Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review – Most Comfortable Computer Chair?
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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review – Most Comfortable Computer Chair?

August 29, 2019

Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to check out the Aeron office chair from Herman Miller, so grab a seat and get comfortable,
or at least as much as you can without having one of these chairs! The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a very comfortable
and well made chair that I expect to last for many years to come. While not strictly
a piece of technology, let’s face it, we spend a lot of time sitting while using said
technology, so we may as well be comfortable. Prior to picking up the Aeron chair, I would
typically buy a generic “office chair” from a local office furniture shop for around
$150-$200. After 1-2 years the chair would always start falling apart and eventually
become extremely uncomfortable or completely unusable. Rather than repeating this cycle
indefinitely, I began to investigate higher quality chairs which is when I found the Herman
Miller Aeron chair. I literally spend most of my time throughout
the day sitting down, so figured that I should invest more money into a good a chair that
would be more comfortable and last longer, and this Herman Miller chair definitely delivers.
It comes with a 12 year warranty, is 94% recyclable and is made from 53% recycled materials. While
being fairly environmentally friendly as far as seating options go, the build quality is
solid and it feels very well constructed. There was no assembly required with this chair. There are plenty of ways that the chair can
be customized to fit your specific needs. The usual height adjustment option is available
as you’d expect in any type of office chair, allowing you to raise the seat up or down
with the paddle shaped lever on the right hand side. The height of each arm on either side of the
chair can be raised or lowered by simply lifting the lever on the base of the arm and then
moving the arm to the desired height, once in place lower the lever to lock into position. The angle of both arms can also be adjusted
in or out, while seated simply hold the front of the arm pad and pivot it to the left or
right. The tilt tension can be adjusted by turning
the knob on the right hand side, a clockwise turn will increase the tilt tension, while
a counterclockwise turn will decrease the tension. The tilt tension makes it harder
or easier to tilt back and forth while seated. The forward tilt can be modified with the
front lever on the left hand side, simply lean back and lift the lever all the way up
and then lean forward to position the chair forward. To reverse the change, while seated
push the lever all the way down and lean back. The tilt range can be limited as desired,
simply recline as far as you want and then move the lever on the left hand side up to
define the limit of recline, you’ll still be able to move forward but won’t be able
to go back further than this limit. The limit can easily be removed by leaning forward and
pressing the lever down. The height of the lumbar support can be moved
up or down with your hands to get it into the right place for your back, it’s there
to support the natural curve of your spine. The support can also be pushed in or out by
turning the knob on the right hand side. The lumbar pad can also be removed and turned
over as it’s thicker on the other side, allowing you to modify the depth. In addition to these adjustments, there are
also many combinations of material available. The base and frame finishes available are
a graphite base with graphite frame, a titanium base with smoke frame, or polished aluminium
base with graphite frame. I’ve got the graphite base and frame here, I did prefer the look
of the polished aluminium base however in my area it came at an extra cost which didn’t
seem worth it. There are also a few different fabric options available as well, so you can
customise quite a lot. The Aeron chair comes in three different sizes,
type A, B and C which are essentially small, medium, and large options respectively. The C model is what I have in this video,
as I’m a little tall I found the extra depth good for my longer legs. According to the
website, most people will fit nicely in the B model and I assumed that I would fall into
this category, so I’m glad that I took the time to go into a store and try them out myself.
If you’re looking at this chair I’d definitely recommend trying the different sizes out first
in person before committing to buy, because it’s not cheap and ideally you’ll be using
it for years. You can get an estimate of the size that’s
right for you based on your height and weight however keep in mind that this is a recommendation.
I personally fall within the B or C area, nearing closer to B territory, however as
mentioned I felt that the C was the right fit for me. So that’s basically it, in conclusion I
find this to be a very comfortable and high quality chair, it feels great to sit on even
after an extended period of time, say 18 hours for example… I haven’t had any problems
with it at all in the year that I’ve had it so far, and I’ve found myself wishing
for another one at work as I’ve found it difficult to go back to lower quality chairs,
which I suppose may be a downside of having such a good one at home. The chair has just
about any type of adjustment you could want, allowing for you to customize it exactly to
your needs. As expected, these type of features do not
come without a price, I paid around $1,500 AUD for this chair however I really do look
at it as an investment as I should have a chair for at least 12 years as per the warranty
which means I no longer need to buy a new $200 chair every 1-2 years which could quickly
equal more money wasted over the same period of time for lower quality chairs. I should
also note that the different size types, finishes and materials also cost different amounts
so you could potentially be looking at a cheaper or more expensive option based on what you’re
after. So what did you guys think of the Herman Miller
Aeron chair? Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments, leave a like on the
video if you found it useful, and don’t forget to subscribe for future videos like
this one.

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  1. About this chair, do you think the armpads are worse if they are vinyl instead of leather? I mean, is vinyl hard plastic?

  2. Get them on craigslist. They run $300-350. Best money I ever spent and I been on my Aeron for 6 years already. All corporate liquidations and relativity good shape. I hear they change them out every 3 years, the company uses them as a tax write off. With the new 2017 remastered version out prices should be even lower. You can also check out the Steelcase Leap/Gesture and Humanscale Freedom, Lifeform is also good but harder to find. If you are set on buying new ask Herman Miller about the small business program discount. For example a Embody is $1400 retail and $800 after the discount (They often go on eBay pre owned for about $800) There is also niche brands like Interstuhl and Positive Posture they look cool but not much info about them. Gunlocke and Global make the Oval Office chairs but cost a arm and a leg.

  3. How long does the bottom mesh material last due to constant friction with jeans and other pants and can it be replaced?

  4. I stole this chair on my last day of my old job had I known how much they cost I would have never taken it. These chairs are super comfy and I would highly recommend buying one.


  6. Very good brand of office furniture.My company is Herman Miller's dealer in China. In our showroom displayed some chairs and desks from it.Our brand is top1 in China, but I also want to buy a chair produced by Herman Miller haha

  7. I've had mine since 2000 and now the soft rubber of the wheels has deteriorated and fallen apart, there's a hole in one leather armrest and the lumbar (not the Posture Fit as in this model) has torn. Not bad for 15+ years of pretty much daily use.
    I have found a local company that services Aeron chairs and can replace all these with original parts and they will also do some general maintenance. It will cost me a few hundred euros but then the chair will be as good as new and surely last me at least another 15 years. I'll probably switch to the Posture Fit as well. I've also recently found a third party headrest for the Aeron which is the only thing I find lacking currently so I have ordered one of those as well. I enjoy the chair every day so it's money well spend I say.

  8. I got mine for $20. NOT KIDDING. on a app called Letgo. But thats besides the point. These really need headrests as my neck is always aching

  9. I purchased 2 of these Aeron chairs. They are totally crap. I couldn't recomend these to anyone. After spending $1200 on each of them I feel I was ripped off. The chairs do not lock into position. You go to sit down and it reclines on you. Very dangerous and a OHS issue. These chairs are a designer's wank. They are useless.

  10. Subbed and liked! What is the best gaming chair for $300-$500? Is the 2018 omega the absolute best? I’m 5’7. I can easily game up to 14 hours a day on my days off work. Looking for absolute best for your body, back, neck, legs, etc. Do not care about looks. Is this better than the secret lab omega and Titan? I don’t mind spending $900 plus if it is better.

  11. Hi are you using the remastered version? Also what was the main reason for choosing B over C? Was it because the depth didnt feel long enough for your legs and the sides of the chair touched your thighs? This is what it was like for me on The B, i dont have the ability to test them you see. Also you can still adjust the height on c so your feet touch the floor right?

  12. I was insane and dead broke and unemployed when I ordered mines from Amazon for $939.00 in 2016. Now I have buyers remorse. Because I am still dead broke and unemployed. Been poor my whole life. Every day I am begging the seller for a refund they keep basically telling me no.

  13. Is this the "classic" Aeron chair that was produced from 1994-2016? The new ones are a "remastered" version with slightly improved ergonomics, a bit better build quality / durability, and generally all the things they learned from feedback and improved technology from 1994 til 2016.

  14. Do you know can you remove or fold up the arm rests? Would be useful for when I play guitar. Also it looks like some kind of neck support might be handy.

  15. If you dial the Posturefit knob all the way back, is it possible to not feel the lumbar support at all? Reason I ask is because I've tried chairs with built in lumbar support and sometimes they're just too stiff or get uncomfortable if I'm not sitting perfectly in place.

  16. i have been looking for a while, cheapest used and i mean poor quality run at minimum 650 dollars in norway, but today I found an add with a lady selling a "gaming chair" for 45 dollars, i payed her unseen within 20 minutes of posting the add lol .. so now im a happy camper

  17. You say it doesn't need to be assembled, but can it be broken down to fit through a narrow doorway? My DX Racer King Series only fit because the back came off and now I'm worried. Looking at Size C.

  18. Had some issues(size and piston) with the first Aeron i bought refurbished, ordered replacement. Got a much worse one with several mechanical quirks. They didnt answer my mail, so i still have both for the price of the cheaper original one 🙂 Too bad i dont have my house yet to put them both on display 🙁

  19. I’ve had one for 2 days and its killing my back to the point where I am going out of my way to not sit on it. I’ve messed around with the settings but nothing feels super comfortable. I have the B size which is the recommended one for my height and weight. However, mine doesn’t seem to have an adjustable lumbar support (it does go up and down but it doesn’t have a knob to push it in or out). Could that be the problem? Anyone have any suggestions?

  20. 00:54 is not a natural typing position for me. i HATE these chairs. no back support whatsoever. i end up having to bring a heavy sweater to work just to squish it between my upper back and the chair just so that i can sit naturally

  21. Im on the look out for a good used one of these as a replacement for my current chair, the Aeron has the best reviews. Apparently these were designed in 1992 and associated with the dot com era! Ahead of their time…they still look and perform great!

  22. You note to not to buy used that are greater 5 years of age due to parts. Do you know what manufacturer they started the metal?

  23. Imagine shilling this much for a company you have no association with and that sells a $1000 office chairs, this is peak capitalism folks.

  24. I have nothing to complain about that has to do with comfortably but the fabric on my chair tends to absorb the smell of some bodily function and lingers

  25. I dont understand why people say this chair is comfortable. I found the surface area very rough and not comfortable, and it makes your suit and pants shiny after a few months due to friction.

  26. Best chair ever. I used one for years on 10-12 hour work days. Luckily my companies always paid. Hard to find them in Central Asia where I have to make do with whatever piece of crap my company gives me.

  27. Regarding your getting the size C despite the chart stating you are a lot closer to a B: How tall are you? I am potentially considering an Open Box Aeron (also looking at the Leap V2). If I do go with the Aeron, I am debating between size B and C. I am between 6'0" and 6'1"

  28. When I worked for AF they bought these chairs for everyone. Where can I buy one in person near me. I live in Redondo Beach, California. My present chair is not comfortable. That Herman Miller Aeron is the lazy boy for computer work. Thanks so very much.

  29. I personally think it's overrated. I don't like that you can't adjust seat depth. Check out Haworth Zody. It has way more adjustments.

  30. Just bought the Embody. Had the Aeron in a past job and though I loved it for the most part, I didn't like how the plastic part on the front dug into the back of my legs.

  31. Here's a little tip if you want one of these chairs and live near a bigger city. Look on craigslist. These chairs have been around for so long and are so durable that there's a surplus of slightly older models, and companies that are hired to supply office furniture for corporations often sell these surplus chairs for cheap. I lived in the tech capital of California and found an Aeron with every option except forward tilt for $300, that would normally cost $1300 new.

  32. Beautiful review, as programmers, we should spare no expense with an item we sit in for literally 8-16 hours a day depending on level of addiction to programming 🙂 Same goes for your mattress. You spend 8 hours a night, 30% of your life using it so you should get something that pleases you every time you use it.

  33. Got one from local fb marketplace for $50.. but with broken cable for up/down… and i was so excited to pick it up but found out it's a size C when i got home. thought it was a B.

  34. My Uncle has one of these chairs at his home office it is VERY comfortable, and I didn't realize how expensive it was

  35. $1,500? I'd buy a use care and resell it to see a return on my invest before I would spend that kind of money.

    I found a brand new one off of craiglist for $150 Sir you paid 10 times too much. lol 😉
    Sidenote: I can't wait to bring this chair home today and sit in it for the first time in my recording studio.

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