype of people protection "unions" (against corporate/company owner peoples?!
    I'm neither so that's why I'm asking to be taught a little more on this; So what is it?! What really is going on with this name calling and divisions All across amurica? Seems like them corporate elites that are really the ones buying the government and running it or making their peoples split-division's tactics/plan work pretty well, Huh?!

  27. Pratt is living the way the lefts ancestors once did, that is the reason THEY where able to survive.

    Most of the left want the destruction of the Christian faith?… I guess when you have NO SOUL, faith is frightening.

  28. The Liberals are nuts. The suicide rate is, because God is no longer taught in school nor is He allowed in our culture.

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