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August 25, 2019

Everybody knows the first videogame is Mario Brothers, but did you know that the second mario brothers wasn’t even actually Mario 2? Yeah! It was actually a Japanese game called “Harry Potter and the Fucking Wizard! I know, what the hell!? The marios went on to sell 3.9 billion copies but Reggie was pissed, so he made ‘Sega Gemesis’. *explosion sound* Sega announcer: The most advanced videogame system in the universe! Sega Scientist: Yes! Announcer: Megadrive, from Sega! Dunkey: This era in gaming is referred to by historians as “The Golden Age” We saw the release of many classics like “Tarzan” for PS1. That’s it. Then, Knack came out! *Here comes the money begins to play* Uh-oh… did someone say KNAACK!? Awwww, bam, baby! It’s knack baby aww yeeeah! Ah yeah, you like that knack don’chya ya little bitch! Yeah, you like that $hit! Yeah, it’s Knack baby! It’s Knack- Sadly, Knack would only go on to sell 3 copies because it was the worst game ever made. The creator of Knack, Blizzard Games, spiraled into insanity, resentful of the human race he poured his hatred and his cruelty into a game called “Angry Bird”. In this game, you played as a soulless serial rapist as he tries to jump over the graphics from mario. Then, in a guerrilla marketing stunt, Pewdiepie made a deal with dreamboy so he could only make blogs about crappy bird, so then all the dick-sucker kids went out [and] started buying happy bird, so then the maker of tracking bird was a fucking bastard, shut it down so he could make Minecraft! Then Minecraft comes out, Pewdiepie goes “OOH, This game is a nipple dude! HUEHUEHUE” AHAHA! This game is a nipple dude! I don’t like Knack though because I’m a little PUSSY!” So all these little fucking retards buy Mineshaft, then Reggie goes: “Now I can make Minecraft 2!” *infernal noises* WELL HOLD THE PHONE FUCKER! Turns out Microsoft owned Minecraft the whole time! You piece of SHIIIIT! Go to JAIL! Uhh, go to jail! What will the future of gaming bring? No man truly knows. Except me. As we speak, scientists are making an all-new game called “FPS” They say the game is developed in an underground lab, deep within Indo-China. Here it is now! *Here Comes the Money* Uh-oh, it’s just Knack baby! Knack is back baby! It’s Knack! YEEEAAH!! YEEAH, how’d you like that Knack! (Many, many muffled tracks of Dunkey yelling, praising Knack)

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  1. Is it sad that I memorized the script to this video and now randomly recite it at school dances when there’s an awkward silence

  2. I was expecting this video to be a joke but it turns out I just watched an in depth documentary about the history of gaming

  3. It's funny bevause now pewdiepie is doing a full minecraft let's play and it's adored by little baby children

  4. Knack is back knack is back knack is back knack is back knack is back knack is back knack is back

    Find the difference

    The different was find the difference bet i got u gusy with that

  5. Nintendo saw the success with super Mario 4, but then Microsoft sued them because they were copying solitaire, but then sega was all like “YOU TRIGGERED MY TRAP CARD” and showed them both halo sonic bros 5. This is when Nintendo won the lawsuit and went on to create black ops 2, beating halo sonic bros 5 in popularity and solitaire.


    >Super Mario Bros.
    >Harry Potter & the F*cking Wizard (aka Super Mario Bros. 2)
    >Tarzan (for PS1)
    >Angry Bird (aka Crappy Bird aka Happy Bird aka Tracking Bird)

    What the Future Holds: Knack 2

    There may have only been 6 video games in the existence of human kind but the future of gaming is bright.

  7. The Only 6 Games Released, Ever:
    -Mario Brothers
    -Harry Potter and the Fucking Wizard
    -Tarzan for PS1
    -Angry Bird/Crappy Bird/Happy Bird/Tracking Bird

    Future Games to Be Released:

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