HiFi Games, Partner DAs (Android Game Developer Summit 2018)

September 18, 2019

just wanted to spend a couple minutes talking about
partner developer relations. We are your developer
advocates, so we work with partners, hence
the term partner developer relations. So partners meaning game
developers like you. And we’re all engineers. We’re on the technical
side of things. We’re not on the
business side of things. And all of us–
pretty much all of us have worked with game
companies before in the past, so we have some understanding
of the difficulties that you have to go through. We’re located around the
world in various locations in North America,
India, and APAC. And as I mentioned, we
work closely with partners. Sometimes we make
visits to partners and actually work on-site
to help with performance or help debug problems. We also have meetings
and emails with partners. Also, you should consider us
your first point of contact for technical questions. Another thing we do
is to tell developers at events such as this
about new technology related to games from Google. And one of the most
important things that we do is gather feedback
from developers on how we can improve our products. So I encourage
you to all give us honest feedback on how
you think we can improve, and feel free to do it today,
especially, is a good time. Go ahead and ask questions
or make suggestions during the meetings today. One of the things we’ve
been doing recently is focusing on high
fidelity games. And this is because we’re
seeing this trend because of the improvement
in mobile hardware that’s capable of running
games that traditionally are on consoles or PCs. And the thing is, this
really stresses the system, requires a lot of the system. And so things like Vulkan
are important for rendering to get the most performance. So one of the things
I did was I looked and saw how many devices
actually support Vulkan. And you can do this
by going into the Play Store in the device catalog. And you can see there’s
about 400 devices– there’s probably more now– and those are device
models that support Vulkan. And this turns out to
be about 427 million, getting close to half
a billion devices now, that support Vulkan. Now, this doesn’t mean
all of those devices are capable of
running your game. There could be problems where
the hardware isn’t fast enough, or there could be problems
with the driver quality. So this is something that
you would need to test. As I mentioned, these
high fidelity games are really pushing the
limits, and so our job is, we want to improve
that ecosystem, make things better
for developers of these types of games. So today, for example,
in these sessions, we’re going to be talking about
Vulkan, Samsung, and Crytek. We’re going to be talking
about their experience of working with Vulkan
and trying to optimize. And then, because these games
are more complex than, like, a casual game, they
require good tools for debugging and profiling. And so we have sessions
on Android Studio, and GAPID, and Systrace. These are tools for
debugging and profiling. We recognize that these
are important to have, and we’re going to continue
to improve these tools. Also, because of the wide
variety of devices out there, and capability of devices,
and driver quality, testing is very important
for these types of games. So we have a session
on automated testing by Netease, which
should help improve the time required for testing. And also, Plarium
is going to talk about using device catalog
in the Play Console for helping them to select which
devices to run their games on. Last thing I want
to mention is we are going to have office hours
this week during I/O, Wednesday and Thursday. I have a QR code here. You can grab that. This will link to a site where
you can schedule office hours with us, one-hour slots. Also, you can check your email. I think I sent out something
about office hours. And on the event website,
there’s a link to it. Or you can just
talk to me and I’ll schedule something for you. It’ll be held at a building
on Crittenden Lane, which is right across the street
from Shoreline Amphitheatre, so not too far from I/O.

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