HELLO NEIGHBOR (Teens React: Gaming)

September 5, 2019

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enjoy this episode of gaming. ♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (both) “Hello, Neighbor”? – I hardly know anything about it. – I keep seeing this in the comments. I have no idea what it is. – I’ve seen, um, PewDiePie play this. It’s like a jumpscare thing. – (FBE) Hello, Neighbor
is single player game, however, we’re going to be
having you guys work together in order to uncover the secrets
your mysterious neighbor may be hiding. – Oh, that sounds so much more fun now. Because we have two minds working on that. Like, one may see
something that the other doesn’t. – Everything is better
when you work together. – If you have someone to advise you, it’s kind of like the president
and the vice president. – (FBE) But we’re only going
to give you 30 minutes. – Feeling confident. 30 minutes? Make it 25. – Not that confident.
– Let’s do it. – I don’t know why. – Ooh, I don’t like that.
– There’s, like, a– I don’t like that sound.
♪ (creepy music) ♪ – Let’s zoom. – It seems already creepy. This is like those weird Instagram videos
that animators make. – Oh. (giggling)
– Okay. So we just got new neighbors. – No one likes new neighbors. Oh, we’re the new neighbor? Damn it! No one likes us. – Is this my to-do list? – (reading) Turn on electricity,
check inside, move stuff inside and take a nap. Ooh, I like the last one. – Which one’s your house? – Um…
– That one or the other one? – I think it’s this one,
that it’s putting me right in front of. – (both) “Press E to activate.” (switch clicking)
– There we go. (creeped out) Ooh!
– It’s pretty easy so far. – So what was that?
What was it, go inside? – Okay, let’s go find the key. – Pick up key. – There we go. We’re already on a great start. – What? This just goes
into an empty little room? Okay. – Okay, so…
– Nice bedroom. You wake up and you see
the nice street. – This is a dump. – What’s next on the list?
Next, check inside. Move stuff inside. – Can you pick up more than one thing? Let’s try.
– We’ll see. – Yeah! – Oh. Oh wow, okay.
– Okay. – You’re good at this. – And… cool. – Let’s press E to sleep. – I guess that’s what we’re doing. We’re completing the list. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – (laughing) That was weird. – (laughing) – Whoa! – Oh. Ooh. A special door. (tires squealing)
(glass shattering) – What? The tire
just flew out of the door! – It said “Exit.”
– Ooh. He’s doing the villain. – Now I know why we got to investigate. This guy’s sus. – Let’s go say hi to the neighbor.
– Okay. – Wow, this sprinting’s fast. I love it. – Ring his doorbell.
(door creaking) Aw, damn it. We have to go inside. (door creaking)
– Oh, okay. All of a sudden, you could
just open the door. That’s cool. – I could just straight-up go in. ♪ (startling music) ♪
– Oh frick! – (laughing) That was– oh, why
did he go out the window? – You know what?
I’m going to go up to his face. – Just go.
– Come at me, bro. – Charge, run! – (chuckling)
– Do we die? – I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that. – I hear footsteps. ♪ (startling music) ♪
– Oh god, it’s the kitchen. Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Why is he–
– (overlapping speech) – That’s sketch.
♪ (startling music) ♪ – (both screaming) – Boy, you’d better run.
– Oh, are you supposed to run? – Okay, he’s upstairs so maybe now
is a good time to go. – (character screaming in pain)
– Aah, you made noise! Go back!
– I can’t. I can’t move. – Okay…
– We’re in a trap! No! – There are sensors.
There’s noises. It’s setting off different deals
and there’s more traps now. – Oh, see, now I think some–
now he knows I’m coming. – What if this game adapts to what you do, so it’s, like–
– Bang! – You can’t do– don’t do
the same thing every time because then he’s going to catch on. – Our objective is to get to that door
where it says “Exit.” – You got to be sneaky. I could play a stealth game. – Let’s just bring the chair.
– Bring it? – I think we could smash it over his head. – Are we allowed to walk
into someone’s house– – Nope, that’s illegal.
– (overlapping speech) – (humming) Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Go! Go! Go! – NO!
– It’s locked! What?! Now we got to find the key. Okay, I guess we just keep looking
until we find something, and then hopefully we remember
how to get back there. – We need to find the place with the… Move away from this. We have to find the room with that–
– Aah! – (gasping)
– Is this it? – He’s behind us, isn’t he? (clanking noises)
– (gasping) We’re close. – Oh, are we somewhere else? – Was there a door in the back?
I don’t remember already. – Yeah, let’s go check. – Is that a back door? (gasping) – Ooh. – There’s a hole, okay.
– Okay. (clanking noises)
– That’s interesting. – Furnace room.
– Ooh. – That’s probably where
he burns the bodies. – I love how you can open it.
(air hissing) – Oh, I made it cold. (valve squeaking)
(air hissing) – Had enough?
Like, this is doing– Oh my god!!
♪ (startling music) ♪ Okay. (laughing) – You scared me on that one. – We have to find the room
with the exit sign. – Exit? Should we go through here? (clanking noises growing louder) – (whimpering)
– I don’t like the noises. They’re getting louder. (clanking noises) – Oh, that’s not at all what I thought–
– Sorry. Oh wait, there’s a jackhammer. – We definitely need this.
– Wait, what’s–? Oh, we’re jumping.
Oh, we’re outside. – Let’s do something different. – So let’s go upstairs.
– So let’s try to go upstairs? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Uh, okay… what?
– Dude, what?! – Uh, I can’t see.
♪ (startling music) ♪ – (both screaming) – (squealing) He’s coming! Aww. – We’re in another bathroom? Dang, this guy’s house is so big
and our is extremely small. – I’m a little salty about that. We live in the same neighborhood. (clanking noises) – Eee! (gasping)
– Oh! ♪ (startling music) ♪
– Aah, it’s water! – That’s a shark and that’s why we–
what is going on? – So we can’t go upstairs
because we’ll die. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Oh, that’s awkward.
Oh, it’s his bedroom. – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Wait, let me in. Let me in. – Can we hide in there? Oh damn, yes. – Let’s think. Before
we move, let’s think. Where is the furnace room? Oh! The shark. If you turn off the furnace,
we can freeze the shark under the water and go through there. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ (groaning) – OH!!! – Run! Run to your house! Maybe you should go
through the furnace room and lock that door if you can. Yeah, he just opened it.
(air hissing) Oh, it’s too late now!
Close that door. Upstairs. Go upstairs. Uh… uh… AAAH!
It’s frozen! I was right. All right, go. – That way! That way!
– That door. That door. – Teachers… – What do I do? What do I do? – (both screaming) – Aw, dang it. Goddamn it. – I feel like he’s going
to come or something. (birds twittering) – Oh wait. Wait, what was that? – Oh, I can–
– Go back. Go back. – I can– oh, crowbar! (gasping) I can pry it open.
– Yes! – There it is. Okay, turn it off.
(air hissing) You better run, boy.
Run up the stairs. (furnace clanking) – There’s another trap right there.
– There’s another trap. Ugh.
♪ (startling music) ♪ – (both shrieking) – We ran to him!
– (laughing shrilly) I don’t know how to do this.
You want to try? – Okay, I’ll try it.
– Okay. – If I don’t like it, I’ll just go back. – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. You’re good, you’re good, you’re good. (door opening) No, that door. Um, okay, I feel like
you have to play this game in order to… um–
– Okay, you get– – Find a new room.
– You get a key. – Wait, did you turn off the electricity? – Oh, and you need
the rifle probably, yeah. – Okay, let’s try and get that door.
(in game: faint chatter) – Oh!
– Oh! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! (giggling) – (groaning)
– Okay. – Oh, we’re halfway here.
We’re halfway there. – Now we need a key or something? – Oh, hold on. – You’re going to actually try
to solve the problems? – Yeah, I feel like–
I feel like you should. – PEMDAS, remember?
2 x 3=6, and then 9 – 6=3. 7 – 5=2,
3 + 1=4, 2 x 4=8. – There you go.
– Good shit. – You go, Bryson. (faint clanking noises) – Boom! – Oh, the rifle! – Yeah! (laughing) Just kidding.
– Might as well. Let’s do the yardwork since we’re here. – I’m going to the elevator.
That’s the only logical place to go. (furnace clanking noisily) – Two. ♪ (startling music) ♪ No!! Run! (giggling) No, that’s–
get in the wardrobe. Let’s go to Narnia. – If you go in, and then
there’s a door right here. – It’s here, yeah.
– Okay, yeah. It’s that door right there. ♪ (startling music) ♪
– (gasping) – (both screaming) – (shrilly) I can’t get out! – (both shrieking) – I panicked and I let go. Do you want to jump back on this? – (groaning) Let’s do this. – (FBE) All right, you’ve
got time for one more chance. – If we don’t make it, will you
still tell us what they’re hiding? – Try setting it on the stand. – Okay.
– Oh! Now, if you hit the light…
yeah, hit that green button. There it is. Head shot!
– Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! – Um, this is weird.
Oh, there’s a key right there! – Wait, what? Did we get it? You remember how
he was going into, like– we saw him through the window. He was going into that room. So I feel like maybe
we need to find that now. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
(furnace clanking) – Let’s turn off the furnace.
– Okay. – I’m assuming it’s this wheel.
(valve squeaking) (air hissing) – The noise is still going.
[Inaudible], okay. – Okay. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Okay. (giggling)
This is nerve-racking. – Wait, lockpick.
Lock downstairs. Go back. – What if this unlocks the…
I don’t know, wait. – Oh, maybe that one. – Wait.
– Oh! – Now it’s pointed up. How do we–? – Um, I’m thinking use a hammer. – I forgot where it was.
– Don’t– careful. Um…
(in game: faint chatter) – Oh, is it this way? – (both screaming) – Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! – (FBE) Your time is up.
– Damn it. We suck. – It’s a lock. Pick it with a lockpick,
and then I can– then I’ll jiggle it. – (chuckling) – What’s that?
– Okay, it’s got to be… – Is there a trap? – Ah-ha! Get in here.
– Boom. Yes! Yes!
– Yes, all right. – Come on, come on, come on. – Work! Work! Work! Yes!!
– Oh! (in game: faint chatter) (door slamming)
– No! – No! No! No!
– No! – No!
– No! ♪ (guitar strumming) ♪ (door slamming)
– AAH! Dang it.
– Are you kidding me? ♪ (guitar strumming) ♪ – Okay. Wait, did he just bury us alive?
Of course he did. – That is the most anti-climatic ending
I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel really bad–
– What the hell, man? I feel cheated! – I liked it.
– I liked it. It was fun. – We did pretty good.
– Honestly, yeah. – I feel like we did better
than I thought. – Yeah, I’m pretty proud of us
because we actually collabed and we did very well. – With the different ways
and different clues, it’s never going to be
the same experience. – Thanks for watching us play
Hello, Neighbor on the React channel. – Thank you guys so much
for always supporting us. We love you. – Subscribe. You never know what we’ll play next. – Bye, guys. Is this what life is like in the suburbs? – Hey, everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers, and if there’s one lesson you learned
from this video today, leave your neighbors alone! Just– just stop! Just stop going in their houses.

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