Hỏi Đáp Gaming Số 7: Vì Sao Game Mobile HÚT MÁU Nhiều Hơn Game PC?
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Hỏi Đáp Gaming Số 7: Vì Sao Game Mobile HÚT MÁU Nhiều Hơn Game PC?

September 14, 2019

Jamaica aimed up with a live voice sorry hard up give me good I think they’re going to make the summer to me like home lap you know a question laughing again Cumbre to that sister let that come or go I might have much baby boom I get PC give goes over that car much like if you know it you’re coming I’m not touching me Tom showed up so Germans do this album I sell a soda my fat I simulate the to tell H again for Chucky but no below the again with hella people to that clip from a video photo I think M say common um say Kokomo quad well I was okey Sam’s you toss it I didn’t get my new workout been doing move you know what ah dang game vocalist and he different one County clip now come on a workout it’s like watching a PDP doing up to do doop thing and we’ve sold with the morning rumors are 120bpm swamp entertainment Oh blend me again so type of him would be tuned up a bit less than hit Ocala click back on cow they because even use acquired they took Gotham you don’t miss Bart la chanson yeah ok ever mm oh but you gotta be a chung showing up to my cam night guard opa-locka varnish and chan McCauley right let’s ride em cowboy two yellow fire service said you come by but if I stop okay be seeing you know complet II more than one play one behind I need help to go tree and the film coconut they’re gone I gave monsoon little do chimú mine let would you go but now fucking with a good trip Joe Kate I hope nodded your mumbling so go and I did a further by move light and it’s a new bathtub makes a jelly one we develop a stock of gossip you over by nuns Allah but we saved all of gave go reapply it but no one is that suppli fucked up never enough cookie took top of Esau said go down am i coming back mythological machine sound I’m to cuarón oh but Nana let the game come loose and my sheep count yep then you mean that achievement is OE hey hey laughs it’s a cuckoo now Camilla designer what if he’s ever knowledge I have took to you a lot come on the good guys know what killing it playing as a ha ha mate Owen mehar did you tell my baby wait come on out little a move on you know and you can get me the fuzziness and my Moodle room by the hobbits your baby more NASA subha me Fernanda bang fuel of pubsey the Cortana pop Corporation well half I hooked up with that said me do okay – we may live I love rap game Hoss well let me try to know if I hooked up with that said if you can leave me to try Levi you might know how cool everybody officer bevel meeting my cook Neelam is a loser plus I may miss out my to created PC matures oh hi Maggie to buy the whole bunch of dudes that Hitler newly grew up when you left I said go night in new Clem annoyed like a new hobby okay get black ones up car they choose to leave I know but – come on bania even higher if I stop you can be see new Lobby wouldn’t work for you huh good behind it easier to butcher come come baby come out there you know the whole come on tell car will be like more afraid and Coon bouhanni no part in this big pickle me to yank oh come meet me come on Team war good who move on you you video game Michael’s other vitamins to the visor no more – I get are looking more – chin chin open – game night until ha poopy man I’m Queen this thing that got made that they be sitting in PS mode I think about a movie come on show it come on must be any more wrong now come bitching by that it’s all moving on you know no fucking mere pittance a flight in a post or God trip up CP CD come on movement bottom boat again come on tape up see you back on my back now gentlemen fee take it all never thank all if I come out agreed on it well Ron you got even a nigga scheme good now Hawk easily okay Church in my they love the food nudism do talk about fight not about it yet look Nikki may come here now to meet our pool I for being home to do to Vietnam and Korean love Sukhatme Olivia Navajo mouth gone by sergeant PC know I need help uh trip Tempe see how I make Rotorua journalism’s i vas no zone hubs that no law war attack when your phone mean be junior couple Dino kosslyn you fund more time on pick up full five good fun for one night if I move to I’m like whoa push it back number one who wrote up new zoo myself get to eat ham fat and guy the fun to the know so what do get me well guess I convert your body hot humid inside you can’t mobilize this out come out with a chilly talk to more no more look well company is rightly no choice oh yeah so you drop one more look one oh but syndicate oh it’s after a little nearby but Jeter the partner Satan to pour voir to pass up Cardiff Antonini Abu handy huh funny guy I think they’re total him night not leave often laugh xiety guarded me a solid blue bow top love to turn it to channel your to mammalian physiology live chicken get a love and if our heart and guys harm the guy you booked a flight also cut me on your PC bubble I look good do you know how to cook but hang Christmas Allah ignore that summer pops each I don’t feed her lip gun montolo nice gonna cope cookie hi night I saw gave my lecture to big nigga come to $15 suit so you come now come you like a fedora but cheated cat knows it hang the game me Navi Dona he gotcha game take a move foot now taking it when I go big picnic or cheap you can see if you know if a dildo idiot nanny updated no what no no no no no no silly do it was ok to give night Peter or tip laughs don’t be new yep neither the finger beauty cap group you look even know what little beacon tipped in a futon PT 2 Kabaddi Mahmud Monica but much concern like she did couch in my head much I’m happy acted knows it sold peanuts I’m here the eternal is a lower floor talking watching eveness don’t pin your key battle but la la la casa near your toe angering people I’m octo game until Tony Oh Peter it will travel native – Drake wants of Nippon often no hago game up up the unity my new bamboo me conseguir movie movies hang it all take for Nova cow no your Cola Pico deep Avenue you know the characters you wouldn’t look late new consumer to repeat it or not open you accept that game kinetic and it’ll be magic enough it’ll be canoe but block Antarctica it’ll be but can’t come except a little bit can you ah so to pass never God definitely a Cabana go gamer before I know Jim Northey pubs you buy because to look mcquaig são Paulo cozy they still a core me go again ok let’s look battle well not jinsuk 1001 alikum Diego no the Chocolate Company tip tail him tight in the Agora cultured guy I’m a cheater co-op appeased Ivana or checked him back or pop you back to book teacher Baltimore in – we are talking about capital account may move them now mean you’re comfortable gymnastics oh god no my nigga Malcolm did sound Allah in my coracle look Batman will be south I mean you’re a geek watching man without guru Mukhi none kid if your mom pc saboom anya we do look bad no Dino city of December that will hopefully be seeing well the separate that my said be real sandwich into venture 72 Cooper PVC night really separate that Pope pops about to quote man really 70 took what pops you guys equipment really separate at go pops if I cook they ate some of my coolest ever cheetah cubs you back okay back with my very sever for video game think about them so I booked me way nothing check out my questions on a side to you may Allah one tear welcome video legacy back of it now can you wait – Dakota you Cola that’s a PC como manager como kun da TV neither custom hi honey let’s go look back my sit here yeah nice associate remember getting a globe it’s uncomfortable laugh I said I’ve been aiming high yeah so Judas never code if you look cool but they could give me Mahalo okay now the good and I’m PC my coach my bag Mangla video yeah oh good there now set to go buy something like a chapter I love a cake ago there’s a future car know a lot about to do to get applaud the brand ology you know the blonde uppity no love rock star no no see maka not took took the plural of sahibs team a locked up wonho num2 by gaudí UNAM prepare to march into to midnight tomorrow after this our children option telegin burgers animal bottles at home the grammar from Gilligan’s with the mmm non you kill luck I said you always know what Luce not qualify really wise up Gina fucked a pussy no that’s nothing you know about the game Mac about me when before well I’m you moving through the fucking magnet ends if know several absolute Matthews you know he was shagging a movie to talk to my don’t wait no guy gave like no such call it a little by come on Louie never give enough will ever buy it no not so much the quality second culture white something again if I knew but now tiger the a variety that card is a filmography my faith will meet you Martha so to compile is all rough style of rock Louie Nia come back word of sama dama fee my pic toy but elegant he said to go through the my $2,000 poobah unique um give big Mahalo to our Channel he now movie num catch it pops you buy bag go right cookie harness it should be at moping I’m girl of a coat the only cook some soup ESMA go send obsidian chomp ups you buy fancy suit you know Krypton map tip you can even throw it no see some new coal of your bath I’ll save it do you see the achievement if we can him at all no van necessity a chop madam just come to me Moo tune up here die mom I never when you come to me but you’ve come well they come to me Oh Jim nonetheless Lego Batman yeah but the more timeless a car well we know that’s a vote to pass the column open up god vanassa your company tomb we’re getting none da la banana can’t decide I’m happy no no Mia gonna make my night off the only decent of companies to make a night where our to talk about them the lady everyone moving I’m Connie okay I’m kind of Sinai to pass it off him the llama cool I sent you tip muy contento us know by farm of the side whose idiots in map you can be Lou analysis Dima see jump up of the plane a second they do in Tina now classic um crap you know who did it not being Anthony Nonya servitude us never go welcome to sew it up to Mike him right Coco but now God would get minkos up tonight I good to know the time said my Rama game zombie by peasants that should mean I’m at movie games OB new delegates Dona pants and cause that new game come took me the game with a game for saffron is a benign or like him sit down you comes you Bobby you know lady Di’s me don’t give night here type of table Allah cock name slc-2 make to him night Kiba not look not know to you know 14 hola collide collide and laughing lights no Matt no sea lion idly no chill of Dallas a book I project kazoo an alumni game with ho in stock I knew it well I’m okay did that hurt I think I chose it I’m game at all not you wanna tell you what you do see look at my variety not know it until a cook named SOC toggle I’m game learn dip because you work for we didn’t wrap out I’m like wow you know Tina fuck name x OC yet I not have for this about that quad to work Lori welcome Allah we rang come fighter him now as you come to Lima go Pena – what a matchup that new the gave you my team up so it tomorrow cook them up here my mother got into the game naughty don’t work vanish it don’t die – hombre they see me – up here plaster gave my company SOC night their games it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it but move the hair my video game a vietnam i come with me to me at noon yesterday take a safe with that cork pops ooh I should work via satellite didn’t really separate into well I have to walk home in yummy confined pops your magic work map like I said what you dream about to work my copy of Monopoly drama my book take all of our thumbs up that’s equity okay by developing that silence Ellen you’re gone you come up with everybody BC give go so Marty no I gave Vanya game that’s alone an angry bitch over me to acquire a new bottom our that it’s after movie so and maybe improve Lhasa Apso love God’s will that mean wanna Petra come ones old granny okay go hard Tom focus on a plate okay I was I mean walk away come on say that tells or is it something you feel for me to the Glee so I go fund a welcome but come on now link wanna give a baguette PC game console amor gets up Mac be eloquent in the new things up within square meal come on take Amanda came in to move you know but it’s AMA Black Mafia team give me Camacho it had never been shown again me doesn’t new 1/2 it pops you back to your home a pop CPC applied you give God given you about how I paid you give me lady more game but there what is a little game now Paco Charlie octopus and it did you go generated map didn’t give it up in hand yet but mommy try again okay by choking ancestor between some donkus oh the tears is how Luke Quentin subscride a what I think David tells I got talking game my dad now

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