HIDE and SEEK!! WINNER GETS $1000!!!
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HIDE and SEEK!! WINNER GETS $1000!!!

August 31, 2019

Hey guys it’s Karina.
It’s Ronald, from SIS vs
[Karina and Ronald] BRO. And today we’re playing hide-and-seek inside our house. So the rules are the hider gets two minutes to find their awesome, amazing hiding spot, but the seeker only has three minutes to find the hider. And the winner gets $1,000! I really hope I’m gonna win this. $1,000 just to play hide and seek? I’m in. So guys, you can hide in the whole house and outside, but we can’t hide in the basement. Karina, now it’s time to do rock-paper-scissors. Who’s going first? All right. [Karina And Ronald] Rock, paper, scissors, show! Yes, yes! Oh my god, I’m going first! (Ronald wails) Yes, finally I’m actually going first, for once. So guys, I’m going first. Ronald’s gonna go into the bathroom with headphones on so he can’t hear what I’m doing, and he’s gonna set the timer. Okay Ronald? What? Okay, good. All right come on into the bathroom. Close the door. Bye Ronald. Bye.
We’ll see you at my hiding spot. Okay guys, Ronald’s in the bathroom now. I have to find a hiding spot. I know exactly where I’m gonna go. Okay. Okay this way. I gotta go to the kitchen, and then hide inside here. Hopefully I’m gonna fit. Actually forget it. I’m not fitting here. Okay, okay, I better go. I’m going to my second hiding spot idea. Go, go, go, go. Inside the couch. Okay. (crickets chirping) Well no, never mind. I might not fit there, okay. Oh gosh, oh gosh. I’m gonna hide here. No, not here. Oh gosh. Uh, in the curtains. This is a really bad idea. Okay. So guys the timer just went off. That means two minutes has passed. Now it’s time for me to find Karina. Dun-dun-dun. Okay, so I only have three minutes. Timer starts in three, two, one, go! (pensive instrumental music) Where is she? She cannot be in there, she cannot be up there. Okay. Nope, nope, nope. Where can she be? Hi George, did you see Karina by any chance? My room, my room. Nope. Okay. I think I saw something. Okay we’re going upstairs. Her own room. Her own room. No. No. Okay, she’s not in her own room. She’s not there. She might be in the private room. This would be a good hiding spot for me. Okay, she’s not here. No, wait. (slow pensive music) Balcony. Maybe she might be outside. No, I don’t see her. (rhythmic finger-snapping music) Oops, where is she? Okay, so the only other option is outside, or this room. (slow pensive music) Nope. Outside, I have to rush outside. (beeping) The time is up. (trombone music) Why. No. Karina, your time is up. You won. Wait, what? She’s in my room? (whistling music) Wait, you’re here? (Karina laughs) No, you hid behind my curtain! You bumped into me. I thought you found me, but you didn’t. Oh my god, I forgot to check the curtain. So guys now it’s my turn to hide. Karina is gonna go in and hide in the bathroom until two minutes is over. Okay, bye. Bye. So guys, I know where to hide. I’ve been looking when I was seeking. I was looking for Karina and I found a ultimate hiding spot, but it’s in this room here, the private room. It smells like burnt pizza in here. Wait, Chibi’s in here? How am I gonna, Chibi come out. Chibi go. Go, Karina’s gonna come. Nope. I need a hiding spot, again. We have a room, but I think I’m gonna hide in here. (whistling) There we go. Okay, I don’t know if Karina started yet. Probably not. Chibi’s staring at me like a freak. Chibi, hey. Chibi’s gonna be fun. Okay This is really squishy. I don’t like squishy things, but it’s fine. Right, Chibi? Now I have only three minutes to find Ronald. Okay, timer starts now. Where could Ronald be? No, he’s not in there. (slow pensive music) Nope. Hey are you in the kitchen Ronald? He’s not in here. Not in there. Okay. I think he might be outside. Nope. He’s not there. Ronald. Where’s Ronald? Oh gosh. Ronald, I’m looking for you. Okay. Hello? I think he might be upstairs. This door wasn’t open before. I don’t think it was. No. Ronald. (squeaking) He’s not here. Oh gosh, where could Ronald be? Ronald, are you here? Chibi’s in here. Ronald. No. I found you. No. No, why Karina? I’m so out of breath now. How much longer did you have? About 30 seconds. Oh my goodness. I was running like crazy all over the house.
I heard you. So guys, so far I have two points Ronald has zero points. If he can win the next two rounds, then we’ll be tied and we’ll have to split the money. (Ronald moans) But if I win the next round then we’re just gonna finish it there, because I’m gonna be the winner and I don’t think he could win with just one round left, and all the money will be mine. (Ronald moans) All right, in the bathroom you go. Okay. I know exactly where I’m gonna hide. So guys the two minutes starts now. I’m gonna go to my hiding spot. (whooshing) (slow instrumental music) So guys, I’m hiding in the same room Ronald is counting. I’m hiding behind the curtain, and Ronald’s counting in the washroom. I don’t think he’s ever gonna find me. Okay guys, two minutes is over. Now it’s time for me to seek on Karina. Let’s go. Where can she be? Remember to check the curtains. (pensive music) No, no, no, no. Let’s go outside. Okay, she’s not here. Okay. You can’t hide now. She’s not here. Not there. Not there, not there, not there. Nope. Nope. Upstairs. Maybe she forgot to close this door. Karina, if you’re here, make as much noise as you can, cause I will find you. Nope. Wait, let’s have a outlook here. No. Okay, she’s in the bathroom. You can’t hide now. Nope. My three minutes are basically almost done. Karina’s room. Nope. Ronald, your time is up. (trombone music) Are you kidding me? No, I lost again. Karina. I’m in the studio. You’re in the studio? You’ve been there all along? Karina, you’re in the office? Where are you? I’m right here. No. Why? I just lost $1,000 cause you hid in the office. I started here. Are you kidding me? I just have good hiding spots. I’m the master of hide-and-seek. Don’t mess with me. I just like came through that door, expecting nothing, but your toes are over there dangling, like I would be okay with that. Yup. No! So guys, I’m the winner of $1,000! Yay! I can’t believe I’m this good at hide-and-seek. I thought I was okay, but I didn’t know I was this good. (Ronald moans) So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did, [Karina And Ronald] Smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time, good bye! Now it’s time to go shopping. Wait. (Ronald moans) (guitar music)

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