Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser Play ‘Danger Word’
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Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser Play ‘Danger Word’

December 3, 2019

Mad About You isn’t the
only show coming back. Game of Games is back
on January the 7th. And we thought we would play– [APPLAUSE] We thought we’d play one of–
this is my favorite games. It’s called Danger Word. Where are Krystal Vang
and Shannon Kanegawa. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! How are you? Hi, who’s who? Hi, I’m Krystal Vang. I’m 22. And I’m from Long Beach. All right. I’m Shannon Kanegawa. I’m 25. I’m from Chino
Hills, California. All right, wonderful. [APPLAUSE] All right, Shannon, you’re
going to be on Helen’s team. So you’re going to be
on this side over here. Krystal, you’re on Paul’s team. Go over there. So sorry already. All right. What you’re going
to do here is you’re going to try to guess the right
word, not the danger word. There’s a danger word. And if you say the danger
word, it’s really a shame. OK? All right. So you’re going to try to get
her to say the winning word without saying the danger word. [MUSIC PLAYING] Blonde. Blonde? Uh? You’re sure you’re
looking at the right word? [LAUGHTER] I did the worst thing– I did the worst clue I could do. Yep, yep. Go ahead. I’m sorry. Don’t follow– Hair flip? Like a blonde, you know. It’s going to be a– [SIREN] I’m so sorry. That’s my ride. All right. That was terrible. It’s going to be a one-word
answer, by the way, usually. And why did you– Because I panicked
and wanted to gesture. What were you going to do? I played badly. Tell me what you were
going to gesture? Fake. Fake. Oh, I see. There goes my clue. All right. No, it’s over. No, it’s over. I’m so sorry. This is what’s going– Something terrible’s
about to happen to you. What can I win? Everyone, just settle down. [LAUGHTER] Here’s what’s going to happen. She got her to say
the wrong word. Yeah. So, now, this happens. [SCREAM] [APPLAUSE] I hope you’re proud of yourself. All right. Good lord. All right, you’re gonna start. The winning word. One word clue. I understand. All right. Beach. Beach, sand. Skimpy. Bikini. Yes! [DINGING] [APPLAUSE] Yeah! Does that mean I get sprayed? All right. That’s one strike
each, one strike each. All right, Helen,
it’s your turn. One word, let’s see
how you do here. That’s the winning word. Yeah. Caesar. Salad? Yes! [DINGING] [APPLAUSE] You watched Password
a lot as a child. I did! That was a very
Allen Ludden thing. She’s about to get hit. [SCREAM] [APPLAUSE] All right. I didn’t even get a chance. Paul. Well, I got it. Medical. Medical– hospital? Physician. Doctor. Yes! [DINGING] [APPLAUSE] I did it! That’s three strikes! Thank you for playing. [INAUDIBLE] 65 inch TCL Rokus. The first six episodes of Mad
About You are on [INAUDIBLE].. They’re not going to watch
them, I’ll tell you that much! We’ll be back.

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