HIT THE LIGHT Gameplay for iOS and Android. Cool Casual Game!
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HIT THE LIGHT Gameplay for iOS and Android. Cool Casual Game!

September 29, 2019

Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Today’s game is Hit the Light. Hit the Light game is a casual game that focuses on smashing neon lights with the different type of balls, bombs, guns and other type of weapons. Once you complete one level, you get to another with different selection of weapons to destroy different neon lights. At around level 7-8, the lights become quite difficult and it might take you a couple of trials to pass them. Each level will award some type of currency that you can use in case you need extra help to pass future levels. You can also add extra balls by watching ads. Sometimes the game will also force you to watch an advertisement but that is okay because the game is free to play. As you can see, the graphic is beautiful and the neon lights give some relaxing feeling. It just feels good to smash them. I hope that developers keep improving the game and add some social aspects to it such as leaderboards or ranking as well as more type of levels, like time-gated levels with unlimited weapons or moving neon lights. For now, I can recommend the game for people that are looking for some cool casual games I hope you like this Hit the Light gameplay and stay till the end to see what it feels like playing later levels. If you leave a comment, I’ll make sure to reply and check your channel. And, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!

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