HE’S DOWN!!! PA Archery Deer Hunting 2018 (Self-Filmed)
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HE’S DOWN!!! PA Archery Deer Hunting 2018 (Self-Filmed)

August 12, 2019

I just got set up here for a Friday
evening set I’ve been Bradford County today. Saw lots of buck sign, saw some pretty great big scrapes, some big tracks, a couple rubs, so might hit the horns a little bit and see if I just can’t get a buck interesting
enough to come in and check it out. Got a storm coming in tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Last night I know there was a lot of deer moving, a lot of buck moving, so hoping
that tonight they’ll be moving too. Probably one of the coldest days I’ve hunted so far, so I hope they’re gonna be moving tonight and I’m gonna get a buck on the ground. LET’S FREAKING GO! Oh man! Oh man, I can’t believe it! I’m freaking shaking. That buck, I spotted about 100 yards away. Just kinda feeding. Got the camera and was trying to watch him. I didn’t know if it was a buck at first. He kinda feed across and came right out the bottom edge of this ridge. And it looked like he was going to cut up and Cole’s up top here. He down and it was about a 20 yard shot. He came in I just got the camera where I think you can see him on camera. I’m not sure yet, I didn’t
watch the footage. 15-20 yard. He kinda was quartering towards and he took one
step and kind of turned his front shoulder, so I freakin put my pin on him and shot. I think I pulled a little bit, the shot was back a little bit. But as soon as I shot there was blood everywhere and he went 30 yards now he’s 20 or so behind me. By far biggest buck I’ve ever shot, biggest buck with the bow definitely LET’S FREAKING GO, I’M PUMPED!! I
just got that out of the tree I’m about to where he was standing, you can kind of see my tree stand and stuff right there. He was standing right up here on this little knob here is where I shot him. Look at that blood, just gushin. Not super wide but freakin character. Look at that freaking bladed G2. Dude that’s awesome! I didn’t even hear him coming, I heard you shoot and I was like I know Ike shot. Nice browtine, good mass! I mean shot was way far back. How far was he? 20, I pulled it real bad. That’s awesome though. Dude I mean, I obviously hit something good I mean look at that. That’s awesome! He came in early too. Here’s my arrow. Oh yeah. Not real wide but. Tall buck look at that. 9 point, good mass, little kicker here. I don’t have any pictures
that buck, no that’s a sweet buck. Bladed browtine here, G2 is a little bladed kickers Look at that mass, bladed browtine here, G2 is a little bladed, kickers. The entrance is way back, so I got lucky. Broke something off there, look at these browtines. I saw him coming across there and I saw heavy horns and this bladed G2 and I was like I’m shooting that buck. off there thank you I should that sass
wheat bak look he’s just robbing awesome Alright so got him tagged, got him dragged out of the bottom. gonna load him up in the Ranger, gut him, skin him, and get him cleaned up. Tomorrow morning we’re going to be back out after it in the rain. It’s gonna rain all day tomorrow but we picked up up some umbrellas we’re gonna be sitting her out. Cole still got a buck and a doe tag up here, so I’m gonna
be filming him. If you liked this video hit that like button subscribe to our
channel. We have lots of other videos like this one we have several other archery hunting videos this year, so be sure to check those out. Like and subscribe, and thanks
for watching!!!

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  1. What was the autopsy, double lung? Spine involved a little, or major artery? That is a LARGE deer to go down so fast when I thought he maybe jumped an inch left and the shot already seemed out of the vitals to my poor eye. Thanks!

  2. What an awesome video! Love your excitement and both your personality’s, just told my boss to hang on, “ rip and stick em” just put a a new video!

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