Hillary Clinton ‘dumbfounded’ UK government won’t release report on Russian influence
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Hillary Clinton ‘dumbfounded’ UK government won’t release report on Russian influence

November 15, 2019

I’m dumbfounded that this
government won’t release the report about
Russian influence because every person
who votes in this country deserves to see that report
before your election happens. That should be an absolute
condition because there is no doubt, we know it in our country,
we have seen it in Europe, we have seen it here,
that Russia in particular is determined to try to shape
the politics of western democracies, not to our benefit but to theirs.

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  1. UK government delay of Russia report is shaming, says Clinton ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/11/uk-government-delay-of-russia-report-is-shaming-says-clinton

  2. Could this woman please explain to everyone how all these Russian Bots she talks about can fit into a British voting booth when a single normal sized person can only just about fit.

  3. The friggin sea hag is worse than any STD on the planet. Please, just whither and dissolve into the eather already.

  4. Yea well every American had the right to see those confidential emails you had on your private server before it accidentally got smashed up and acid washed at least the report will get released at some point

  5. The world is so lucky to have Hillary Clinton. She is our moral compass: one with highly accurate, though reversed, polarity.

  6. Yeah, like everyone in the UK is really interested in your views. Strange how she suddenly comes out with this, during an election, and obviously hates Boris and Farage as they are friends with Trump! Horrible bitter and twisted loser. Thats all this is.

  7. What the hell is this woman going on about. I'm furious that lorraine had her on her show. I'll never watch Lorraine again. This woman is a criminal and her husband is a rapist. She must be trying to sell another book. She is the devils spawn ?

  8. She lives her life "dumbfounded " still trying to stay relevant as many crimes as she has committed. HRC should be under the jail!

  9. Boris Johnson hiding a report showing Russian interfering with British elections
    Hillary Clinton: the report should be released

    Ridiculous angry manbabbies : oooh oooh oooh haaggghhh haagghhhh the jokes is on you we don't read anything, lock her up, haaggghhh haagghhhh throw faeces at the screen

  10. To all here who keep hating Hillary: NO NEVER GO AWAY Hillary and keep speaking out against the treasonous Trump until will get him out of POTUS! This is vindication for what he did to her in 2016!!

  11. Sorry misused the word vindication regarding Hillary! I meant to say she is vindicating herself from all he said about her In 2016

  12. It’s all a bunch of scaremongering. We already know boris will win the next election, because the labour leadership is hopelessly lacking in every way.

  13. Really Hilary? A government not issuing a report when it doesnt suit? How's those private emails doing ? haven't heard you gawp about the millions of other files they wont release??doofus

  14. And who got the $145 Million from Russia deposited into their foundation? I'd really like to see that investigation more than any other…..

  15. I'm dumbfunded that anybody still believes in Russiagate. It's just a shitty excuse for why a shitty candidate lost an election.

  16. Damn those Russians for shaping politics of western democracies. And not even to our benefit? Why would we coup governments and fund terrorist organizations if we weren't getting something out of it? BAH. RUSSIANS!!!

  17. Didn't you ask her about the DNC meddling in Bernie's 2016 campaign? I guess Seth Rich's assassination wasn't a big deal either. Perfidious Albion, if they don't have you to lie to they just lie to each other.

  18. I'm dumbfounded that the American government won't release Anne Sacoolas back to the UK to stand justice. Suck it up Hillary.

  19. I wonder if Libya was “dumbfounded” that you led a military invasion of their country. Not for their interest, but for the US’s

  20. I’m dumbfounded Bill Clinton isn’t indicted on 1000 counts of arkincide, but whatever, he wasn’t running a free drug money handout or anything….

  21. I’m dumbfounded Hillary has the moxie to continue harassing the U.S. she sold influence, got away with it – now – Hillary please go away forever.

  22. Wait a minute, Hillary. I thought foreign election interference was a bad thing? Why are you meddling in the UK?

    Also Epstein didn't kill himself.

  23. Hillary, you never served and belittle Tulsi Gabbard’s service, by saying she is a Russian agent? Did you know there are over 20 millions veterans in America @ssclown? Oh, the Seth Rich & Jeffery Epstein murders are not going away either. @CLINTONCARTEL

  24. I’m dumbfounded HRC selling 20% of US Uranium covertly to Russia isn’t exposed.
    I’m dumbfounded people still believe Hillary generated
    Russiagate is still taken seriously.
    I’m dumbfounded Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s island 26 times (according to flight logs) but claimed only 4 .
    I’m dumbfounded Hilary visited Epstein’s island at least 4 times.
    I’m dumbfounded HRC smears anybody she sees as a threat as a ‘Russian asset’.
    I’m dumbfounded anybody takes this criminal seriously.
    I’m dumbfounded anybody takes the Guardian seriously.

  25. I'm dumbfounded how left wing and pro globalist the UK media are including you Guardian. What are you the Guardians of may I ask?

  26. I’m dumbfounded by this clear evidence of interference in UK General Elections by a senior US politician, following on from earlier interference by Barack Obama.

  27. Why would this failed polition come across to our country just before an election like obarma and interfear with our politics?

     I think the chineese premier should go during the US elections and interfear.

    Would that be acceptable too ?

  28. hillary diane russia clinton. cant people tell that this woman is very ill and has lost her mind. an alpha male needs to sit her down and tell her its over its finished now let go and go and enjuy the last remaining years of your and bills life!

  29. Nothing but a distraction during the 2016 election Clinton fix the primary had an illegal server at home and nobody wants to talk about it she needs to stay at home baked cookies and spend the illegally gotten money from the Clinton Foundation

  30. The Guardian used to be a highly respected paper. Not now as they have decided to take the undemocratic stance of supporting the Remain side. A very bad decision on their part.

  31. She still can't get over losing to Trump. Still peddling myths about Russian interference and the threat to democracy. Humbug.

  32. Hillary and Rusnano. Podesta and Joule Energy. That is all sane people need to know. All roads to Russia were taken by Clinton.

  33. coming from a woman that over to me and dead people voted for her sound like me like they need to investigate her in a Democratic party

  34. Clinton should keep her mouth shut and mind her own business! Get your own house in order before stalking about ours. Bloody gall of the old crab!

  35. scarry, what happens to woman without decades of sex! She looks simply insane,…and it would be WW3 already if she become a president in a last elections.

  36. There is so much that dumbfounds madam pants suit. She was dumbfounded when Americans saw through her graft and elitism. She was dumbfounded when the election. Was not given to her simply because of her name and gender.

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