Hidden Gems of Venice: Cannaregio (Jewish Ghetto)
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Hidden Gems of Venice: Cannaregio (Jewish Ghetto)

February 21, 2020

so it’s funny the entire time in Venice
it’s like you know people everywhere tourists everywhere it’s crazy I’m in
the Jewish ghetto right now in the main Piazza and this is the first time I felt
like I’m in a city where people actually live the entire time being in Venice I
mean there’s kids everywhere it just feels really local right now it’s cool
you should check it out hey guys Sean from The Tour Guy today I’m in the Jewish
ghetto which is part of the Cannaregio district of Venice and today I’m going
to show you everything you need to know before coming to Venice if you’re
planning on visiting the most local area the most local neighborhood of the
island. For reasons I can’t understand many visitors don’t take the time to
visit the most local neighborhood of Cannareggio luckily for you this makes
it one of the most attractive spots for a Venetian experience that stands apart
from the rest. In this video we’ll go over how to get there my suggestions for
some of the best hidden gem restaurants and Baccari in Venice the history of
Cannaregio the incredible artwork and the highlights of this Venetian
neighborhood. Let’s take a look at this map of Venice, the “sestiere” or district is
named after the Cannareggio canal running through the western part of the
neighborhood Cannaregio is the second largest and most populated of the
Venetian sestiere, it can be reached from central Venice by foot over the Ponte Degli Scalzi Cannareggio is home to the Venetians main train station santa
lucia if you’re coming from the train station i recommend walking and it will
take about 10 minutes from the train station
you can walk straight through set your GPS to Ponte Guglie da in Southern Cannaregio
and you’ll be well on your way just North of “campo di ghetto nuovo” you can
find the bustling “Fondamenta della Misericordia”, it’s brimming with shops
cafes and bacaros, along the Rio Della Misericordia, people often come
here after work to enjoy like a glass of wine called an Umbra or even smaller
glasses of wine called an “Umbrette” it’s time to get going again I think
about that time for another Umbra Cool story is an Umbra actually means shadow
and the original reason for that word is that the fisherman in Venice used to go
fishing around st. Mark’s Square so this is the tower in which all the
fisherman when they came back from fishing for the day would go and have their wine
underneath here to get away from the Sun and the heat and things like that they
they literally sit underneath this Tower in the shaded area and have an Umbra
which literally means a shadow which is a glass of wine in Venetian it’s kind of
a part of the local culture a little interesting fun fact there
interresante interresante on a good day you’ll find
plenty of people just like sitting in parked gondolas chillin eating cicchetti
and talking with their friends and obviously drinking an Umbra when you go
to a city you really like everyone inside is looking for that really local vibe and I honestly don’t think it gets more local than eating and drinking and hanging out
on the canal on a boat with all Venetians so I think we found it There are a lot of great places to eat
and drink along the Fondamenta we could literally make a whole video for each
one and we kinda are which is cool but here are a few of my suggestions. If
you’re looking to drink your way to Italian culture Vino Vero is
definitely a place to check out I have interviewed the owner and he’s
just a really cool guy true wine or real wine? true wine- we work with little producers that produce, some of them. Some of them 3,000 bottles of variety of wines we love natural wines so we just promote natural
wine so we are little bit radical so for example here you cannot find
— simple yeah it’s not like that it’s a simple place cool place
awesome view it’s nice good prices it’s awesome, cheers man thank you. The
place has a huge selection of wine ranging from all over Italy the regional
wines are really the ones to check out I mean this guy hand picks his wines and
he always looks for some sort of wine you probably just couldn’t find anywhere
else you’re gonna want to get there early though the selection tends to
dwindle over the course of the day I mean he opens like really good bottles
of wine and serves them by the glass which is really cool another great spot
along with Fondamenta is Al Timon they have a wide variety of cicchetti
here and cicchetti are like delicious little snacks you eat on like tapas or
appetizers all of its the highest quality food and the best about
cicchetti is there’s no need to be fancy just pick it up and eat it. Just down the
Rio Tera Farsetti, you’ll find the tucked-away Cantina Aziende Agricole, this is another Venetian hidden gem awesome spot it’s in a small corner
on a little residential street if you don’t miss the small sign marking the place you’re in for really, really authentic food. This ranges from prawns
with cocktail sauce – truffle mortadella and peachy cat a tiara
amazing home cooked pasta you can wash all that down obviously with the classic
Venetian spritz which is Prosecco something that is most
popularly created in the van region of Veneto along with just a
little bit of Aperol it couldn’t happen well spritz this place and don’t quote
me here makes one of the best in the city if you want to get really authentic
case to Venice Mayor recommend our authentic Venice evening food tour will
bring you like through so many of these amazing spots in Venice and includes a
guided tour through counter geo and sampling delicious chickety and vino
across town at the end of the tour you’ll sit down for an authentic
Venetian dinner with plenty of wine to go around if you’re not stuffed
there’s also gelato it’s definitely one of the coolest ways to learn more about
the city and we honestly run through like almost every place or mentioning
here there’s a lot to see in doing kind of Reggio I’d really recommend the area
if you’re looking for like the Venetian experience your friends won’t be able to
find on their own when you come here there’s a feeling that this is part of
the past of Venice it is occupied by the same families who’ve lived out here for
centuries I often stop and chat with these people
and they’re just like pretty cool people different and preserved in time this
neighborhood holds plenty of things that we didn’t even get the chance to cover
in this video if you’re interested in seeing this place as it should be seen I
cannot suggest enough our hidden Venice tour it’s an awesome tour it’s not only
unique and authentic it’s a way to see Venice like no tours can let’s take
things back to the 10th and 11th century the canna Reggio we know today began
with the draining of the canals dry land being pretty universally popular people
began settling there in the 11th century they followed a pilgrimage to visit the
body of st. mark his body was supposedly moved to Venice
in the 9th century the name kena Reggio comes from the Italian word Cana this
refers the sugar cane or Cana that used to be harvested in this area while kana Reggio began with devout
Christians all that changed in 1492 thousands of Jewish people were forced
out of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in 1516 Jews living in the
city were forced into an enclosed neighborhood in western Colorado the
origin of the word ghetto derives from the Venetian word ghetto which means
boundary in fact in turn referred to the foundry district of Venice where the
Jews initially settled this neighborhood was the first of its kind it has been
unfortunately replicated throughout history as a tool of oppression and
segregation the walls the ghetto only came down in 18th century in fact there
was a large diversity of culture within the ghetto itself the area was
districted by the Germans Italian Spanish and French ethnicities each had
their own synagogue and each synagogue bears the mark of the people is built to
serve so we’ve been filming all day I’m tired I left like five am from Rome took
a train up here it’s hot there’s people everywhere
I need like one minute to have a coffee not even I’ll fast forward it so it’s
like five seconds for you guys but while I’m doing that if you don’t mind if you
like this video just like this video if you love it subscribe to get all of our
content as it moves out otherwise one of the best ways to appreciate the artistic
history of canna Reggio is through its incredible diverse architecture this
ranges from the Ostia Renaissance style of the Santa Maria dei miracoli to the
Gothic church of Madonna dalorto there’s also the baroque church of santa maria
assunta perhaps one of the most emblematic
artistic figures of kena Reggio is that of Jacopo robust team also known as
Tintoretto or Emporia so heat is painted fast and bold check out his take on the
Last Supper compared to the most well-known version by da Vinci the
artists body is endeared at the madonna del Oso Church in northern Canada open
you can still see his intense and vibrant paintings set behind the name
any head Asante someday so right now we’re in company
mode II which is a like a square of Piazza named after the Moors okay which
dark-skinned people and they came to Venice and they lived here and these
three brothers but you can kind of see one of them and maybe the other two in
the distance – there on the wall they were bankers okay and they apparently
had thousands of baths that was full full of gold coins I don’t even have one
bathtub local coins they had thousands so they met this Venetian woman and they
de frauded her Evolver money she’s really rich and she can’t pour you know
she was so mad she prayed you know centimeter Madalena like Saint Mary
Magdalene and you know I guess her prayers came true and they turn into
statues and that’s where they are today so they’re stuck in the wall there’s
that’s used to scare away anyone that wants to fraud hang on from back and you
know like the whole Dante’s Inferno and making money off interests very bad
thing so they’re here now you know you can see them in the wall and Ordo bow
which is the one here on the corner apparently his nose came off at some
point and they attached an iron nose on him instead and now you know the iron
nose you know different things happen in folklore over time so now if you rub his
nose apparently good luck and the walls actually used to stick like pieces of
paper for protest so if you want to protest things right now I’m gonna go
rub his nose see what happens okay there are a number of Gothic style
buildings facing out into the grand canal take it from me
the Palazzo Santa Sophia is the course it is also known as the kadhi Otto house
of gold today kena Reggio is the second most populated sus tiara in Venice and
one of the things you’ll notice when you visit is how much it feels like a local
neighborhood when it’s warm you’ll see people milling about the old streets
they chat with each other and wrap it Italian they watch their kids play on
the cobblestones you don’t see many people rushing around like in other
parts of Venice the old shops in the hood serve the same Venetian products
they have for four centuries the tall buildings give the place a tucked away
feel but that doesn’t mean it’s not modern when I was there last I actually
threw an American football around with a young Italian boy in the main Piazza
encounter Roger which was so cool so not only are they this old preserved culture
but they’re adopting new cool things from other countries and like I said
you’re not gonna see too many tourists here it’s the perfect place to feel like
you’re part of the Italian experience and not just visiting it this is what
you want you know you’re in st. Mark’s Square and there’s just people
everywhere it’s crowded no one really cares it’s kind of just going around
trying to take the best selfie they can here in Canada Reggio it’s like but they
say in Italian poco gent they don’t I mean it’s like almost no one around it’s
just so chill nice in the old ghetto the Jewish population never returned to
pre-world War 3 levels in fact there are only about 450 Jewish people left
encounter Reggio they form a critical part of the society culture however on
Saturdays you can find the Jewish people in compote you get to know them they
will be setting up tables and sharing food with passerby ders when you come
here you’re treated like a neighbourhood it doesn’t matter whether you’re a
longtime Venetian or just you can tour the five synagogues three
tours organized by the Jewish Museum in Venice which is super cool
at each you can see diverse melding of the cultural influences these range from
German to Italian to Spanish even French styles tours run all week except
Saturdays they end early on Friday for obvious reasons do note that you may
also be asked to put away your cell phones which is always a good thing
remember these synagogues still serve the Orthodox community in town they’re
active and running which is amazing the best route through the Jewish ghetto is
along the colleague F de Vecchio this begins just west of the Ponte then the
gulia bridge and east of gujiya vaporetto stop this route will take you
down the narrow streets of the Jewish ghetto looking up you’ll see flower
boxes and laundry lines strung up across the colourful buildings you’ll pass by
the Venetians on their way to work or talking at cafe this is the Venice
tucked away from the tourists following the streets you’ll eventually hit
compote you get to Norwalk this is a central town square of the
Jewish ghetto take a seat on one of the marble benches in this serene place you
may spot locals taking their lunch breaks under the few trees growing out
of cobblestone come here sit down and enjoy your lunch it’s amazing you can
pick up food from one of the many kosher restaurants that surround the square
it’s a peaceful spot surrounded on all sides by tall buildings covered in ivy
really beautiful a few steps away from compo you’ll find Museo but ICO or the
Jewish Museum this museum covers the complicated history of the Jews in
Venice tickets are about 8 euros full price it’s pretty cool if you’re 26 and
under you can get a 2-year discount here you can also sign up for the guidance
where it kind of RAD you in the synagogues that was speaking about
earlier you come here and it’s just all locals which is really cool and that’s
the feel you get for the stairs why it’s well my favorite area is probably my
favorite area of Venice my most most favorite neighborhood ensues you get
like super local restaurants super local bars cool people you can have a
conversation without feeling like you’re just
you know nominating as a tourist that’s why I love it so much so make sure you
check it out when you get here so that’s it now you know everything you need to
know about Canada Reggio if you like this video click the like button what
are you waiting for if you love it subscribe and then leave comments and
questions and all kinds of new ideas for our next great video in Venice thank you
I’m Audi Audi yo what’s up doggie pop pop okay this you

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  1. Keep showing us the other side of the tourist cities. Wish I had been to this side of the city when I visited. Feels real authentic.

  2. This was a fun one to film. Venice is such a unique and amazing city. I hear travelers say bad things about Venice and its not their fault. It's hard to find the local and uncrowded areas. This mission of our neighborhood series is to change that.

  3. Cool – I’m definitely going to Venice again, thanks so much! How do you order a Umbra? Can you sit down and eat or do they charge you a fortune?

  4. Great video—We’ll keep it mind for our next visit. Enjoyed meeting you last fall in Florence. Thanks for the chat and tour. We went back to that restaurant you recommended 3 times.

  5. We loved Cannaregio! One of the bartenders we had convinced me to try their fried sardine cicheti…it was incredible and definitely not something I would have tried otherwise. FWIW we were there at the end of March and did not find it unreasonably crowded. I loved Venice and can’t wait to get back.

  6. Really enjoying your videos that are filmed away from the tourist trap. When I’m next in Italy I will definitely book your tours. It would be nice to know more about the least known region in Italy – Abruzzo.

  7. Great vid. We love Cannaregio. It is our favourite area of Venice and if you visit in January like we have done a few times you feel like you have the place to yourself. Bliss! Our go-to restaurant is always Jewish restaurant Gam Gam (although we're not Jewish ourselves). It's on the main Cannaregio canal and serves really good food with loads of veggie options 😊

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