Helios 300 (2019) – The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop
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Helios 300 (2019) – The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop

September 14, 2019

this is Acer Helios 300 for 2019 and it’s a fantastic gaming laptop now if you’ve seen my channel before you may have noticed that I’m sometimes critical of Acer’s products they make some good stuff but they also make some kind of mediocre stuff for the greater part of my channel kind of Acer coverage I would say that I’m leaning more towards the not recommending a lot of Acer products but this one is a banger and it’s fantastic so what makes this thing special it’s not just as price point it’s a 1200-dollar machine but it’s also what you’re getting for that money it’s so much better than I thought it would be because so many companies cut corners when they’re in this price range so this device has an aluminum top surface and an aluminum keyboard deck the bottom panel as well as the back panel is plastic but this thing’s just built really well for this kind of price point now they can figure this device with a good combination of CPU and GPU so oftentimes when you have a 1200-dollar gaming laptop one of the things that they’ll do to keep costs down is to package it with a weaker CPU even Acer has done it in the past but with this thing you’re getting a six core ninth gen i7 it’s a very powerful CPU I did notice however that it is also under voltage I noticed this like previously in a different laptop the Razer blade but it’s just strange like this was never done before in the past and someone decided to you know give people the green light now a lot of manufacturers are putting out devices that are under voted right of the factory it’s a good thing and it’s one of the reasons why the temperatures on this device are lower but it’s just a little strange to me and the GPU and here is also pretty kick-ass it’s the GTX 1660ti and basically any kind of game that you throw on this is going to run quite well if you’re playing competitive shooters and you drop the graphic settings on it you’ll be able to hit the maximum frame rate on the screen so the screen is 144 hertz they claim it’s a 3ms response time which is probably an optimistic measurement uh but it’s a very fast screen if you’re used to 60 hertz screens this 144 hertz panel is a nice treat it’s reasonably bright but screens are areas where companies often skimp on as well when they’re trying to keep costs down but it’s like the thing that you’re looking at right it’s the thing that you’re playing your games on I feel like if you’re not getting a good screen regardless of the price of the laptop you’re not getting a proper device for 1200 bucks a good screen like this is really nice let’s talk about thermal performance this machine has fantastic thermals in part due to the under-volt thing that I mentioned earlier but it also has a great thermal system it’s got two fans and the thermals are good enough that it can maintain boost clock if you’re running it on turbo mode now keep in mind that the fans are quite loud in turbo mode but you get excellent performance I do wish that there was just better control in that software like you get some degree of fan control but I feel like there should be more profile so you could adjust your fans little bit more precisely the ports on this device so there’s 2 USB-As, 1 USB-C the USB-C does not support thunderbolt three but I feel like in 2019 I’ve kind of fallen out of love with what thunderbolt three kind of offered originally I really liked the idea of thunderbolt three with the ability connect to external GPU and stuff but we’ve seen how that stuff plays out I feel like it’s just super expensive and not cost efficient to get an external GPU you also get an ear and a jack as well as your AC adapter hole on the left side I don’t like the positioning of this it’s not so much like a restricted airflow when you have the AC adapter connected it’s more that the cable gets super-hot and that can’t be great for things. Ah the speakers are located on the bottom they sound okay I don’t particularly love them but inside you also have access to your RAM slots, you’re SSD slots as well as your 2.5-inch HDD if you want to use that and you also have access to your wifi card as well as a very small battery this is a little bit bigger battery than last year’s version but it’s still a very short battery life I’m getting around four hours a battery life still the AC adapter as not huge so if you do need to bring this around it’s a relatively compact power supply but yeah it’s… the battery life that you will require the AC adapter if you travel with it okay oh the inside I haven’t talked about the keyboard and track by yet it’s a good keyboard I like the way types I think a lot of people enjoy the feel of this keyboard it feels it’s not that it’s cramped it’s like there’s no border on the left and right of it because they have a number pad so it feels a little bit strange when you’re using the WASD keys like you can feel the left edge of the keyboard right there but it’s something you get used to pretty quickly and the keyboard and the hole is solid the back lighting on this thing so the unit i have is an Amazon configuration it does not have RGB lighting it only has this whitish blue light which actually like there are more expensive configurations out there with RGB lighting but this is just a simple white light the track pad it’s a plastic surface and you do have to press the buttons a little bit harder than I’d like to activate the mechanism but yet a solid track pad using windows precision drivers nothing really to complain about it okay this device I’m going to give this thing the title of an MVP it’s like the most valuable player when it comes to gaming laptops right now because not only is it given consumers a great device for the money for 1200 dollars you’re getting a lot more with this system than a lot of competing systems but the presence of this thing the existence of a 1200-dollar device that is this good put a lot of pressure on other companies out there I’m not gonna name names but there are companies out there that probably looked at this thing and just they hate it they’re like we can’t compete this with our current devices so it makes other companies look bad if they’re selling a similar kind of product for a lot more money Acer did a great job on this thing I mean its heavily improved year on year and I think they just knocked this one out of the park I like it. now i’m gonna mention one problem with this device or one potential problem with the device that I think people should be aware of when I looked at the price of this device online on Amazon I stumbled upon the older Helios 300 from 2018 and that was a device that are reviewed quite positively when I looked at the ratings it’s got a 4-star rating people seem to like it as well but when you click on the spread you’ll notice a handful of 1-star reviews and i clicked on those and I saw a bunch of people talking about thermal issues from the 2018 model and I remember in my old a review that it had good thermal performance not perfect but it was pretty solid and I remember a lot of other publications and other YouTubers came to a similar conclusion that the 2018 Helios 300 had good thermals but then why did so many of these 1-star reviews specifically mentioned poor thermal performance as the reason for their dissatisfaction with the product and I think it was because of an inconsistency in their manufacturing I think a lot of the older Helios 300s just didn’t have proper thermals but I think with the 2019 model because of the under volt and it’s an improved system overall I think there’s gonna be way less issues with 2019 model but if you do pick one up and like I still highly recommend this device but if you pick one up I would recommend just testing the crap out of it at the moment you get it just to make sure you don’t have a lemon because you don’t want to be one of these guys dropping 1-star reviews when you can resolve it or avoid it by running some benchmarks the day that you actually get the laptop ok Acer Helios 300 great device I feel like they knocked this one of the parks there’s very little I have to complain about it in fact I think because of the existence of this product a lot of competitors now have to kind of change their configurations or reprice their products at this 1200-dollar price point because it’s that good yeah okay if you’re looking for this thing looking for a 1200-dollar gaming laptop this should be on the short list ok~~~ hope you guys enjoy this video thumbs be liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time

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  1. I legit think that most companies HATE the existence of this gaming laptop. This puts a LOT of pressure on companies to make something competitive.

  2. There was another video that this computer has a HDD bay but there is no wiring to connect it. Can you verify or deny this claim? Thank you.

  3. Id like to add in that I've had the Acer Predator 17 since 2.5 years (typing from it), and it runs flawlessly till now. I previously owned an Acer Inspire 15, until I wanted to play heavier games. For anyone doubting the brand, Acers products are absolutely solid and I have faced no hardware issues. Picked up the Predator on Daves recommendation.

  4. Is there a huge difference between the i5 model compared to the i7 model? Both appear to have the same GtX 1660 Ti

  5. im a bit confused here since apparently it has 36 grey to grey and 20 black to white response time to in which i got no idea what it means but the MS of 36 and 20 looks damn high to me. But where in the world did u get 3MS response time from????????????????

  6. I have the 2018 helios 300 and thermals in the beginning were amazing but aftert a year dust built up so i had to blow it out with a bit of compressed gas and it helped.
    still not amazing but helped

  7. Purchased this laptop for the amazon prime day sale for $999, and I have to say best decision ive ever made. Yes the speakers aren't great, yes the fans get a little loud but this machine is well cooled and the thermals are amazing. only real complaint that dave didn't mention that ive seen on other reviews and on my machine is that this ips panel has some decent backlight bleed, its not super noticeable but on dark screens it is. Honestly it doesn't bother me because I use an external monitor. It has incredible performance and feels like a premium gaming laptop, if youre looking for a great gaming laptop for under $1500, this is about as good as it gets. recommend 9/10

    some older versions of this are being sold too. make sure you get the one with the 1660ti, not the 1060.

    https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Predator-i7-7700HQ-1060-6GB-G3-571-77QK/dp/B06Y4GZS9C for example, this is one of the first links that appear when you google "helios 300", and it is an old version of it, and is an awful deal.

  9. for some reason , my overwatch settings are completely screwed on this pc. Can you please give me your settings on overwatch?

  10. Love the video, I want to get a gaming laptop and make the leap from console gaming to pc gaming. What system would you recommend for a first time pc gaming laptop? This or the asus scar ll? Or is there a better one to start with at that price point?

  11. Bro is there any heating issue in this laptop while gaming like GTA V because I heard about this laptop that it become up to 95 degree +
    Please reply bro ?

  12. Thank you for the review Dave Lee. I'm looking to buy this with the RTX 2070 once the MicroCenter store in my area carries it. Right now they only have the 2060 and 1660TI.

  13. @Dave Lee would you get the Helios 300 or the Dell G7 17" with same specs? I'm in Canada and price points are similar, even Dell is cheaper by 200$ with a wider 17" screen…what would be your pick as you reviewed both those laptops pretty high

  14. i am looking to get a laptop for a 1500 euro and was looking for advice.leaning towards helios 300 new model.oh it must be 17 inch as well.could you advice some models please.there must be few only.thanks Dave.

  15. Hello guys, could someone help me, please? I want to switch from MacBook to a windows gaming laptop. however, I have no clue/ can't decide at all even after watching and reading so many reviews

    My choices are :
    -This helios 300 (2019) for 1550€
    -Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (RTX 2070 Max-Q, FHD) for 1900€

    which one should I buy?

  16. Hey Dave Lee Triton 500 (2060) vs Helios 300 (2060) vs omen 15 (2060) which is the best Dave Lee ( I am an architecture student).

  17. im literally getting this laptop for school and apex legends so seeing that as the first thing u load up.. really got me going lmao

  18. This laptop was on sale for $999 on Prime day. i missed the opportunity, wonder when's the next time they put this on sale. May be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

  19. It's cheap just for some countries like yours. It's considerably very expensive in India. ( around 1535 USD after discount on Flipkart )

  20. Great video as usual for Dave. It helped me finally decide on a unit to buy. And as someone mentioned the Amazon deal clinched it.

  21. Dave Lee : could you please help me out with a question ?, i want to buy this Laptop 2019 17 inch, only I don t know what grapfic card should i take : 1050, 1060 or 1070 gtx, or shall i go for 1660 ti, I know that you don t recomend the rtx series. I would love for your answer.

    Anything else i need to watch out when buying this laptop i would gladly take your advice.

    PS your channel rocks.

  22. Well In My Country (somewhere in South East Asia) it's 1830 USD For the GTX 1660ti and 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD. And this is the only version. I'm Gonna Buy It Anyway 🙂

  23. i saw all the reviews of this laptop from various youtubers and i think everyone is reviewing the 1200$ one from amazon, which has uneven screen bleeding on the top. But the other configurations like the rgb keyboard model or the rtx models don't have that issue. Cause many of my friends have different configurations and dont have that issue. Can u confirm the same.

  24. Their older generation Helios and Nitro devices had poor manufacturing quality. My Nitro 5 came with battery plug loosely attached to motherboard that was causing sudden shutdown while running on battery. It also had shit thermal paste. My friends Helios 300 2017 had similar issue with battery. Both were sent to warranty and there is no issue after that. All they had to do was plug in the battery properly and that would save our one month wasted for warranty. I hope those unacceptable issues are fixed in newer generation.

  25. I bought it last week, it came with an awful display problem. It has good components but the quality of the screen is bad

  26. Do both the 15 and 17 inch models have 144hz refresh rate?? I really need to know cus i wanna make sure i dont get a 60hz screen

  27. Should i go for predator G9-791-797G i7-6700hq gtx 970m 16gb ram or predator helios i7-8750h gtx 1050 8gb ram?need help asap

  28. Anyone know how much FPS i would get with Minecraft? (Im being serious lmao I play a lot and it would be nice to know)

  29. In India it is sold for $2000.
    It is unfair.Apple products costs double here. I always dream of getting these laptops but I can't afford it.

  30. I was planing on getting a ASUS ROG Zephyrus S but then I thought to myself,
    it`s nice to have a high end gaming laptop but this 1200$ one will do the job and it`s more than enought for what im planing to do with it.
    Clicks on the link -> 1500 € (im from eu) for the 8 RAM modell and 1750 € for the 16 RAM.
    Guess I`ll just spend 1k more and get the 244hz 32 gb RAM Zephyrus S instead.

  31. hello everyone if you are in Australia then DO NOT BUY predator helio 300 2019 model as it is false advertisement. I just bought one with GTX 1660ti i7 16gb ram … I found the display refresh rate is 60hz then I contacted the store and Acer they told me they don't even know its been advertise on Acer website with 144hz display …https://www.acer.com/ac/en/AU/content/predator-series/predatorhelios300
    and they can't do anything else as it comes with 60hz no refund or replacement. acer also asked me to contact NVIDIA, which I did NVIDIA after checking system information they told me THE display IS CONNECTED WITH intel graphics card physically so only way anyone can see gtx performance is connect the laptop with external HD high refresh rate monitor. by default, everything runs on intel graphics and then I called almost every place selling this laptop all of them told me it's coming with 60hz display, not 144hz display and those shop not putting 60hz on their specification on their websites. which is very disappointing as its more then 2000+ dollar gaming machine..if I knew anyway it's false advertising I would have gone for Asus TUF or Asus rog stig or anything else … very very disappointed with this false advertisement.

  32. Dude, I have to agree on thermal issues reports, I have a 2018 model and I had huge thermal problems……..repasted it with ThermalGrizzly Kryo and it runs super smooth now.

  33. Hey guys im thinking of buying this. I play WoW non stop cause i got issues.

    How is this laptop in the long run ?
    Like will this laptop last me 5+ years?
    What are issues you guys are running into ?

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