Hikite, il sert à quoi ? KARATE | Lionel Froidure
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Hikite, il sert à quoi ? KARATE | Lionel Froidure

November 19, 2019

Hello karateka, I hope you’re great today. Today, let’s talk about HIKITE and why it matters ! HIKITE is NOT to have the hand, the fist, on the hip. HIKI means to pull back and TE the hand. HIKI TE! Pulling the hand. So it’s not just putting the hand on the hip, So when, for exemple on fight, I am doing this. I am doing HIKI TE. My HIKI TE can go here, can also go up there, doesn’t matter as long as you have a action of pulling back the hand. Now, what’s the purpose of the hikite? From here I am going to strike. I can leave my hand there but I prefer to use hikite. I can pull back her arm when stricking. It avoid me to stay there and if she’s blocking my punch I have both arm up there with no further utility. So by pulling back, allow me to strike again and again. I can use the HIKITE to pull her. I pull at the same time of my counter strike ans why not unbalance her. I can also block a limb, her arm. I am blocking her arm while pull the hiki te. It allows me to do for exemple this type of mouve. So at the same time I pull, grab, block her arm while striking. Hikite have also the purpose to help me to transfert the energie. We can see that when I am pulling I can strike at the same time. 2 energies combines in one mouvement. When doing this drill, we can clearly see the enegie going from one side to the other. So we really need to work on our hikite and to put attention to it. After, if you put i here, there or there… From here we can see that’s easy to strike the neck. But if my hikite is on the hip, going to the neck will be longer. I rather strike on the body, and the other hand will pull. And if I am here, it’s perfect for an Aito Uchi. HIkiTE allows us to grab, to prepare the next strike to keep a constant flow of mouvement. If I am here, and this hand is just there doing nothing the hand is not prepared, not ready for action. Look at your arm as an arrow and a bow. Before launching the arrow you need to pull back the string of the bow then you can release it. When you pull the hand, you prepare it to be launched. You prepare the arrow before strike with it. Feel free to watch my other video to discover HIKITE in action. See you soon for antother video. Ciao.

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  1. Un e question, un commentaire c’est juste en-dessous ?
    Au plaisir de se rencontrer sur les tatamis d’ici ou d’ailleurs.

  2. Merci pour tes conseils Sensei. J’aimerai aussi savoir, lors d’un Sparring quel conseil pourriez-vous me donner pour bloquer plus rapidement les coups de poings surtout. Parce que il est souvent compliqué d’appliquer les blocages des kata. Merci d’avance pour votre attention. J’espère enfin obtenir des réponses à ces doutes.

  3. Super explication qui le principe d hikite dans un contexte très large. En tant que nanbudoka où nous faisons les hikite très haut, ça fait plaisir d attendre ces explications. Notre hikite a été souvent remis en question par des karatekas.

  4. Super vidéo, c’est vrai que le hikite perd en intérêt auprès des pratiquants d’autres disciplines car ils ne comprennent pas son utilité, ce qui est normal. C’est vrai que même en combat lorsque l’on se protège au visage en attaquant, c’est un hikite. Merci beaucoup pour cette vision très large de ces bases Karate.

  5. Karate is close combat, really close. It's not a duelling system. Once you get this into your head you might make progress. Free fighting with karate is much like free fighting with judo.

  6. Exact .cependant LA.version.physiologique et relative à LA transmission de l energies pour moi reste LA plus plausible.meci encore et bon.courage.

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