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February 18, 2020

from the league leaders Liverpool were
forced to be facing in their one even at bottom place Norwich on Sudbury but
substitutes are your money rescued them with let girls sand King 25 point clear
at the fight in friendly Liverpool dominated position and fired of 17 sold
while the host only managed one on target afford but children block lion
legs a clinical edge no explosive or kink rules of the hood up and another
astonishing double set around the hallmark viene Mohamed Salah before
something Navigator clothesline reborn it was not until the 17 I mean is that
the European champion were finally able to breathe down the norm is Deven
swinging the net not money it was the cynical international 100
goal in our competition sign of reading in Englund doing gap Liverpool or twenty
five point lead of defending Premier League champions Manchester City would
this week we’re burnin from the Yerevan the champion lived for two seasons
the result is livable looking for in the last fifteen five league games in dive
17 insufficient and mean they have already qualified for next season
champion leaves after just 20 secret a city opera mentioned
I found manual Krypton more fines will guarantee them a first ‘english supplied
little including years it was a digital game for different seasons of sine the
wine the organization up to upon N and way we fly it in the frost hot made it
tricky for us the good thing is when you don’t fly too well in the first half it
is easy to involve Sanyo was fairest in the men the difference no bees for one
other sudden TD struck two would work in the second half in mind seven point a
wave of seven implies Austin Sheila who has certain ham hocks food on Sunday the
bed a little angel to end her weapon and ten Pookie fires right at Alison in 89
minutes after of flooring mob it was moment of MIDI from money to wind
beam Norris both standing for science we were pretty close to having a wife with
a good we saw the lead left their heart of the beach lipid will began the mess
15 5 million ahead of novelty tease the biggest of ever get between top and
bottom other 25 games in the family but label but like there used to L
cutting-edge the engine for where humming tell us everything in the first
half with turn try and understand I’m not special
dangerous in the wide of a space were down in the right plane yeah liberal
struggle to put clear card chance and it was Norwich was all have taken the lead
when Lucas Roth was picked out by long ball bad with Liverpool defense no hand
having boosted up for upside standard like up
the cookie was totally read by alessandra sap beside last you

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